28Brighton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
(I always read people's whole profiles before messaging, please do me the same courtesy).

The nicest thing a friend ever said to me was "The fact that you have so much love for so many people and so little hate in you says a lot about who you are as a person."

People generally tend to regard me as a nice, kind, loving, caring person who has compassion and empathy, but I'm wise enough to know that all humans need self love and self compassion and a certain degree of selfishness to balance that stuff out so as not to be a walking guilt complex (and I don't condone ableism towards low empathy/confused empathy people either. Doesn't mean they can't be kind, caring or compassionate! Just let's not be dicks to anyone ok?) I love anime, manga and animation and comics more generally, cuddles, cosy thing like fluffy socks and blankets, cats, dogs, tea, friendship, sloths, sex (but that's not all I'm interested in FFS), love in all it's forms, sausages, and the cool, refreshing taste of Pepsi Max (the ginger flavour is super nice! Deffo recommend). I am here looking for loving connections whether friendships, friendships involving sex or romantic relationships. I have mental health issues and am neuroatypical so if you're not understanding, patient and compassionate about such things please do not message me, it wastes both our time. I'm not going to go into lots of detail about things related to sex but what I will say is this: If you don't enjoy giving as much as receiving and/or do not feel comfortable and enthusiastic about all parts of women's bodies do not contact me looking for a sexual relationship whether romantic or non-romantic.

I might be open to hookups but only, I mean ONLY if you accept that you might not get into my pants or be invited into my home the first time we meet, as a reasonable, basic safety measure, I might want to wait until a second meeting.

Also, I'm a big fat chick so if that's not your thing then move along. I can be a size 26-32 for non-stretchy clothing, to give some idea of my size.
What I’m doing with my life
What aren't I doing!? No but seriously sometimes very very little, other times a bit more. I would say something like "what are you my mum?" but my mum's MO doesn't involve asking judgey questions like that.
I’m really good at
I can play Darude - Sandstorm on the recorder. JK JK that's a complete lie I'm so jell of people who can do that O_O My main talent seems to be cuddles. I also make a very tasty cheddar cheese, onion and egg fried scrambled thingy. I sometimes write or draw cool things. I can teach u about animus and mango. Also quite knowledgeable about animation in general from various different countries.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Bleak Expectations
Anansi Boys as read by Lenny Henry

The Song of Achilles
Warm Bodies
Peter Pan

Fruits Basket (and the anime)
The Flowers of Evil (and the anime)
King of Thorn (not seen the anime tho)

Vampire Hunter D (both first one and Bloodlust but especially the first one)
Bringing Up Baby

Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood but especially 2003 and the Conqueror of Shamballa movie)
Last Exile
His and Her Circumstances/Kare Kano

Dad's Army (not an obsessive devotee of older British comedy but I'm really fond of this particular show)

Invader Zim

Electric Six (seen them live several times and Dick Valentine solo twice as well! I met him! He kissed my forehead! He's a lovely bloke :) )
Franz Ferdinand

Meat and Dairy
Fried onions (also nice with peas :F )
Herbal tea
Six things I could never do without
People who reach out and touch you affectionately and non-sexually when you're quietly sitting and listening to a song with them because they think that maybe you're sad because you're quiet or five minutes of not touching you is just too long for them rn. It takes time to build that kind of intimacy. But it's the best.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sex, falling in love, my friends, sweet potato and regular potato mash, dating websites and how they do and don't work, the recent snap general election and it's possible aftereffects, Hestia <3, finding time and focus to watch ALL the good Gundam series (currently watching 00 which is my first).
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably relaxing with anime at home having bunged something in the oven for dinner and excited about seeing my best friend at the weekend :)
You should message me if
Well, don't message me if you're a bigoted asshole. I am a feminist and do not want to speak to anti-feminists but do not welcome TERFs or SWERFs either. And intersectionality is important. Also a lefty socialist who passionately believes in the fundamental human importance of the welfare state.

Also, I really mean that thing in my sidebar about not wanting kids. Refuse to give birth to them and refuse to adopt them. I don't hate children at all (I actually rather like them), but neither pregnancy nor motherhood are for me. Please respect this.

While I'm completely straight edge (well unless you count caffeine, which I do sometimes have but try to moderate my intake a tad. Once in a blue moon I will try a sip of a friend's alcoholic drink out of curiosity about the taste) I am 420 friendly and don't judge people for their alcohol/smoking/drug habits. Most of my friends drink alcohol, I'm not in a cult ;) Also I don't call myself straight edge XD

OK, things I like:

French language (tho I don't speak it so if you send me a message that's in French I will have no idea what it says :L)
Irish accents
Shorter than average men (don't be put off if you're tall! I'm just saying this so some guy reading this doesn't think "she'd never like me I'm only 5"5"). Seriously short guys are cuuute <3
Bigger women <3
Doesn't matter if you're cis or trans* (be the best that you can be, Pokemon Johto... sorry but that is stuck in my head forever). Been in love with all types of people :)
All races and ethnicities welcome :)
Bigger isn't better in the trouser department, for me at least.
Basically I'm just delighted to meet nice/nice and cute people :)

Tell me your best/worst puns? Good/rubbish jokes? Link me some music you like or a favourite AMV? Send cute animal pics? Tell me your favourite love song :)
The two of us