32 Waterloo, Canada
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My self-summary
Last year I finished school and moved from Alberta to Ontario. While growing up in Alberta was great, I enjoy living in Ontario infinitely more than anywhere in Alberta. I have a lot of family in the area, and am settling down to live here for at least the foreseeable future. I haven't traveled much at all (I don't have my passport yet), but would love to. I enjoy getting out of the house and being active, but don't mind staying in and relaxing.

This week in my life:
- I cannot remember what I did on Monday. I did something, as I'm pretty sure Monday wasn't cancelled this week...
- Tuesday went to a free Yoga class, and then Rock Climbed (they were at the same location).
- Wednesday; Rock Climbing!
- Thursday; Soccer, then free Yoga, then free Rock Climbing movement course. No Rock Climbing, I was tired.
- Watched about half of the first season of American Horror Story. We don't know what's going on, but we must keep watching!
- Traveled to a meeting to get the OK to develop a website for a company, which I got!
- I haven't had sushi for a full week; which is atypical. I will remedy this soon...
What I’m doing with my life
Professional Life:

I am staying at my current job for a stable income while attempting to branch out my skills with more focus on the skills I have that I enjoy working with. I'm looking into doing some freelance work on the side, and looking into the possibility of opening up my own small business within the next few years.

Personal Life:

I love playing soccer, so I am! Since things have settled down, I'm rock climbing again, and loving it! I always go out on weekends, and no matter what's happening in my life, that will always remain the same. If I ever find myself in a situation where I can't even have fun in my free time, a drastic change will be occurring.

I also want to get a pet cat; hoping this will happen in January, as I have travel plans for the next couple of months, and I'm not getting a new pet and then just leaving it alone.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at making people laugh and enjoy themselves and be comfortable in new situations. This is probably because I tend to embrace new things and will dive headlong into something new.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm sarcastic but also optimistic; I can stub my toe in the morning, run out of gas on my way to work, forget something important at home, and then joke about how the odds are just against me that day.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book (so far) is Wicked; I loved that book and would love to see the play. More often than not I read history books, but I'm developing a list that I want to read including Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty Four; I'm very disappointed in myself for not reading those.

I love horror movies, especially the cheesy ones that make you laugh more than they scare you. To put in perspective, if it doesn't have a Wikipedia page or any reviews on IMDB, I probably want to see or have seen it. Next in line would be any cartoons by Pixar or Dreamworks, and some Disney movies. In fact, I probably own more cartoons than any other genre. While I do also enjoy thrillers, action, comedies, and mystery movies, I find I critique those more, and there needs to be something extra about it, like a hidden message or a hidden commentary, or else I just find it to be just filler. Please remember when reading that, I still can watch a horror movie that has no purpose or reason and love it.

My favorite music is Punk, and most people find that surprising, but I enjoy the lyrics, the rhythm and the beat. I can listen to other genres, but I do not like country music, rap, and I don't think I like pop, but I find some pop-crossover stuff isn't so bad (except pop-country, it is pretty bad).
The six things I could never do without
Sushi; love the stuff.
My family; I love them all to death.
My close friends; they're awesome.
Google; pretty sure I remember a time when it wasn't there, but I can barely function without it now.
Halloween and Christmas; if they were outlawed, I would start a revolution!
I had put Rock Climbing here, but really, I'd be fine without it. Been on this site for a while, and still can't come up with a six.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Random, useless information. I can sometimes spend 2-4 hours in an evening just Googling and researching random information, which oddly enough comes in handy every so often. Bear in mind I do spend time thinking about non-random useful things, but more often than not, I'm researching the weirdest things.

Most recent chain of events I recall:
- Looked up American History X.
- Quickly read about "Do the right thing" (brought here by a comparison to American History X).
- Read up on Spike Lee (he wrote the previous movie).
- Read up on Shooting of Trayvon Martin (Spike Lee erroneously posted on twitter the address of the shooter).
- Looked up information on the Asiana Flight 214 name fiasco and wanted to see the consequences (in the Shooting of Trayvon Martin, the news media had omitted/erroneously reported various details, many believe to sensationalize the details).

If you're wondering how the last point is connected, it isn't really, it was 2am on a Wednesday night, and I wasn't thinking clearly anymore.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out somewhere; I spend 40 hours a week (sometimes more) in front of a computer all day. I want to do other things. Out includes out for dinner, movies, friends house for drinks/movies/board games, or just going to festivals if they're around.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If you get to know me, there's very few private things I keep; but for posting on here, the most you'll get out of me is sometimes the random useless information gets me researching some things that don't come up in normal conversation.
You should message me if
I don't mind using this site to get to know people, so if you just want to chat, feel free. I'm also looking for something more long-term, but the person has to be the right person. I'm looking for someone I can talk to (about random information), but who also likes going out every so often for fun, likes movies (if you like horror movies, that's awesome). The big thing I'm looking for in another person is that I can sit with them and talk to them for hours.