58 Marina del Rey, United States
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My self-summary
Just a note before we begin: I am here to meet people that are serious about meeting and doing things together.
If you read something you like, please write and say hello, and if I think we may be a match let's meet soon to see if our chemistry works. Meeting in person is 1,000 times better than hundreds of messages and emails.

Hello, I love meeting and talking with people. I taught sailing in college to gain better sailing skills but found I loved the 3-5 hours of conversations about anything any of us want to talk about.

I'm very active outdoors and exercise/health is really important to me. I'm looking to meet someone that likes an outdoor workout and possibly less active fun sailing or paddling a canoe.
Do you enjoy being physically active two or three times a week?
I host a outdoor beach volleyball meetup twice a week in Spring to Fall. I know almost nothing about yoga but after 4 lessons want to see if others join for beach yoga in afternoons at sunset.
And plan to host two or more costume parties a year if we can find a home or location for them.
I've seen seniors in old age move so little their muscles atropine so they fall. They blame falling from old age but its really from being to lazy to maintain their health.

I joined a canoeing/kayaking class and after over paddled the lower Kern River for 3 days with a classmate and had a blast.
I love outdoor activities. I'd like to paddle local marinas, the Malibu shore and canoe/kayak camp on a river again for 3-4 days with a group.

I've shot thousands of photos of people in America, Asia and other places, sailing, weddings, photos of airplanes and more. I's hard to take a photo of myself without a tripod or arm showing so I rarely or never take photos of myself. Attached photo was shot when sailing November 2012. I will try to add a front face photo soon.
My next camera is a Canon G series large pocket camera with a viewfinder. A viewfinder makes it easy to follow action in sand or snow when the LCD screen is impossible to follow with light reflected from sand or snow. A new model the G15 has a 4x zoom lens. Smaller than a SLR its easy to carry in a large pocket almost anywhere.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm near launch of a university network where individuals and corporations can have things designed by engineering students in a team. Some teams may design a new heart pump, dental implants, a dental tool, a custom car, airplane, boat or home.

A big advantage of this network is one person can inspire several teams to design things not related with other projects. If people want to start buying what is designed the design team members can be hired to manage it to start. And add a CEO or CFO later if needed or project needs more specialized knowledge.

My first project is a two seat aerobatic trainer airplane that can cruise between 200-300 mph. Designed to make ready to fly as a kit in 400 hours we may sell 30-100 a year as kits or 20/yr ready to fly.

Can cars be designed so 35,000 Americans & 35,000 Europeans a year don't die from accidents? Can people walk from a wreck like 2 airplanes designed to this standard? It may take ten years to get cars mass produced to be available for most consumers.

Can a team design a supersonic business jet and airliner to cut flight time in half? New York-London in 2.7 hrs? LAX-Tokyo in 5 hrs not 10? or LAX - New York in 2.7 hrs?

After hearing American children don't seek careers using math I decided having engineers, scientists and technicians talk about careers for lunch may inspire some. Children designing a flying solar powered autonomous drone airplanes to fly from CA to Hawaii or around the world may help some get scholarships. Building kit cars & airplanes will encourage some to finish high school. I'm need volunteers to reach PTA groups to find guest speaker coordinator and- a co-founder president selected may earn $60K a year in two years. And have flight training paid for if interested and access/use of a Cessna 182 for local flights to speak to civic groups events. There may be three million jobs available for math based college grads today. Interested volunteers can take flying lessons and possibly aerobatic flights or lessons after aerobatic demonstrator is available to promote sales of aerobatic airplane kits.

Is the purpose of American education so 50% of high school graduates cannot read over the 5th to 9th grade level? Many high schools have a 30% to 50% fall off rate of kids that stop attending. With only roughly 20% of children getting a high school education should high schools be called advanced day care or high school day care? Or day care so politicians get legal bribes to guarantee education is never improved?

Can a ballot measure mandate politicians need to register on sex perverts registries for accepting donation/bribes from teacher unions? Will education finally improve if they must register?
Many people blame teachers but before the Department of Education and unions American teachers did an excellent job.

My objection is too many of the most illiterate people in America seek political office like killers go to malls and schools to kill to gain recognition. 100,000 federal laws passed every 10 years so illiterates can brag they passed a law limits our freedom with each law passed and limits schools to day care centers.

I think the founders made a mistake and there needs to be a 4th branch of government a Civil Rights Branch to fight other federal branches from restrictive laws that can take 20-100 years to reach the Supreme Court sometimes. A Civil Rights government branch will have funds to defend some of the 40,000 the Incense Project believes are in jail that committed no crime.
If 40,000 innocent people are in jail, how many rapists, child molesters and murderers are free now?
The Innocence Project bases their 40,000 innocents in jail number based on proving over 400 people framed for crimes they didn't commit innocent. Some spend 2-37 years in jail.
One prosecutor has had over 60 of 100 convictions reversed suggests the CA bar association is criminal in nature itself.

Can a group of people test a government with a 4th branch of government by building islands one mile outside America in water not over 100 feet deep?

Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas are welcome.
I’m really good at
Cooking, friendship, kissing, getting people to talk and open up.
I'm good at making fish tacos, cooking without a recipe & planning meals for days for several people but am not a professional chef.

I'm host & coach for a meetup free beginner-intermediate beach volleyball meetup for the health benefits of a good workout twice a week.
Looking for beginner level tennis players.
Looking for a canoe paddle partner.
I may host a meetup for free sailing lessons - beginner to advanced skills on Sundays.

I look at designs, places events from different aspects. And try to see how other people look at events and ideas if I agree with them or not.

Talking with a dental hygienist about a problem gave me an idea to invent a better dental floss device or tool so it works better for consumers or dentists.

I've seen three family members over time become less and less active and offered to walk with them but they refused. Being lazy they moved so little their muscles atrophied so they fell and could not walk any more. Craig Ellisons Daphne House, Hillsborough, CA inspired me to design a smaller home around a courtyard.
I love the idea of a home built around a courtyard so solar glass over courtyard in less expensive to install and it keeps a swimming pool warm year round for a daily swim for health maintenance. A solar warmed pool may save $800/month some cold months for a 30-60 minute a day swim before or after work.

I paint home interiors, furniture and exteriors better than many calling themselves professionals.
The first things people usually notice about me
My outgoing, talkative, friendly nature.
Some realize I care about other people.

I sometimes advise new friends and total strangers if their kids play a sport before high school. The kids can play on the high school varsity team so a recruiter offers them a tuition free scholarship. This can prevents repaying $100K to $300K for a college degree. In some states a person can buy a 2-3 bedroom home for $150K if they don't owe college tuition.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Two people with similar taste can be nice and boring but if we like different artists, movies and food life can be more interesting.

I think basic values, respect including respect for each others boundaries, kindness, intimacy and laughter are a better way to evaluate if we can get along with each other and make good friends. I think if more people were more accepting and more open minded with our expectations we can accept more people in our lives as friends or activity partners, lovers or life partners.

I prefer reading about real people and business books. Currently reading about Charles Lindberg and Bill Lear. Lear built the first car radio, the first car tape system and the first affordable business jet.
Next books are about American Constitution founders Washington, Franklin, Jefferson & Hamilton.
The Magic of Thinking BIG
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Just bought beginning and intermediate French course.

Directors - Darren Aronofsky, Brian Singer (Unusual Suspects & House tv series), Coen Brothers, Lars von Trier, Wes Anderson, Kevin Smith, Ken Loach, James Cameron, Ron Howard.
Henry Jaglom, David Lean (used filters to make all lights sources match the color temperature of the film. This started an industry standard for lighting to look true to life.)
I love attending screenings to ask directors/producers questions about making any of their films.

Television in a bedroom is great for late night movies. But I also believe a television in a bedroom has probably destroyed more marriages sex lives than any other device in a home.

TV Shows: Two & A Half Men, Castle, Nikita, Cold Case, House, BBC programs, Doc Martin, documentaries. Shark Tank about pitching a business and investors.

Music - Olyta Adams, Erykah Badu, B-52s, Anita Baker, The Beatles, Basia (Polish), Beach Boys, Beyonce, Bjork, BJ Thomas, Blondie, David Bowie, Bobby Caldwell, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bob Dylan, Elvis, Everything But the Girl (UK), Kenny G, Michael Jackson, Al Jerreau, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carol King, John Legend, Bob Marley, Morrisey, Morrison, Katie Perry, Smoky Robinson, Sade, Sting, Donna Summer, Swing out Sister (UK singer), Carrie Underwood, Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, Queen, The Rolling Stones.

I like trying different foods and eat almost anything. I enjoy beer and wine. In college I tied one new wine a month. It may be fun to try new wines each month thanks to Trader Joe. Also love visiting wineries.
The six things I could never do without
I love doing anything with friends, family and new people - can be a workout, going places, activities, a BBQ or potluck, sailing, lunch/dinner.
I love laughing with friends and am not afraid to be silly or laugh so hard it hurts.
I love being in love, kissing, passion and sex.
I love to travel and living in other nations not 1-2 weeks. And have a plan to visit most nations in the world for 1- 6 months to explore and have fun with locals.
Being optimistic and I love cats Pete & Billy Bear - Billy sits up like a bear sits.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to promote & inspire children to seek careers using math.

How to help museums have replica airplanes, cars & airplane cockpit simulators to encourage kids to become designers, engineers, architects, inventors of: cars, airplanes, boats, home & commercial building design, medical devices & tools.

Can homes be designed and made to survive fire, flood, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes? Fire proof and flood proof home design is proven fact now, Florida state partly resolved hurricanes as hazards.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have typical Friday nights.
I'm looking for someone that can talk about passions and interests, laugh, joke some, be playful, tease me and can be teased in fun -
I want to be with that person some Friday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Like many people I've done many dumb things I learned from.
Some people are afraid to admit they failed at anything like failing makes them a mistake. But if we don't fail how do we learn new skills? Edison failed 10,000 times to invent the lightbulb.
Ask me and I will tell all - good for a laugh or not.
You should message me if
If your serious abut meeting -
--Chemistry is the single most important thing in a relationship for most women, and no amount of texts, emails, and pictures can predict if that chemistry will be there in person.
If not interested in meeting in 2-4 weeks let me know to decide if we should continue or not?

You want to share your and my passions in conversation or play sports to get to know each other face to face.

--I love intimacy but I'm not inviting you over for sex when we have not met yet. If your only interested in sex and not sharing other activities together, working out together or helping each other learn something don't waste your time.
If your skilled or teach yoga, speak Spanish, French, German or Swedish fluently or will love playing beach volleyball or tennis for a fun workout - I will be glad to help you learn tantra skills.

--If not passionate about work, your life or one or more interests please don't waste your time on me.

--I've read profiles of two okcupid women that state we can be imperfect but imperfect perfection for a life friend or partner.
I see that imperfect perfection as the beauty an artist or photographer tries to capture taking a photo, painting a person or making a sculpture of a man or woman.

--If interested in healthy elevated heart rate activity of playing beach volleyball, tennis or your sport. I can teach volleyball basics to intermediate level or tennis basics to total beginners. If you can teach me something that is even better - message me.

--Do you like the idea of affectionate, mutual spoiling and receiving more massages than you give?

--Your welcome to message me if you responded "yes" on the cuddle question. Or you're good with your hands.

--Message me if you care about other people - not just yourself. And can laugh at yourself and laugh with others and I will meet you.