27 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'm hoping my smile has already won you over.

I've been working in bakeries for about 5 years. Currently, I'm a savory chef at a small bakery on Capitol Hill. I enjoy and spend a lot of time reading cookbooks and trying recipes. Cooking for other people is a beautiful form of expression and brings people together. I hope you aren't gluten-free, because I have access to amazing bread.

I spent around 8 or 9 years playing bass in an indie-punk band, touring around the west coast. Done with all that now, but I'm still a fiend for going to shows, which I don't do nearly enough. Sigur Ros is my favorite band. I listen to mostly post-rock, hip-hop, bass music, trap, 2-step/garage, soul, and some pop.

My bookshelf is a mix of anarchism, Marxism, general philosophy, Shakespeare, Borges, a few classics and biographies. I don't keep up with fiction very much these days.

My bed is pretty great. My cat is the best.

I live in a big house with 3 amazing roommates and a porch where most of the drinking happens. I love a strong red wine, or a dry white, whiskey, tequila, and cheap beer. I'm over IPAs-- boring and too bitter. Sour fruity ales, stouts, belgians, etc are where it's at.

My wardrobe skews heavily toward black.

I like all kinds of food, especially latin and southeast asian. And definitely sushi.

The best thing on TV right now is The Night Of. I haven't seen Stranger Things. I love Game of Thrones, and I love all kinds of movies.

I think orca whales are the shit. My instagram is pretty much just stupid orca memes that I think up. Uh, so..yeah. And Blackfish is a great documentary.

I'm not mean and I don't play people. I like honesty and vulnerability, but not moralism -- people live all sorts of crazy, different lives and we all struggle. I'm basically alternative/leftist, a little artistic, think a lot about how culture and society work, and like joking around and not taking things *too* seriously. I don't want a LTR at this point in time because I recently got out of one, just somebody cool to hang out with. Whatever happens, happens.

Sorry this was long.