28 Carolina, United States
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My self-summary
Greetings to everyone! I am not good at describing myself, so let's see how
this turns out. I am an university student, studying full time for my
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I consider myself a honest person, and I don't smoke or drink alcohol.

I am what you may call a gamer, as I spend most of my free time playing video games, especially JRPGs and Adventure games. I also enjoy Anime, though I prefer reading Manga. I don't read a lot of books, but when I find one that interests me, I read nonstop until I finish it. Oh, and I prefer fiction novels, on the fantasy side of things.The type of music I listen too isn't common: Video Game Music. Apart from this, I don't listen to other types of music, with the rare Anime songs here and there.

To finish this summary, I will say that I am incredibly shy, so when I meet someone I talk little, if at all. And I am a loner, spending most of my time alone and having few friends, although I enjoy spending time with my friends. I also consider myself an anti-social, as I don't like going to parties or being in places were there are a lot of people present. When I am somewhere, the fewer people there are, the better. The perfect place for me is somewhere were there is nobody around, only my few friends and me. No one else. Normally, you are going to find me sitting alone, apart from everyone else, with headphones on my head, just thinking and listening to music, sometimes with a book on my hand, and when you talk to me, I will speak only a few words, if it is necessary to do so.

I am Respectful, shy, and solitary
What I’m doing with my life
Let's see... As stated above, I am currently studying to obtain a degree in Computer Science. The reason for this is because I want to become a Video Game Programmer.
I’m really good at
Playing Video Games. Generally, I find that I have no difficulty playing
any type of game and completing them. Maybe that's due to how I play,
which basically is thinking ahead and conserving whatever items there are to be obtained, and if I have to use those Items, I make sure that the situation calls for them. Of course, this doesn't work with all types of games, but like I said before, I especially enjoy JRPGs and Adventure games, games where you, generally speaking, obtain items and equipment to aid you in your quest.In action games and the like, I have pretty good reflexes, so I normally have no difficulty playing them. Of course, there are some exceptions...
The first things people usually notice about me
I would gather that the first thing people notice about me is that I am quiet. Other people have told me interesting things about their first impression of me. Among these, the most interesting one was a person that said that I looked intimidating, and I have no idea why that person believed this. Another one was that I made an impression that I was mysterious, and I believe that this is just a consequence of being quiet.
Other things people may first notice about me is that I keep to myself most of the time, just thinking about many things. And that I am organized and that I like keeping my things in good to mint condition. Sometimes, this irritates my friends moderately.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I will add some categories to this. With that said, Here we Go!


First, like I stated in my summary, I don't read a lot. With that said, I
am not sure which is my favorite book, but I greatly enjoyed Brave
and Outlaws of the Marsh. Another chinese classic that I enjoy
is Romance of the Three Kingdoms.Apart from these, I enjoyed The
Ultimate History of Video Games
and Power-Up.


My favorite category of manga is Shonen, so it is no surprise that
my favorite manga is One Piece. My other favorites are Gantz,
Hajime no Ippo, Eyeshield 21 and Berserk. Oh, and my favorite
comedy manga is Cromartie High School.


My favorites include Rurouni Kenshin, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and
Great Teacher Onizuka. My absolute favorite anime is Hajime no Ippo. Actually, I don't watch a lot of [[anime], and spend more of my time reading manga.


First, I have to say that I don't watch a lot of movies. With that out of
the way, I enjoy Adam Sandler movies and Jackie Chan movies. And
probably my favorite movie is Hot Fuzz or Dawn of the Dead, the
original not the remake.Others I liked were The Lord of the Rings
movies and the Star Wars movies, except Episodes I and II, as well as
Night of the Living Dead and Day of the Dead. I also greatly enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as well. Basically, my favorite types of movies are comedy, fantasy, and adventure.


Strange that there is no category of favorite TV programs, but understandable. Basically, I love sitcoms and stand-up comedies.
For those wanting to know, my favorite sitcom is Seinfield, and others favorite include Titus,Everybody Loves Raymond, Scrubs, The Cosby Show, The King of Queens,Home Improvement and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. My favorite Stand-Up Comedian is George Carlin(Rest in peace), no doubt about that, and others comedians that are my favorites include Lewis Black, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Richard Prior(May he be resting in peace), and George Lopez. In the animated side of things, I love The Tick,Futurama, Family Guy, and South Park.


As said before, I listen to Video Game music, but now let's go to
details. First my favorite composers are Kenji Ito, Shoji Meguro,
Koichi Sugiyama and Saitama Saishu Heiki AKA SSH.

Now to the soundtracks:
Every GUST game I have played has magnificent music, especially Ar
, and every Suikoden as well contain remarkable music.
Others notable soundtracks include the Shin Megami Tensei series
and its spin-off, with the notable mention of Digital Devil Saga, whose
OST is one of my favorites. And of course there is no way to leave out the
SaGa series OSTs. Even Unlimited SaGa has great music.

Now, Saitama Saishu Heiki does arranged versions of video game music, and some of my favorites are his Castlevania medley called 'Travel Demon', his version of 'Fighting of the Spirit' from Tales of Phantasia, and my absolute favorite of his is 'Decisive Battle of Wanted Person', a mix of Final Fantasy VI's 'Decisive Battle' and Metal Max's 'Battle against a Wanted Person'.

Video Games:

I had to add this category. As mentioned earlier, I enjoy JRPGs and
Adventure games. My favorite video game series is Suikoden, with my
favorite being Suikoden II, followed closely by Suikoden III and
Suikoden V. I also love the Dragon Quest series, and my favorite is
Dragon Quest VII, and second favorite Dragon Quest V. The Shadow
series is another of my favorites, with the best being Shadow
Hearts: Covenant
. Another favorite is the Shin Megami Tensei series,
my favorite is Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne,close to it is
Digital Devil Saga. And the SaGa series, favorite is Romancing
SaGa -Minstrel Song-
, closely followed by SaGa Frontier and by
Romacing SaGa 3.Also enjoyed Radiata Stories greatly, as well as
Chrono Trigger, Ar Tonelico, Mana Khemia, Wild Arms, Wild Arms V and the Atelier Iris series.
Now, I have to say that while I like RPGs, I don't like SRPGs very
much. I still have favorites, Tactics Ogre ~Knight of Lodis~ and Ogre
Battle 64 ~Person of Lordly Caliber~
, but in general I don't like them,
and seldom complete them.
My favorite Adventure games include The Legend of Zelda series,
favorite Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the Gyakuten Saiban/
Ace Attorney series, favorite Gyakuten Saiban 3/Ace
Attorney:Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
, the Metroid series,
favorite Super Metroid, Steambot Chronicles and Hotel Dusk:Room 215.
Other games that I love and are my favorites that don't necessarily take a
place in the above categories are: No More Heroes, Killer 7, the
Harvest Moon series, favorite Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, the
Dynasty Warriors series, favorite Dynasty Warriors 3, Resident
series, favorites Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4,
Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2(still haven't played the others), the
Metal Gear Solid series, favorite Metal Gear solid 2:Sons of
(probably can count as adventure), Devil May Cry series,
favoriteDevil May Cry 3, Onimusha series, favorite Onimusha 3, Drakengard, and Mega Man various series, favorites Mega Man X and Mega Man Legends.
The six things I could never do without
1. Video Games. After reading so far, you can see that video games are a large part of my life.

2. Manga.

3. Internet.

4. Music. I don't even want to think how the world would be like with no music.

5. Suikoden.

6. Atlus and its USA branch.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. Maybe something a little peculiar happened in my day, so I will think about it. Maybe I saw something on TV, or heard something weird, I will think about it. I basically think about everything, especially when I am already in bed, trying to sleep. In these moments, I can stay up more than 4 hours after I go to bed thinking about life, about the universe, about people, about everything. Also when I am alone, which is pretty much how I spend my time. Alone thinking about everything. Sometimes I talk to others about the things I think about, the majority of times I don't.

The majority of the time, I am thinking about the video game industry, as I hope to someday be a part of it. Or thinking about different stories that I would like to write, even though I still haven't started writing one...
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending time with my family at my grandma's house. Each and every Friday of every year, my family goes to my grandma's house to spend time together, talking about various things. Of course, I only talk with my sister, my cousin, and two of my friends that occasionally go there as well. And I also spend most of my time silent, just reading or something like that while everyone else talks among themselves...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Various things, really. First, I will say that I am fat and that I weight 280 pounds, for those people that want to know. You know who you are.

Second, sometimes, when I'm alone, I like to yell out the names of certain attacks or spells that I see on Video Games, Manga, or Anime. things like "Majinken!!", "KogaHazan!!" or "ShiShiSenkoo!!",or maybe things like "Gomu Gomu no Pistol!!" or "Gomu Gomu no Bazooka!!", or maybe even things like "Ore no kono tega makka ni moeru!!Shouri wo tsukameto todoroki sakebu!!Baaaakunetsu!! Sekiha Tenkyo!! Godu Fingaaaaaahhh!! Heeeaaatu Endooo!!!!!!!". So....yeah...

Third, I am starting to like reading Guro manga... if you want to know what it is, search for it. But I must warn you, you may be disturbed by what you find...
You should message me if
Well, first things first, if you manage to read this far without being repulsed or disgusted by my preferences or opinions about things, or disappointed with my manner of typing. Of course, I can't stop people that will probably skip to this section, so this may not apply to you.
If you are interested in video games, or you want to discuss manga, give me a message. If you were confused with all those names I typed on the music section, I accept suggestions to arrange them in other ways.
But really, if anything caught your attention, and you like manga or Video Games, or better yet both, contact me.