30 Ultimo, Australia
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My self-summary
An adventuring, foodie-archer-chauffeur-thinker person.
Loves stories to tell or hear. Everything's one big adventure. My sanity meter is kept aloft by finding things to smile or laugh about often.

INFP type human - I don't follow it like it's law, but it seems to describe the undercurrent of my being.
What I’m doing with my life
Archery, print (I've been making hilarious miniature versions of stuff at work when things quieten down or when I've done all my work and it's almost quitting time, it keeps a smile on my face), driving, hanging with people I love, the occasional escape..
I like finding ways to sate my love of toasted marshmallows and sunsets.
I’m really good at
-Building flat pack furniture --Reverse and parallel parking ---Making a mean steak ----Making bad situations good (or at least seeing the bright side of anything)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Mine is an embarrassingly short list of books I'd enjoyed. I enjoy all kinds of food. I'm also a gamer here and there.
Movies/Shows: If it's funny/exciting and isn't trying to make me angry/upset, I'm all for it. Points for animation.
Music: Classical to DnB and chill electronica/house to even rock. It's good if it paints a scene in my head.

I'm a gamer too, and just rekindled my thing for Magic. Yay, goodbye money.
The six things I could never do without
1.Shoes 2.Music 3.Car 4.Bow (for shooting) 5.Adventure 6.Food
Oxygen and vital organs are overrated.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sensations and thoughts just beyond the cusp of my comprehension. What is a life less ordinary? And how do I make my omlettes fluffier?

Extremes, and how extremes are actually what defines moderation.

A little depressingly: the trajectory of humanity.
A little optimistically: our seemingly limitless potential and capacity.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a shoe collection.
And life's pretty good.
I play MtG.
I can be super awkward, but I seem to get by... somehow.
And while it shouldn't be a private thing, I love Steven Universe :D
There's plenty more.
You should message me if
Zany, wacky, interesting, and people who like fun apply here :D

You're someone I can call out for random food/drink/entertainment/adventures.

You can cross your eyes (this will impress me greatly). I adore people who can make a funny face.

And generally anything. Sketchier stuff subject to approval, but never without consideration. Or at least a lively conversation about it.

You just want to talk. What's a world where you would hesitate to simply make conversation?