44Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
IMPORTANT: Since so many keep liking my profile without fully reading it, allow me to stress: I am not Christian, not religious and not looking to be saved. I'm not interested in raising kids and I'm UNABLE to have them. I don't smoke and do not want to be with a smoker. I'm looking for someone to ACCEPT ME AS I AM and who lives NEAR ME, not halfway across the nation or around the world. PERIOD.

Also, if you voted for Trump, KEEP AWAY FROM ME.

Now, on to the regular, normal profile summary.

Updating this to be a little shorter and still say all it needs to say. Trust me, I've got mad English grammar skills!

Seriously seeking a woman to share my life with - not rushing into marriage, but tired of being alone. You must be serious, too. No games, unless we're talking board and card games!

Serious geek boy here - Star Trek, Doctor Who, tabletop games, comics, a slew of imaginative stuff. Looking for a gal with similar interests. If you're into video games, fine, but don't expect me to play much (I get sore thumbs wicked fast). Very little interest in sports. Major interest in sharing laughter - I have a geeky and weird sense of humor.

Working as a billing clerk for a home care company and building my life back up after a few rough, hard years. Long story, will fill you in upon request, but be warned it's a depressing story. We all have history. NOTE: I do not own a car at this time, due to financial reasons. If you don't like that, move along.

No smoking or drinking or drugs for me. Medically unable to have children, but I do not want them anyway. If you have kids and they are older, like mid-teens or upward of that, that's okay. But small children and me just don't mix. Nothing ominous about this, just not good with kids, never have been, never will be.

Also, yes I am overweight. Been working on it for years. For a while I was making super progress, and then I broke my foot, the economy tanked, lost my job, and, well... trying to get back on the horse now, I swear! In the meantime, I am most assuredly cuddly!

Very liberal politically, and totally non-religious. If you message me or like my profile when yours says you want a "God-fearing man" or you're all about God or your faith, then I know you didn't really read this profile.

Mostly straight (5% heteroflexible), but I am LOYAL to whom I am with if you are loyal in turn. Othwerwise, I am a fairly open-minded adult with adult needs, hoping to learn and share them more with a woman who is not shy about her own needs
What I’m doing with my life
Getting back to a stable, steady, normal life job-wise, and very glad of it! In my spare time I like reading, TV, movies, playing games with friends, and working on creative projects.
I’m really good at
Writing gonzo comedy stories... crafting chessmen... playing word games... quoting sci-fi films (especially the funny stuff)... identifying actors in a tv show or movie who have also done Star Trek (i.e. there are at least six in The Hunt for Red October).
The first things people usually notice about me
My long wavy hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books and movies: I'm a HUGE science fiction and fantasy fan. Too many authors and films to list here. Also a handful of comic book titles.

Shows: Been many over the years, again mostly sci-fi. Keeping up with almost a dozen on and off currently (several are on long-term hiatus). I also enjoy a few radio shows on NPR stations, when I think to check them out - Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion, plus Celtic music and ambient/new age music programs. Also a couple Internet-based shows I follow.

Music: Pop/rock, jazz, classical/Baroque, celtic, new age, filk (that's not a typo), Broadway, a smattering of others. Specific artists include Weird Al, Billy Joel, Enya, Blackmore's Night and my all-time favorite female vocalist, Heather Dale.

Food: chinese, thai, italian, greek, mexican, and anything chocolate (especially chocolate and peanut butter!!).

Games: Have to include this as there are many: Munchkin, Scattergories, Boggle, Scrabble, Monopoly (especially alternate versions of the game), Fluxx (especially Star and Monty Python varieties), Carcassone, Chrononauts, Stratego, Upwords, Tic Tac Chec, Guillotine, Cathedral, Trivial Pursuit, Rummy-O, Mancala, Cards Against Humanity (funniest party game EVER), Razzle Dazzle (chess meets basketball - yes, seriously!), and I will play actual ordinary chess once in a while. I also like Words with Friends on Facebook and Plants vs Zombies on my computer, and going out for mini-golf and bowling now and then.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:

1. Chocolate
2. Women
3. Science fiction and fantasy
4. Dogs (even if I don't have one myself, just having them in the world is important)
5. Games
6. My writing
7. music (ok, ok, so it's more than just 6 things)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think my six-things list covers this one ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying in to watch a dvd or play a game on the computer or read a book, or going out to hang at the local geek bar or get together with friends for gaming. I'd go to the movies except I prefer matinees (cheaper than evening shows). I don't usually go to normal bars or clubs, except the local geek bar, as I don't fit in well in those places. And going to a concert, a theater show or a ball game is a rare, expensive treat (and I'm admittedly picky about music concerts/music festivals).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have what I call the "Clouseau gene." I am clumsy and accident-prone. (If you don't know who Clouseau is, consult the Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers.)
You should message me if
You are looking for someone to share life experiences with, both yours and mine...
You are looking for a man of keen mind and good heart...
You have an imagination and aren't loving la viva mundania...
You have an open mind...
You have passion and a naughty streak...
You value the intangible treasures of life over material things...
You feel there's a chance worth taking.
The two of us