36Laguna Hills, United States
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My self-summary
MGW4NZ: This profile is my best dating bio since I began it (joined OkCupid) 2012.05, thanks-in-part to OKCupid per tribute MGW4SG below.
MGW4J1: This page I last modified pst2013.01.28Mon0039. (OkCupid, please add these mod dates!)

MDGHDS: PRESENT OCCUPATIONS: Social- & Software-Architect. Also notable writer and community-groups leader & founder, friend, family member, dating, inventor, and dancer.

MHBMLS: WOMEN-SEEKING-MEN: Meeting in-person pays!, including a small bit of cash. For quality men-seeking-women, even the best dating sites as-is commonly provide 0 quality relationships, starting first with not nearly enough trial meetings in-person. So starting 2013.01.27Sun, if you & I 1-on-1 candidly talk about our potential romance for at least 0.5hr IN-PERSON (in response to 1st discovering each other via OkCupid) and you don't mislead including you don't have a misleading profile, then I'll immediately pay you cash $20, along with $5 more if we, as I always do, also bring our device(s) for accessing OkCupid which we then use to compare, discuss, & improve our OkCupid profiles & answers.
MHBSA7: *And I wish I could pay that bill for every so-mistreated quality man-seeking-woman, but unfortunately I'm not that wealthy yet.
MHBN1Q: *Naturally I wish I and other quality men-seeking-women would never have to offer any money to potential mates in order to have them pay this basic respect to each potential romantic relationship; but especially given that OkCupid & seemingly all dating sites typically deluge women-seeking-men with mate prospects & related messages, saying upfront exactly what seems to me as respectful treatment, plus paying $ for it (to get it treated serious as a money-paying offer), seems the simplest way.
MHBNQK: *2013.01.26Sat11~ I came up with this idea on-my-own after I wrote & published great instructions I think will, on their own, never get followed.

MDG2UB: “He may be odd, but odds are he's right.” --mother's warning (including on OkCupid multiple-choice answers :-).

MGWNCC: *MIT grad, with patent & industry masters internship, top in my computer science class.
MGWNCI: *US Combat Vet and prior 8-year Reserves Soldier (from enlisted (quartermaster Specialist(E4) in the battlefield to Sargent(E5) running a platoon) to medical IT officer(O2) overseeing the hospital's IT; from cleaning toilets & guarding in foxholes to running the IT department of a 256-bed combat hospital).
MGWND9: *Founded & run many organizations & groups, from MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition to Orange County's largest & oldest Android Developer & User Community Group, and several others, both tech & social, with hundreds of members each.
MGWXV6: *Publish on the free-web much of what I've figured out in life for others to benefit & build on: published eBooks and hundreds of pages on social and technical issues.
MGWXVW: *And now work for JotHere –Got a thought? Jot it Here!™ whose mission it is to help *everyone* publish & share their writings & notes and get everyone paid for doing so!

“MGW4BX: Aside: What are these codes as “MGW4BX” on this paragraph? They're --short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, and portably-track most any point or item, including very useful to track text one hopes to eventually republish as its own article, something I commonly do, so a key reason I include them here.”

MDGHJJ: LIFE GOALS: I live 1st to innovate and 2nd to have, share, & create fun!

MDGHDJ: SEEKING HERE: *in-person* friends
*including romance *truly* based on real & dedicated friendship: my standard is, if not real friendship then no romance.

MDG2N7: Do we NOT have a very high OkCupid match rating? Then READ THIS, as we likely should.

MDFCYV: "Enable OkCupid to work for you & everyone: 3+ absolute essentials, plus my experience." --READ THIS, women especially.

MGV7TR: Call me idealistic, but I do "love all", even thy enemies. So I shoot for true love in all my interactions. And I realize one doesn't truly love someone/something s/he doesn't truly know. Consequently,
MGV8WU: *I'm not a mystery man here, unlike many guys here who hide from here all that you would find genuinely objectionable about them (only pretending to be objectionable & judgmental on silly stuff so you don't realize how much they're really hiding), so then you fall in love with whatever dream you were hoping they were (so getting them laid) instead instead of who they really are. --Women, this is a standard dating profile PUA (Pick-Up-Artist) trick, so be smarter! Indeed if someone isn't sharing with you at least a few things about them that you find quite objectionable (as he likes to be romantic/sexual with multiple mates simultaneously, that's usually #1 -and normal), then he (or she) is not really sharing. Instead,
MGV8XL: *I'm an open-book for you here (indeed so much that it makes "Gone with the Wind" look short ;-
MGV92A: *So be nice back: if you find something you don't like here (which of course then you should), then don't run; instead stop & think if you might be missing something and especially PLEASE CANDIDLY TELL ME YOUR REACTION. (You can also tell me things you like: I like that, too :-)
MGW0NW: *With each of us having just ~67years to search the now ~7billion humans in this world, who remember are also the far most complex creatures on this planet, in order to find for each of us the serious needles-in-haystack, the <0.0001% of them (<7,000), which we need to bond with, and figure out how & do so, MGW3FQ: I believe it's LONG overdue for each of us to write-up IN DETAIL, and publish largely publicly (as via web profiles), our own personal features, beliefs, & instruction manual, and not some short few intro paragraphs we just uses to market&sell ourselves but, as a manual full of our important sub-details that others gradually but regularly go back and read&review&discuss as s/he gets to know the person,
MGW42T: **such as:
MGW43A: ***what I give for myself here in text plus links to more
MGW43X: ***AND what OkCupid makes common by typically having each person answer 100s of personal questions that typically anyone (who has also answered them) can see
MGW45P: **so:
MGW3B2: ***(1) allowing quick and potentially accurate&relevant review&discussion of&ideally-with every person we consider in our search, as:
MGW3BL: ****even after we cut it down to 7,000, we still have just 1 day of life average to fully explore each of those we more significantly bond with
MGW3DD: ***(2) avoiding unpleasant surprises, as:
MGW3KF: ****these far outweigh surprises that are nice
MGW3LO: ****and, as noted, our time on this planet is really short
MGW3EG: ***(3) showing we've figured out who we are indeed to the point where we can unashamedly share it with all (else most all) and in writing, including so we can't easily inappropriately hide&lie, as by:
MGW3S0: ****telling each person mostly only what she s/he wants to hear, true or not, as typical when depending on & using private conversations
MGW3SK: ****hiding what we said or perhaps did since there's not this good record.

MDFDKM: Here is who I am, MY *REAL* PROFILE I use for my family & friends & everyone who knows me in-person.
MDFDKZ: *And I plan to remove most all text below once it's fully & better covered there.

MDGHPJ: CHARACTER: good-hearted & never half-hearted, passionate, intense, honest, not arrogant but actually accurate including because I offer to reward people to prove me wrong, a show-off, pioneer, inventor, entrepreneur, outgoing & a leader NOT by nature but by necessity & full US military leadership training & the school of hard knocks, analytical, *appropriately* pedantic (as given my goal to create a natural language both humans & computers can understand), geeky, playful, romantic, flirtatious, outspoken, praising & critical, very dedicated & very sincere.
**Very passionate & playful while also very serious & responsible (a rare combo) so routinely not-believed, mis-understood, under-estimated, & wrongfully-attacked.
**Seeking credit & respect but not fame, including never doing things for attention but ideally just because it's the right thing to do; a one-of-a-kind who would rather the things he did were done by everyone so he could just be a one-in-the-crowd.
**INTP including partial absent-minded professor plus very Scorpio.

MGWYXX: (1)EXCELLENT: Implied by my beginning point (seeking only romance truly based on friendship), I'm into real honest long-term, respectful relationships.
MGWYY5: (2)NEUTRAL: No matter how sexy I find the woman, I'm not into pure-recreational sex nor casual sex nor booty call nor secret sex nor cheating, and I never buy sex. (--This is *for me personally*; *others* I think should have maximum freedom provided it doesn't harm others, though (in most cases mentioned here (booty call & secret sex & cheating & often casual sex), these kinds of sex generally DO harm others).
MGWYYD: (3)EXCELLENT: As a core value, I believe everywhere one doesn't have honesty, one doesn't really have true love. So
MGWYYO: (3a)I as much as possible I unashamedly reveal my male mind (as telling a woman what about her physically turns me on or off) whereas typical men wouldn't dare say their male mind to a woman, especially a new woman (as, & so, many women aren't really aware & accepting how differently healthy men think in romance & sex; notably see likely the biggest thing a woman needs to learn & accept when it comes to romance & sex)
MGWYZ0: (3b)I insist else strongly-push for openness and honesty and no hypocrisy in all relationships proportionate to how important the relationship is are supposed to be. While the long-term benefit is obvious, it needs to be constantly remembered; for in the short term this makes me a royal pain-in-the-ass!
MGWYZH: (3c)See more at below subsection "(2) STRESSFUL BUT GOOD: I offer & insist-on true deep dedicated friendship with full honesty & realism in romance".
MGWYZS: (4)GOOD: I love empowering women, especially in romance. I come from a family of powerful women and I want more of that. Including it's typical for me to sincerely help a woman in all her romances, yes even if I would very much want her for myself.
MGWZ01: (5)GOOD: I adore sexually pleasing a woman. Provided we're having steady sex, it's all about her pleasure, not mine. If the neighbors come knocking because of her noise of pleasure, that's, um, outstanding!
MGWZ0C: (6)EXCELLENT: As a consequence all the prior points plus more,
*the only romance-form I do is ROMANCE-FRIENDS™ - romance form for the 21st century (I also teach it); it is the most advanced & modern & logical romance form I know. In a nutshell, it's simply "The best romance is based on friendship, so just do it: always treat your romance as a friend including as you would treat a friend" --trivial for a kindergartner to get & do, but very hard for adults having been romantically mis-coded by hormones, genetic traits, & society. But worth every penny to bite-the-bullet and learn & do it --because, unlike every other romance-form, Romance-friends™ gets romance fully, including it is the only romance-form to finally truly base romance on friendship, not sex (as "the best sex lasts a few hours, but the best friendship lasts a lifetime!").
**Romance-friends™ is largely-an-extension-(in results) and ideally-the-successor of the next-best romance-form, POLYAMORY, which has a large "About 2,020,000 results" in Google Search and is now being promoted nationwide by Showtime in their new TV series "Polyamory: Married & Dating"; indeed a polyamorous person might say "Polyamory got the key basics of romance right and is definitely in-the-ball-park; but Romance-friends™, with its basis-on-universally-understood&respected-friendship-plus comprehensive-sociobiological-awareness, it gets romance fully, with sociobiology clearly explaining most everything that happens in romance (except what-to-do) and then Romance-friends™ clearly explaining what-to-do and in most any situation and in terms even a kindergartner could understand!"
MGWZ0U: (7)BAD, NOTABLY FOR ME: While most men have a wide variety of women the could have-sex-with (though taking-seriously is another matter!), I am extremely limited on the type of woman I'm romantically attracted to, typically certain rare E.Asian women, and absolutely not by choice, as I explain in the subsection below "(1) BAD: I seem to be genetically-wired.."
MGWZ14: But other than these 7 points, I'm romantically very much the same as most every healthy man.

MDGHKE: VALUES aka "Religion":
Maximum Integrity, specifically:

MGWZ1F: (1) Do right always, regardless,
MGWZ1U: **even if there IS no God(s) nor Karma to ever see it & punish-or-reward for it
MGWZ21: **even if it's unconventional, unpopular, indeed even if I'm the only one doing it and it scares away all friends and, if need-be, kills me
MGWZ2D: **including:
MGWZ2M: (2) Choose reality: face, accept, & ideally-embrace reality as-much-as-my-body-can-take, no matter how unpleasant
MGWZ2W: **Why? One can't "do right" if one can't see what is right to do.
MGWZ34: **So I'm "Scientific" as in "Science" on Wikipedia so:
MGWZ3F: ***I'm Ignostic, not just agnostic, and with atheistic-leaning
MGWZ3Q: ***I find counting-on and explaining-things-by the supernatural (as believing "Jesus is in heaven & loves me" or "What someone does bad will always come back to punish them") typically immediately feels good but is a sign of weakness (notably following emotions even though intellect yields more accurate answers), so I DON'T do it.
MGWZ3Z: (3) Here & in all life, I define "truly love" ("love" for short) as simply "seek what's best for"
MGWZ49: **Why? To at least humans, "love" is an extremely key concept and key concepts are best defined; moreover, this definition works great.
MGWZ4I: (4) Love all, including for all of humankind & nature and including love thy enemies
MGWZ4S: **Maximum empowerment of every person & creature, including everyone different from me
MGWZ4Y: ***A notable example, see "empowerment for women" below.
MGWZ56: **Green especially Environmentalism and some Green politics
MGWZ5I: ***Then why I am I not vegetarian? Because killing plants is also killing and it's natural for humans to eat at least some meat. But I am very much for humane treatment of creatures raised for food, such as featured by my favorite Chipotle Mexican Grill.
MGWZ5W: ***Very Frugal like Warren Buffett and as typified by the Native Americans in Dances with Wolves.
MGWZ63: **The ONLY sin one can do is NOT to do one's best to see & correct wrongs
MGWZ6E: ***Consequently, if one sees ANY problem but does NOT (correct it else at least properly speak it (ideally in writing, and to the parties involved then, if needed, to immediate authorities)), then the problem is instead *the observer* failing to his/her best here so sinning.
MGWZ6P: **Never let the ball be in your court, including:
MGWZ6X: ***With every person, always insure you've given a little more than you've gotten.
MGWZ74: ***With everyone who invests in you, deliver positive ROI.
MGWZ7E: (5) Realize & accept: For every X, one can & does only truly love X to the degree one can know & understand X, so to the degree one doesn't know X then one can't & doesn't love X.
MGWZ7L: **Why? To achieve love(="seek what's best for") for any X, one must *know & understand* "what's best for" X
MGWZ7Y: (6) As consequence the last value plus "love all", minimize everything which blocks knowing & understanding, starting first with dishonesty and not-being upfront & sincere.
MGWZ85: (7) Live with an attitude of gratitude --I need to work more on this.
MGWZ8E: (8) (Live with passion and let emotions also guide & drive one everywhere) PROVIDED it doesn't cause one to violate any of the above.

MDGHQC: PROBLEMS relevant to friends & romances

MFKPY1: ESSAY (this answer) EDIT HISTORY, in order:
MFKPYC: *Prior to this, no change history kept; now created this section for it.
MFKPYY: Made some small wording improvements; as "MDGHPJ: CHARACTER:" is more personal & interesting, moved it up considerably just after "MDGHJJ: MOTIVATION:"; pst2012.12.24tue2234.
MGW0DJ: ~8hrs ago, removed MDFD0P as that clutters & needs factoring out, + added MGV7TR to better explain the profile style. pst2013.01.19Sat0158.
MGW0IE: now added MGNKDO-as-MGW4BX & (big) MGW0NW and made individual points MGW4NZ & MGW4J1; pst2013.01.19Sat1302.
MGW8LZ: Seeing online TXPistol_in_CA, a gal who I recently told her I was quite romantically serious about but she didn't even bother replying --as is ubiquitous on this site--, I wrote & added at the top point IMGW6JC to well-tell her&all the other women doing this, the killer problem they are causing here; pst2013.01.19Sat1505;
MGWE87: then, based on my email to her just now, added important point MGWD5R.
MGWZ8Z: Realized that that I can't have sections as MGW6JC first because (1) people are 1st expecting to learn some basics about you even if they more need to know this (2) without basics about you, they won't take these words/lecture seriously; so moved ahead of this (indeed near to the start) MDGHDS & MDGHEN plus, since short, MDGHJJ & MDGHDJ, interweaving them with other points, overall probably dramatically strengthening the profile. Also improved the linking & wording of all these mentioned sections, and made sure every paragraph had an ID; pst2013.01.20Sun0030.
MH63MM: moved section MGW6JC into new
MH630B; pst2013.01.24Thu2207.
MHBPQC: added MHBMLS, pst2013.01.27Sun2300.
MHBSM3: Had Home-Geek review new MHBMLS then, based on feedback & more thought, improved; pst2013.01.28Mon0022.
What I’m doing with my life
MGWZRG: A lot! I live every day to the max. And I already covered this very briefly in the prior answer in subsections "MDGHDS: PRESENT OCCUPATIONS: " plus "MDGHJJ: LIFE GOALS:", of innovate + fun, which I now cover here in more detail:

MGWZUV: First, working hard to make reality all the notable innovations & improvements to the world I can. Currently:
MGWZVZ: *Architecting a next-generation wiki & threaded-discussion publishing site (based on WordPress and soon probably GridFS) for anyone to publish & organize & collaborate on their writings, no matter what topic, featuring semantic web technologies plus giving everyone who authors over 50% of the profit they generate (unlike sites as Facebook who *keep* all the enormous revenue *your* content brings them)
MGWZWA: *Writing & publishing another "eBook" (article collection) on that site
MGWZWI: *Running & effectively founding Orange County's largest & oldest Android Community Group
MGWZWP: **with over 200 members with photo bios and a meeting every week
MGWZX6: **plus overseeing ~4 sub-leaders. My second-in-command is also here at my suggestion, my good bud Home-Geek. As well Developer Leader sagittarius7676.
MGWZXD: *Attending and frequently-running many local technical groups to keep up & lead my trade.
MGWZY4: *Helping my family & friends out.

MGWZYI: Second, caring for myself but mostly just enough just to achieve that first goal. Currently in search of more friends & romance:
MGWZZV: *Attending & sometimes running fun social events on com
MGX001: *Spending too many hours on this site since it's fun (and I love writing & teaching on the romance & social) but the ROI is terribly negative (thru it, so far have only met in person just wan gal, who turned out sadly notably disappointing).

MGWZSY: ESSAY (this answer) EDIT HISTORY, in order:
MGWZTM: Prior to this, no change notes kept.
MGWZTZ: Added intro MGWZRG and gave every point a code; this section could use some cleanup; pst2013.01.20Sun0015.
I’m really good at
People initially see my passion and intensity and uniqueness and sometimes disruptiveness, so mis-think "that can't possibly come with dedication & responsibility, to say nothing of integrity" (but it can!), so
new people underrate me often and miss a lot of the things I'm really good at:
(1) Being good-hearted, per my VALUE "love all" above
(2) being logical & objective, & accurate level-headed about most everything, and in most every situation and despite being happy or angry ---see section below
(3) being dedicated, including being a top friend, romance, & worker as far as dedication
(4) being pioneering
(5) computers, software, & information technology, electronics, material engineering --especially architecting designing it
(6) architecting social conventions --I have a whole website on this.
(7) romance & sex --not a joke; I've gotten many compliments from the women who've checked me out. Though I am NO LONGER willing to be used by women just for good sex & romance --that is unless I'm paid for it (a few years ago, one attractive Chinese woman (a doctor from China) surprise-offered me a job as her boyfriend-for-hire, & paid me well; that was okay by me, though I'd never buy such services myself)
(8) passionate dancing -while I'm an armature here, I love it (both flashy partner dancing and solo) and onlookers often pop out their phone video cameras --I have a tendency to take over the dance floor!

This is all true, but it does NOT mean I don't also have flaws, too. I do, of course; and covered them for you: in my earlier section "KEY PROBLEMS & ISSUES".

Noted above, I'm incredibly good at, being logical & objective, indeed never doing & saying anything I regret, even under the most stressful conditions. Indeed this one area where Olympic caliber, pretty much flawless. If there was an Olympic sport for this (testing if someone could make the same logically-correct decisions under great stress) I could probably win the US a metal. Even in my greatest periods of happiness & upsetness, these my emotions are mostly "decoration", as my underlying mind & decisions are still razor-sharp clear, flawlessly always following strict, carefully-developed set of moral rules, with near-0 hypocrisy.

But I didn't say this is always a good thing; it isn't. I'm so extremely good at this it is odd and sometimes causes people ironically not to trust me, naturally because they've seen no one else do this --unwavered by emotions like a machine-- that it just seems unhuman so they just don't trust. Also such continual accuracy comes at a very high price: from always following what would be logical, I'm often unaware of what my emotions are guiding me to do. And, under high stress, I'm quite slow to make decisions (including slow-witted), and even though routinely it's more important to decide & act now than to decide perfectly but act too late. I know very much what got me coded this way, and now that I am aware how different I am here, I work every day on correcting it, aiming myself to instead be driven by healthy balance of logic & emotion.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. I guess intensity, that I really get involved, that I don't just go with the flow, that I'm passionate, that I'm disruptive (for good, but not all will see it that way). These are very Scorpio.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MFKBPS: *I like all sorts but it must be reasonably-healthy, inexpensive, good-tasting, convenient (unless home-cooking), and increasingly respectful of our planet, otherwise it's a no-go for me.
MFKBPZ: *snack places: Lollicup, Yoguertland, and (for their environment, as I don't really like coffee) Starbucks & Coffee Bean
MFKBQ9: *meal places: Chipotle Mexican Grill (my favorite!), pho shops, inexpensive sushi especially Tomikawa during Happy Hour, Carl's Jr, Subways, In-and-Out, Tommy's, Lee's Sandwiches, Panda Express, Roundtable Pizza (for events), Taco Bell.
MFKBQW: *my family's cooking, especially pho & bulgogi
MFKBR3: *quality frozen meals
MFK558: *More-at & transitioning-this-info-to THIS ~50% COMPLETE LIST in the "food" rows.
MFKCBY: **I'm never drunk and rarely drink, just a little socially or the rare times I'm unreasonably stressed-out.
MFKCEE: **but when I do drink, it's not beer (I don't like) nor anything bitter (as gin); it's sweet hard liquor, as Jack Daniels or wine coolers.
MFKBS1: *OTHER DRUGS: essentially never --I'm too bothered by the thought of missing a moment of reality. :-)

MFK57Y: ENTERTAINMENT, as the "books, movies, shows" and games
MFKAEL: *I'm not a watcher, I'm a doer --
MFKASJ: **except when it comes to movies & video; there I watch & critique a ton.
MFKB5U: **Indeed I'm not much of a reader, I'm a writer. Indeed I write as much text as I read, maybe even more.
MFKBCW: ***I do need to spend more time reading (as reading how others do it, not coming up how I would do it), but I feel there is so much which needs to be properly written, it seems I never have the time.
MFKAHT: *I really like doing things as a group, not alone --
MFKAT4L **except when it comes to programming (as that's personal: indeed I'd more likely be a top or a bottom than a pair-programmer!)
MFK58K: *Most important to me in say show (as movie) or story is:
MFK5F5: **1st a message/theme which is healthy and (needs to be told/heard, so then typically profound), and is told well & ideally imaginatively. Examples: the movies Avatar, War Games, Dangerous Beauty, Showtime's Polyamory, The Social Network, and many more.
MFK5FJ: **2nd a message which touches me personally, as Risky Business or Pitch Perfect.
MFK5L3: **And, where it naturally happens, both, as WALL·E, 12 Angry Men, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

MFKBTB: **I love music!
MFKCMA: ***-not playing it nor watching it played (which seems mechanical to me so rather boring), but notably hearing it, dancing to it, and likely composing it,
MFKCMN: ***-indeed so much that:
MFKCXK: **What music do I like?
MFKBTJ: ***I require music be intellectually interesting & stimulating with real musical substance & intelligence, ideally on as many levels as possible (as multiple simultaneous interesting patterns); I abhor music which is contains no real substantive musical content, perhaps deliberately "stupified" --that music drives me nuts!
MFKBTR: ***NOT most popular young adult club music (making it very hard to find to find venues with music that I don't have to suffer though)
MFKBTY: ***NOT: House music, Drum and Bass, most Trance, and other music which with the brains equivalent to a Casio Synthesizer placed on random!
MFKBUI: ***Hip Hop music I'm on the fence on but probably NO.
MFKBUU: **For dancing: only 80s, New Wave, Euro-Dance, the rare quality Trance, and some modern stuff as Lady Gaga's Poker Face; playable list of my favorite dance tracks
MFKBV4: ***Tragically only a few rare venues play this kind of music. Some I've found are:
MFKBVC: ****Ed's Parties (every 2 weeks in Villa Park) as on 2012.07.13.
MFKBW1: ****LGBT clubs usually have it, so sometimes I go even though I'm not LGBT.
MFKBW7: ****Disco daces as occasionally held by some Meetups as 2011.11.20 Studio 54 Disco Fever [Dance ]Social.
MFKBWG: **I also like New Age, A cappella, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Country (with often great lyrics), Classical, and basic/minimal Rap.
MFKBWO: **Here are playable list of many songs/tunes/tracks I really like -click each tag (sorry for the bad tag names); it doesn't include every genre but is a very good sampling.

MFKD1S: **I believe the music is core and dance's job is to visualize it, so:
MFKBX9: **since the above is only dance music I like, the only dances I do are ones which can go to that music (all 4-count rock music). Within ballroom dance, the only which can be done to this music is (the tragically rare but easy to learn and very flashy)the ballroom dance (4-count=swing=sling) Hustle (Hustle), so it's the only ballroom dance do, and I'm good it!
MFKBXJ: **if the music is bad (as dumb), all my interest in dancing (and even socializing) is lost: I won't even flirt with a hot girl if the music in the place is bad, I just want to leave. The only rare exception is when my dancing & gestures are just to outrageously point out to everyone how absolutely stupid the music is, which I've done a few times (to say the point out the stupidity of Push It (with its lyrics ungrammatically and adolescent-ly referring to having sex: "Ah, push it - push it real good", so ruining what otherwise might be an ok melody)) but mocking such sadly-popular songs hasn't generally gone over well per the many who frighteningly actually enjoy this music.

MFK9S1: **Scruples, as it causes people, both strangers & spouses, to get to know each other, and talk about significant things, shockingly well (as it maybe then a divorce would then be in order! ;-)
MFK9SK: **I'm not much of a game player myself, and not sure why, but I guess that's somewhat ironic in that one of my biggest contributions to the world (as it's now become huge) is developing games to get people to change socially -per "Bragging Rights" (not my title!) of my Google bio.
MFK9S9: **I generally avoid video games as I fear I would get addicted, as I've seen happen to MIT alum (well they never graduated because of it) and a few of my friends as Home-Geek.

MFKA4G: **Unlike many, I'm not into watching others play sports or perform music -this quickly bores me; rather I'm into playing & dancing myself!, and ideally with others, too.
MFKACB: ***In other words, playing a sport or performing a instrument, that's kind a fun, especially when done with others; watching someone else do it, um, that would put me to sleep.

MFK6AQ: *I pretty much don't read books any more, only web, for seeming good reason: the web potentially & now typically does it better, and increasingly so.
MFK6B3: **including, for nearly all the info of my IT profession, books, even ebooks, are too slow to publish, go out-of-date too quick, & have too little random-search plus typically no user-interaction; so in IT, if any general knowledge is not on the public web, it's either not important else will end up not being so.

MFK6LT: **I'm rarely into them as recorded entertainment is gotten so good including convenient, & inexpensive.
MFK6OL: ***Plus in the case of music, I definitely don't like to just sit & listen & watch musicians play; no, I like to dance!!

MEY36V:**I've watched probably 1000, and have over 50 favorites, more than can be reasonably listed here.
MEY36K:*I almost never watch a show twice, unless say I haven't seen it about 10 years, because typically I've memorized it the 1st showing.
MEY35N:** I've seen many/most top-rated movies, including most of
MEY36B:**I like most generes except horror (don't find violence funny and don't like mixing sex & violence).
MEY38T: Very roughly (as it's hard to pick so few), my top 10 favortes, decreasing, are quote:
1 WALL·E 2008-06-27
2 12 Angry Men 1905-05-10
3 MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show 2008-09-08
4 Avatar 2009-12-02
5 War Games 1983-03-06
6 The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2012-10-12
7 Dangerous Beauty 1998-02-20
8 Showtime Polyamory: Married & Dating 2012-07-12
9 Risky Business 1983-08-05
10 Matrix 1905-06-21
MEY3KD: --quoting from THIS ~35% COMPLETE LIST -SEE THIS.

MFK77T: *WEBSITES: my top ones include:
MFK78J: ** --If it's the Google way, I'm usually doing that!
MFK77Z: ** --I write a ton here
MFK789: ** --I Head 3 groups plus help lead others and am a member of ~30, and attend many events
MFK76R: ** but, at least for men-seeking-women, currently I can only recommend this site for sometimes comparing your personality with others (romantic or not) whom you ALREADY have met in-person, as that's the only use so far I've found for this site, as while it's highest rated in, since starting here 2012.May I've worked this site >200hrs but have actually physically met almost no one, as would be typical for any sincere & upfront man-seeking-woman on today's dating sites.
MGW4SG: *What OkCupid does do notably well, however, is offering what seems to be the most detailed & advanced free profiles of any dating site, including also a cool public bio plus even useful to learn even Match rate people I'm met by other means who also here; way to go, OkC!
MFK9QK: ** offering unlimited free porn videos of truly all sorts from all over the world, including some very novel & funny stuff. Recommended to me ~2007 by a very smart former romance-friend (a woman), I highly recommend this site.
MFK9RC: ** --quality entertainment video
MFK78T: ** --often has the technical answers I need for coding, but I just get the info I need to fix the bug & get out.

MFK4ZZ: Essay history, in order:
MFK507: *Prior history not tracked
MFK50J: *Updated based on yesterday's Movie Marathon; created this history section; added 6-digit codes to all points; resorted the points into 2 main sections, "FOOD" & "ENTERTAINMENT", detail on OkCupid's actual performance for me, quick improvements to many sections; pst2012.12.24mon1848.
MH61JK: moved all details of "MFK76R: ** ..", so starting with MFK9C1, into which it references' pst2013.01.24Thu2131.
MHBUJ8: moved to here MGW4SG; pst2013.01.28Mon0036.
Six things I could never do without
This is something I've thought about, especially since, in the military, though I WAS a pack-rat with a 2 bedroom apartment and car-garage packed full, I deployed to combat for 1 year and could only take 2 duffle bags! Well I found I really didn't need much stuff at all and was turned into the reverse.

Things I could never do without, in this order:
*air, water, food
*integrity (see "VALUES" above)
*shelter (unless say in great-weathered SoCal!)
*family & friends
*romance, especially someone to come home to
--and that's about it!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to improve things and how people work and how to work with people, per my "MOTIVATION" above.
On a typical Friday night I am
If my mother is having a family dinner, I'll join her for that. If I've friends who want to hang out, I'll hang out with them. If I go out, I will generally go dancing. If I stay in, I generally will be writing or programming, maybe watching a quality movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm hard enough for people to figure out as I am (never found anyone quite like me) so, making it simplest for everyone:
*I'm pretty much an open-book; anything I can share I do.
*I don't really have any of the typical secrets
**other than:
***those I have to protect for others
***those I have to protect for myself as life shows people generally abuse this info so best not reveal it.
****A great example is my numerical-age: “My numerical age here is my approximate apparent age per M3UBHA” --and that link will completely explain it for you, and will hopefully convince you to also feel & do likewise.
**And a big reason I don't have the typical secrets is:
*I don't ever do anything I would later feel ashamed of and so have pretty much nothing to be ashamed of, as I live under the rule of "Do the right thing regardless, even if there are no god(s) nor karma to see and reward or punish." per from my VALUES section above.
*This is not to say I don't have problems, though, but all relevant ones I've already mentioned above in "KEY PROBLEMS & ISSUES".
You should message me if
MFKQJL: You think we might be a match.
MFKQN9: You want quality, including:
MFKQGO: *You want someone who replies & is reachable.
MFKQH1: *You want someone who invests in the relationship at least as much you do, and who gives return-on-that-investment.
MFKQK6: *You want someone who commends women for making the first move.
MFKQLF: You think any of my answers or writings is wrong or could be improved (I love to be actually found wrong! --as then I learn to be even more right! It's just hard to actually find where I'm wrong, as, by doing "crazy" stuff like this (exposing myself to the world & challenging everyone to show me wrong), "big" surprise: I end up generally more right than most people even want to yet see :-)
The two of us