32Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
i've been dating my significant other more seriously, so we're mostly taking a break from dating other people. that said, i'll definitely still respond to interesting messages--something more than a simple "hi."

i'm sort of the girl next door, if the girl next door is generally sarcastic, sporadically energetic, and relatively nerdy. My personality basically vacillates between that of Kim Pine and... i don't know, a more enthusiastic and adventurous fictional character. Anne Shirley? TinTin? Who knows.

i seem to be the only "morning person" in my circle of friends. my co-workers recently expressed surprise that i manage to get up early enough to cook breakfast most mornings, but guys it only takes like 5 minutes to cook (vegetarian) sausage and eggs.
What I’m doing with my life
for fun: dreaming up and then procrastinating various arts and craft projects. currently in the pipeline: paintings inspired by Welcome to Night Vale.

for sustenance: trying to learn how to cook better, but i fall back on simple stuff like stir fry and omelets and guacamole a lot. and also cookies.

for dollars: i'm an editor for a scifi/fantasy news and review site. i get to read a lot of rad articles and scour the internet for goofy pictures to go with them.
I’m really good at
whistling, baking muffins, making things that resemble art, getting the high score in Q*bert, describing onomatopoeic sounds, referencing things that no one's ever heard of, willfully ending phrases with prepositions, deciphering IKEA pictographs, inventing stuff as i go along, maintaining parallel structure.
The first things people usually notice about me
brightly colored hair, tiny stature, and/or the ridiculous cartoon faces i am constantly making.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
movies: die hard, ghostbusters, mon oncle, rushmore, the shining
tv: archer, extras, kimmy schmidt, peep show, simpsons seasons 1-10 (or 3-8 if i'm being an even bigger snob)
music: arcade fire, blur, david bowie, modest mouse, yelle
books: atonement, catch-22, mother night, mrs frisby & the rats of NIMH, a visit from the goon squad
video games: bastion, final fantasy 9, psychonauts, rayman/rayman legends, 4-player pacman
foodstuffs: apples and apple-related comestibles, pizza, tea, thai curry, vegetarian shepherd's pie
Six things I could never do without
pencils (but not the mechanical kind)
a decent pair of jeans
a pillow that is neither too firm nor too soft
my cat, Molloy
I spend a lot of time thinking about
communication and narrative styles.
On a typical Friday night I am
making dinner, playing video games, drinking with friends, discussing the finer points of perspective drawing, telling amusing anecdotes, reading novels, doodling, cleaning, wandering. (or some combination thereof.)
You should message me if
you've got something interesting to talk about.

PRO TIP: asking some basic variation of "what's up?" is not interesting.
The two of us