30Dallington, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm Sab (Sabrina), I'm rewriting my profile as things have changed and I'm ready to enjoy some good company!

I'm a Holistic Therapist and LipoSculpt Technician! I have my own business and enjoy working to live, rather than living to work! I am looking to meet someone who really peaks my interest, who can hold a conversation and who is honest from the start!

I'm a funny, cheeky ginger girl with many piercings, tattoos, some scaly friends and I'm a bit of a rebel! I love my job and my life but want someone to share it with, I love to have a good chill with friends, read a good book, play some Nintendo or just relax with a good show!

I do have a few things I am fussy about!
1. NO Fluffy Pets: I'm allergic as hell.
2. YES to happy, honest, driven, kind people!
3. NO to people who are crazy, don't know what they want, or are just looking for a shag!

ESTJ: I'm upfront, honest, sometimes offensive, determined, social, funny, freckly, a little crazy and a damn good person. I try to be good to those I love and really enjoy spending time with those who are most important to me!

I HATE.... liers, cheaters, beaters and lazyness.
I LOVE.... Films, books, comics, alternative/old school music, manga, anime, silkback dragons and reptiles, massage, LipoSculpt, festivals, tattoos, piercings and CARS!!!!

I'm back on here against my better judgement. Here's hoping I meet someone who is genuinely on here to find a partner, for giggles or more! x

Sab xxx
What I’m doing with my life
I'm running my own business and building it up most of the time! I am a holistic therapist so spend my days massaging! I also do liposculpt which is amazing!
I’m really good at
Rolling things
Being cheeky
The first things people usually notice about me
They usually hear my laugh! Also the tattoos get me into a fair amount of chatty situations!
The two of us