34Troy, United States
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My self-summary
I say "jeepers" a lot. Seriously.

My (no longer) most recent fortune cookie said: "You will stumble into the path that will lead your life to happiness." That sounds like something I would do. Thanks, fortune cookie!

I prefer snow to sunshine. One-thirty am is my favorite time of day, and I'm a huge grumplestiltskin if I wake up before nine; people who willingly rise with the sun mystify and alarm me. The day's going to be waiting for you no matter when you get out of bed, people.

I'm trying to cut down the wall of text in this profile. It's slow going though because, and I gotta be honest here, I maybe kinda-sorta have a hard time shutting up sometimes.

I really like italics.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a goal for the first time in ages: running a marathon. SOMEDAY.

So there's that, and building a steamboat. Three guesses which goal I think is more likely to be met first, although I don't know why three guesses would be necessary. Actually, increasing my running mileage has been kind of problematic, so maybe I WILL build a freakin' steamboat in my basement first! It'll certainly be a conversation starter. If you're in my basement. For some reason.

Addendum: If I have to win a half-marathon in order to be cool, well, I guess for now I shall remain an also-ran! (Waldorf and Statler-laughter goes here)
I’m really good at
I pulled the ripcord when I was supposed to after jumping out of a perfectly-good aircraft, which in my book makes me a bad passenger but an ok skydiver.

The boss-dude of our new industrial/goth/whatever club night says I'm a good dj, which, hey, I'll take the praise!

Edit because I love self-promotion: First Friday of the month, Fuze Box, 9pm is our club night. Be there, unless you're a dick.

ANYWAY. I'm learning to sew, and I'm good at knitting hats or mitts. I kind of hate doing scarves, they take SO LOOOONG and are SO BOOOORING.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hair. Definitely hair. There's really nothing I can possibly put in this section that would be more true than that. Going bald is a deeply frightening prospect for me.

And this is just something I noticed again recently, but I have weird diction. Greg Proops, I'm pretty sure, is to blame for this.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I guess it would be better to list favorite authors, really, since it's hard to think of favorite books. Or I could list genres, maybe; someone should get to work making a post-apocalyptic science-fiction steampunk detective novel, I'll be thrilled (edit: I think I just described The Zybourne Clock here, damn). When I was young (and now, too), I could never get enough of Heinlein's work from the teenager-book phase pre- his going extremely crazy.

Oh, you know what? I DO have a favorite book, after all. Count Zero. I don't know why, but it's definitely the Count.

Movies? Grosse Pointe Blank OR Ronin. Actually, I think it's Grosse Pointe Blank, but Ronin gets to stay mentioned because the car chases were so awesome. Also, I like that movie Hocus Pocus a lot, for some reason.

It's not a movie per se, but "Riding With Death" is my favorite MST3K episode.

In the continued interest of wall-of-text demolition, I will put up my here instead of a list of music: HOWEVER, you know how everyone is either a Beatles fan or a Rolling Stones fan, but not both? It's absolutely the Stones for me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think I think too much. Whee recursion!

I think about memory, and why mine sure is something awful.
On a typical Friday night I am
First Friday of every month, I'm spinning all the best chart-topping (in Germany? I guess?) hits. Otherwise, I'm probably cooking. Friday night is a good cooking-experiment night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have this love for awful Hallowe'en puns, like, Cryptkeeper-bad is what we are talking about here. Like "FANGS for dropping by, it was ICE to CHILL out with you, now run along home to MUMMY bwahahaha". They never fail to make me giggle, and feel ashamed for giggling.

The urge to delete everything and start writing this profile as if it were a detective-novel narrative is almost overwhelming.

To up the stakes for a moment here: if I were to die on another world, or in an O'Neill cylinder, that'd go a long way towards me considering my life a success.
You should message me if
If you use "u" instead of the word "you", I'm going to make fun of you about it, so you should probably be ok with that.

A list of suggestions I just thought up a few minutes ago, you should message me if you:
-think that you can run a 5k with me in the unspecified future
-think that you can tell a joke which will cause me to either laugh or make a face
-can reliably point out... let's say Finland, on a map
That seems like a good starting point.

Geography is important, is all I'm saying.
The two of us