28 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Don't know how to take this seriously. Erm, me?
Teacher in London, graduate in Sociology. My friends reckon I'm a bit grumpy but I swear it's not true! Have lived and worked in London for over a year and need to explore it more...
I like to keep fit and read when I have time away from work. Evidently, I'm a fascinating individual...

Ed: I just removed the tag-line 'fun and hardworking in equal measure' from this very summary, because while I am quite square, I am not David Brent.
What I’m doing with my life
Teaching (primary school) / finding time away from teaching - it's a battle!
Would like to specialise in special needs or working with vulnerable adults at some point soon.
I’m really good at
Teaching...? I'm obviously awesome at football - how else would my 5-aside team have finished 7th in Division 2 of the Islington Arts and Media League...
I used to reckon I could be a decent writer and probably still do...
Digging myself a hole and then jumping right into it in arguments with others.
Cooking too much rice.
Cooking too much of anything and having to finish it off in several sittings.
The first things people usually notice about me
People think I'm an unassuming and well-presented young man until I put my foot in it by saying something daft.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too busy to read much at the moment so if I try to compete with the comprehensive cultural smorgasbords some people on this thing have on display, I'll fail miserably.

If I was being bitter I would concede that you probably know more than me about books and disarm your smug literary superiority with a patronising pat on the head. And then google the author you name-dropped to try to impress someone else with.

Having deliberated over what counts as 'favourite', I've decided that it must fit one or both of the following criteria:

1. You loved it when you were a teenager and even though you haven't read / listened to / watched it for 5 years, you haven't read / listened to / watched anything since then worthy of replacing it.

2. It leaves such an impression on you that you start to speak and feel like the lead character. Hence my Tony Soprano / Long John Silver / Victor Frankenstein / Stringer Bell phases.

Obligatory band list:
Once a Radiohead / Pixies lover, now more into old men with guitars / D&B if I'm out.
Still can't get better than the Smiths and Jeff Buckley.
Loving High Contrast while running.
Will never abandon Leonard Cohen, Manic Street Preachers and PJ Harvey.
Assorted others - Cure, Dylan, Beirut, The Clash, Joe Strummer, Neil Young, Nick Cave, REM...

Frankenstein is my favourite book at the moment.
I'm revisiting Hemingway on the bus to work this week.
Loic Wacquant: Body and Soul.
A range of social and political texts which I haven't opened for 2 years but still insist are important to me. Evidently clinging on to my fading academic identity... I either can't remember how to spell the names of continental socio-philosophers or can't bring myself to namedrop.

Being a teacher ... Roald Dahl.
Spike Milligan's nonsense poetry helps make me look wackier than I am to children. Benjamin Zephaniah makes me look cooler than I am to children.

Apocalypse Now is excellent and I won't be told otherwise by film buffs. Werner Herzog is hit and miss and I won't be told otherwise by film buffs, but I did enjoy Grizzly Man recently.

Most of Radio 4 - The Now Show, Friday Night Comedy, the News Quiz are part of my staple diet.

On TV... The Thick of It, Have I got News for You, (Despite the tedious jokes about Scottish people). At the moment the return of the Hour, until my interest peters out. Whoever's behind it shares my dogmatic allegiance to public broadcasting
Finding episodes of Boardwalk Empire online.

Just read Victoria Pendleton's autobiography in post-Olympic fever - Verdict: Average.
The six things I could never do without
My bike.
Nerdy podcasts on the way to work.
Occasional cheese. (Must fit at least 2 of these criteria: mature, blue, French, has an edible rind).
The newspaper at the weekend.
6 things...?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Work: Will a child who speaks no English be able to access this lesson?
Whether I spend too much time working and not enough time enjoying all of the above.
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying a/several end of week stress-relieving drinks in one of South East London's finest old man pubs / over-trendy New Cross t**t tavern.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I'm alone I look up a cappella versions of my favourite songs on youtube.
You should message me if
You share an interest, or reckon you can teach me a new one.