64 Augusta, United States
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My self-summary
I enjoy doing things that are tuned to the seasons whether it be to garden, cook, photograph, walk, sail, ski, bike, kayak, camp, travel, or go to concerts, plays, baseball games or visit art museums. I get to the gym intermittently sometimes regularly. I'd like to work out and do more yoga than I generally do. My soul boost is 5 Rhythms dance. I'd like to learn to swing dance.

I love sailing and have sailed quite a bit in the Caribbean. I enjoy travel whether it be day trips or to different countries. I dream of wintering in warmer climates.

I am a counselor and I am used to and most comfortable with sincere, honest, connected, open communication. I believe that we grow through relationships. I am kind, honest, compassionate, romantic, accepting, supportive, self aware, have faith in people, and perspective in life.

I am culturally Jewish but prefer Buddhism as my spiritual path. I attend meditation retreats occasionally and practice weekly with a local group. I generally eat healthy organic food but I am moderate and indulge at times.

I enjoy most music but prefer classical, swing, blues, jazz, and classic rock.

We write. There is an honesty and ease about the conversation. We meet and there is a spark, both an excitement, and an ease of being. I would enjoy going for coffee, tea, or lunch, or going for a walk . We will fall in love but take the time to know if we are compatible.

I'm looking for…

an ease and warmth in a relationship where my partner is my best friend, confidant, and loving companion. We are playful together. We know and respect the rhythms of closeness and independence which allows us and the relationship to thrive and grow. We both strive to understand and accept each other and are able to strengthen and deepen our love through good communication, intimacy, play, equanimity, and possibly spiritual practice.

It is important to me that you are gentle, kind, loving, respectful, compassionate, and faithful, have integrity, and are able to be intimate on an emotional and physical level.
You should message me if
You have integrity and you are kind.