25New Smyrna Beach, United States
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My self-summary
Hello. I am Sabine.

I love board games, video games, making nerd themed stuff, and making people laugh.

I enjoy really bad jokes, terrible horror movies, and playing table top games like Munchkin, cards against humanity, and Red Baron the revised edition. There's many more in there somewhere.

I think beer tastes awful but I am still exploring Ciders. That said, I only drink on social occasion.

I make TV/Movie based sculptures and jewelry as a hobby and a small means of income on my Etsy, LeveledUpAccessories

When I'm not doing that I'm probably on the internet browsing Reddit trying to think of something clever or funny to post because I like to waste my lifetime in front of a computer woohoo. I like walking around and taking really stupid snapchats of stuff to send to my friends. I make really terrible comics and talk about offensive things in funny ways because fuck it, everything can be made light of. Whatever.

I sew things sometimes. I draw and as previously mentioned, sculpt so I can make jewelry or even figures. "Stuff". I do stuff.

Im happily married. I am not here for romantic relations but the possibility of making friends. I've made about 4-5 friends from here, so it's not impossible. (But seriously if you're looking for friends with benefits or some other shit you can fuck the fuck off with that noise. My sex life is just fine without you.)

I enjoy making friends, because it's difficult to do outside of school it seems. No one told you that about becoming an adult. (Adults are just giant children with sarcasm, bitterness and occasionally alcohol in their system)

I have a 15 pound Shiba Inu, and an Alaskan Klee Kai (which is fancy words for "mini husky") who is 9.5 pounds. Super threatening. I know.

If you have any questions, just ask!
What I’m doing with my life
I sculpt and do wood at for my store. Full of a bunch of movie/TV/game based things. #foreversculpting

I just bought a home with my husband. So being a home owner for the first time is extremely exciting and an adventure in itself.

The idea is to get back and finish school and do something for a career that has to do with art, animals, or psychiatry. (probably the first two being the more likely)

I try to spend time playing board games with friends as often as possible.

attempting to learn how to lift. Not really become like a bodybuilder, but try to look good in pictures OTHER people take of me.

Working at publix.
I’m really good at
Art: drawing painting sculpting and making video game and movie replica jewelry which I sell.

Reading faster than everyone else to the point it pisses them off

Binge watching way too much Netflix and Hulu. I think I've watched Labyrinth 14 times since they put it on Netflix... Because David Bowie.

Making really really awful puns that make you want to punch yourself in the face. Because it feels better than having to live with having just heard another awful pun.

Doing "stuff"

Spending way too much time on Reddit.

Rolling natural 20s. My hits are crits.

Playing video games for hours and hours and forgetting about all the other crap I had to do that day. (Haha, no I didn't forget... I'm just an awful person)

Cleaning. I clean at the speed of witchcraft.

Quoting futurama. Mostly Bender. I'm 40% Futurama quotes. *klang klang*
The first things people usually notice about me
my hair if not personality
my hair is super curly.
so when its not straight i kinda stand out. Plus I Dye it kind of regularly.

(or my boobs.... but that's just being realistic)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
FOOD- is just awesome in general.
I'm allergic to a great many things unfortunately, but I do so love to cook and bake.

BOOKS-I have not as of late been into reading much at all (i think because i have worn out my want to read. it's all i ever did growing up)

Black Jewel Trilogy.
Harry potter. Lord of the rings. You know, the staples.

please don't ask me if I like twilight. It's awful. And so is 50 shades of grey.

MOVIES- Tim Burton movies . Absolutely horrible horror movies. Like, three stars, I'll watch out just because it's awful and I like to make fun of idiots. Chris Pratt is cool. I've seen probably every movie. Ever.

TV shows: Hannibal. Vikings. Bob's Burgers. Stephen Universe. Last man on earth. Sons of Anarchy. Rick and Morty is pretty great. Izombie. I love cooking shows like masterchef, chopped. I like British life shows like secret eaters and stuff like that. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Castle. I'm a big futurama fan and will often just play it in the background. Adventure time. Misadventures of Flapjack. Who says adults can't enjoy cartoons?

MUSIC- hip hop techno electronic dance rave rock metal more typically i will like songs rather then a band themselves, but there are some i like. just ask. trust me, i will tell you if i dont like something.
Six things I could never do without
toilet paper
My mom

there's certainly alot more i couldnt live without. but if this were a alone on an island thing i think those may do it for the most part haha
I spend a lot of time thinking about
about my family and friends

what I want to do about my future and my life goals.

I've came to the realization a little late that life is too short to wait on a maybe.

And also, peace with my inner demons. Heh.... Which is actually going much better than expected?

and ideas for drawings. im always thinking. Though if you ask i usually say nothing, but that is mostly out of fear that someone wont like what I think about.

My brain is a series of mazes and rabbit holes, they go everywhere and they go deep.

How to make the front page of Reddit.✔
On a typical Friday night I am
at home, on facebook or Reddit, staring at the screen like a zombie....

Probably watching movies with my husband.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm fucking weird. I say terrible terrible things that are usually frowned upon because they're hurtful terms. You have to understand that I just *do not* give a fuck about offensive words.

"I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them, clearly, like a fucking lady."
You should message me if
(I'm not looking for a romantic relationship as I am already happily in one. I am here for the possibility of finding friends. Sorry all, but my profile does say I'm seeing someone.)

you just wanna talk, or feel like you would like to get to know me more.

I will be honest, if your compatibility is low, i will be less likely to answer you.

And iI dont go for people who do drugs. (420 friendly people included in that. I'm very allergic so I'd rather just avoid anymore hospital trips. Sorry. :/)
The two of us