61 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Very adventurous and extremely creative. Life of exploring, hiking, mountaineering or climbing, backcountry telemark skiing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, bicycling (perhaps 120,000 miles on bikes I built), motorcycling...endless list, mostly OUTDOORS.

I've managed my life so I play more than I work- have rarely worked more than 6 months in a year- for so long I can't remember anything else. I wake at 4AM and get moving one day, sleep in till 9 the next. Sure, I work, probably always will, but I pick and chose the 'work'.

Pacific Northwest native; own a mountain home deep in the Cascades 20 miles from Canada. The PNW definitely shapes lives in a distinct way (grey & rain makes me happy!!;().

Have built almost everything I, boats, specialized vehicles.... Never have had TV, bank loan, credit card, tie, shiny shoes, "normal" job. Every aspect of living is done on a modest budget.

Love long conversation; interesting, intellectual, fun, learner, teacher, study-er, peaceful, gentle, kind, compassionate, communicative, direct, capable of nearly anything. True gentleman, scholar and scientist at heart- with a very fun, goofball streak. The right lass will discover a very affectionate, warm, sensual guy, always sexy, teasing, playful, honest, communicative and light-hearted.
What I’m doing with my life
Will never exactly "retire" but am currently besting most low energy retirements by a long shot. My ship and I sailed from San Diego in March 2013, first south along Mexico's Baja Pacific coast, then north into the amazing Sea of Cortez, spending April and May sailing in warm turquoise waters. In early June I left the boat in Mexico for the hot part of summer. The wandering route north was a month long adventure through fascinating geological and historic locations, staying in San Francisco for an extended time. I'm about to return to Mexico at the end of October and am expecting to sail in the Sea of Cortez some more before heading south for Panama. Plans do change frequently with a lifestyle like this, no telling what will actually happen.

Kinda silly not to have some company for all this fun!! How about you? Wanna come along?
I’m really good at
Adventure anywhere. Great experiences exploring every aspect of this fascinating world.

Finding nature and isolation even in busy cities.

Building or fixing anything: welding/metalwork, machinery of any kind from watches to rockets, woodwork, sewing.... computers/internet, technology.

Organization, neatness, thoughtful planning.

What to call it..."intentional frugality?" No need to be rich to do this; I'm great at making precious freedom chips go to the best purposes!
The first things people usually notice about me
You'd better ask them, not me!! I'm apparently easy to approach. Big strong dude, boyish looks, am told the eyes are an electric blue. Quiet & peaceful and intellectual, only very rarely the loud party type.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love to read, get involved in 4 books at once, currently mid way through a history of Australia. Enjoy wide variety of entertainment, plays, theater, shows, not much of a movie watcher. More likely to spend the evening in conversation with a friend. Perhaps we'll get a chance to talk about what we like doing!
The six things I could never do without
In no particular order:

1) Peace or tranquility. Very glad to be living an excellent life, plenty of happiness, money, fun to go round, no drama
2) Nature. The natural world and all it's wonders.
3) Freedom: the freedom to travel, to think, to do as one pleases every day (freedom from drudgery, from slavish work)
4) Robust good health; strong body and mind; hard exercise or work.
5) Terrific friends and associates all over the world
6) Fun toys: sailing yacht, interesting vehicles...telemark skis, good hiking gear; snorkel, mask, wetsuit; time/money enough to play with them a lot!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Listen, I kick out ideas like a run-away coffee percolator- or that popcorn popper somebody forgot to put a lid on.

I think about the next invention, the next adventure, the next unknown experience.

I think about the lover I wish for and all the fun things we could do together

I think about the world resource picture from micro to macro, and what part I might be able to play
On a typical Friday night I am
Alright, here's tonight, Friday Feb 1, 2013

I'm at anchor in the midst of the city of San Diego as darkness falls. Around 8, I decide to go ashore, and slide open the hatch. The water surface is like rippled glass, hardly a breath of air moving. For reasons mankind cannot explain, a very large flock of mixed Western, Eared, and Pied-billed Grebes has decided it's OK to go to sleep all around the boat. The shimmer of city light reflections silhouettes their graceful floating bird-shapes. Somehow, I climb down into the rowing dinghy without disturbing them, and, rowing without a sound, find a path between hundreds of birds. If that weren't amazing enough, they are still there when I return half an hour later- and I again am permitted to row (very gingerly) right through their numbers- they allowing space for me to pass.

It's just the magic of life on the water. Wish you had been here too.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh, ask me in person...the entire internet world doesn't need to know!
You should message me if
I'm pretty open about this ad. I'm interested in finding friends for doing fun things with. If the spark hits that's great too.

Deal breakers: if you have kids, a relationship with me is unlikely to work out- the lifestyle is just too free. Smokers and druggies are out, as are heavy partiers. If, in truth, you prefer fancy hotels, we're not it.

If you are ultra casual, outdoor oriented, quite athletic/ energetic, happy, sexy, outgoing, very intelligent, have freedom, time...and a wanderlust that just won't quit; if you're completely comfortable camping in a tent, live happily on a light budget, has a peaceful and gentle heart...

If you're ready for the fun you've always craved, get in touch!! -- Roy ~__/)_