28Brighton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Don't message me unless you have read my entire profile!

I have a life outside of this site and if I don't reply to you quickly it doesn't automatically mean that I'm ignoring you or not interested, and I've set myself a 2017 reading goal of 175 books (mostly manga volumes plus a couple of light novel series) so that is occupying a lot of my time. Patience is a virtue and I expect you to have at least some if you wish to interact with me. I do make the effort to respond when I really like people (whether romantically or as friends with/without sex) but I still do have other stuff that's important in my life and also while I love having a proper conversation if your messages are long it will take me longer to reply fully to them. If you send me several messages in a short space of time trying to get me to respond straight away when we haven't even talked yet or barely have I will view you with contempt and ignore you. And exercise some common sense, if you message me in the small hours of the morning I'm probably not going to reply straight away and even if it says I'm online I'm probably sleeping or trying to. Sometimes I will just disappear from here without warning or explanation because the alternative is telling everyone I talk to individually or leaving a message on my profile that probably no-one will even have the common sense to check and read, and both of those things stop me from getting away from the internet as fast as possible when I need a break and drain my mental energy.

I absolutely refuse to exchange nudes or have cam sex with anyone I have not met in person and established trust with. No snapchat, no nude Skyping, none of that.

No fuckboys, no marriage proposals, no messages with romantic or sexual intent from people who live really far away and no men who think that I will want to have children with them someday even though it clearly states here "doesn't have kids and doesn't want them". I mean it. Not having kids. Ever. Whether birthed by me or adopted. Just no.

Quote from my best friend "The only thing bigger than your tits is your heart." I try to live up to that as best I can.

Hello everyone :) I am an intersectional lefty liberal sex positive, body positive fat feminist, looking for friends, and to hookup (whether once or as a more regular thing) with people who:

1) Are genuinely nice and consistently respect consent and boundaries.

2) View me as a person with feelings and care about me.

3) Love eating pussy

4) Love dirty talk.

5) Are in agreement with my political views.

6) Live within reasonable traveling distance of Brighton.

7) Love cuddling.

8) Are willing to meet me in public at least once or twice before deciding whether to have sex or not so I can feel safe and comfortable.

9) Can hold a decent conversation! Good verbal and written communication skills and wit are by far three of the most attractive traits a human can possess, to me at least. And so you know it's fine if you have dyslexia and can barely spell, as long as I can decipher what you're saying and it's interesting then it's cool. Not particularly bothered about grammar either though I do struggle to understand why people get so confused between your/you're and their/there/they're. Like not that it makes you stupid if you do. I just don't understand the confusion. I'm sure there are things I find confusing that other people do not. As long as grammar/spelling mistakes do not make meaning worryingly ambiguous then it's all good :)

I'm not afraid of forming a deeper connection with someone and in fact would welcome that but I am not looking for a monogamous relationship at this time. Falling madly and mutually in love with someone would be pretty awesome but so would just a nice person to cuddle and fuck. I could conceivably see myself wanting to be monogamous with the right person but they'd have to be someone I was utterly mad keen on in every aspect and could see myself wanting to spend the rest of my life with, they would also have to live close to me and see me frequently, I do not do monogamy as a matter of course. I really am looking for just friends as well so if you think I seem like I'd be a good buddy from my profile and questions then message me and if we get along we can meet up and hang out at some point :)

Also, I have mental health issues, they are not really severe but if you can't deal with me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best and if you can't deal with me having bad days where I'm not happy or positive then I'd prefer you just not contact me in the first place.

I think that about sums it up :) If there’s a difference between what my profile says and what my question answers say then go with what it says in my profile as it’s much more current.

I don't drink, smoke or take drugs but have no problem with those who do, it's your body and it's not gonna stop me being your friend or even necessarily stop me dating you as long as it doesn't stop you from treating me and other people with respect. I think that people being in jail for smoking weed or having some in their possession for personal use is appalling. I don't really do ethical consumerism because of disabilities and mental health issues meaning I have to put taking care of my mental and physical health first, but I do care about the issues it seeks to address.
What I’m doing with my life
Baking, cooking, watching cartoons, reading comics, learning Spanish, meaning to go to the beach and then not going in the end, chilling in cafes, doing laundry, remembering to brush my teeth. Honestly mostly just taking it one day at a time, horribly cliche though that is. Also trying to do a wider range of things with my time and try more new things as I don't want to feel stuck in a rut so I'm giving myself a gentle but firm nudge on the arse with my metaphorical foot to encourage myself to make the best of life.
I’m really good at
Getting glitter on my clothes when doing arts and crafts. Chopping onions. Whistling. I can draw pretty cool pictures and write pretty cool short things like poems and flash fiction sometimes :) And I'm not half bad at cooking and baking, though I've still got a lot to learn.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my face, isn't that what people usually notice? Perhaps my fat or my massive tits that go all double boob in ill fitting bras :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like anime and manga and comics and cartoons and animation from around the world outside of those definitions. But anime that panders to male otaku is fucking creepy with all the underage fanservice and general body fascism and misogyny towards women who don't meet the beauty ideal (and women who do as well), also not massively keen on anime that pander to female otaku with a cast of generically attractive men with the same face either, there's probably the odd exception but quite a bit of that stuff is just stupid (and in some cases creepy also). Mainstream shonen's also mostly just a source of eyerolling for me, so please take your titans and sword arts somewhere else. I do like shoujo and josei and seinen (when it's not being disgusting), and Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 is a work of sublime genius popular entertainment goodness. Subs over dubs. Here's a snapshot of things I have recently liked and a few all time favourites (Edit: Here's a LONG list of stuff I like with various notes added. I can never keep these lists brief...):

Currently watching Scum's Wish, Interviews with Monster Girls, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Maison Ikkoku. Recently dropped Free! Iwatobi Swim Club as I felt it was empty, soulless and generic. Seriously it made me reevaluate my entire life because it was so bad.

Currently reading Kekkaishi (my goals are all 35 volumes by halfway through March). Just finished Orange and Biomega. Orange also made me reevaluate my entire life but that was because it was so good and made me think about mental health and supporting friends a lot.

Radio and Book versions of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Fruits Basket anime and manga
Twin Spica
Banana Fish
Hideaki Anno
Serial Experiments Lain (also Haibane Renmei and Texhnolyze, though both to a lesser extent)
Spice and Wolf Novels
Kino's Journey anime and novels
Nodame Cantabile anime
Satoshi Kon, particularly Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers which are two of my all time favourite films. Keep meaning to rewatch Millennium Actress as well.
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Ouran High School Host Club anime
Shinichiro Watanabe
Noir (the anime)
The Flowers of Evil anime and manga
Ghibli (yes everyone likes Ghibli but they are really good tho). I prefer Ronja the Robber's Daughter to most of their recent film output and am excited to see what their next TV series will be like. Still need to watch Future Boy Conan!
Cartoon Network and DCAU
Futurama + The Simpsons
Soviet Bloc animations, they watch YOU and you love it :D
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but Joss Whedon's handling of race is shit)
Various 90s UK comedy series
Rise of the Guardians (I love this and think critics didn't give it the amount of praise it deserved, I also loved The Book of Life, seems like Guillermo Del Toro is good at producing animated films ^^ )
The Muppets
A good teen movie
The Naked Gun
Frank Oz is one of my favourite directors.
Finding Dory (seriously it was perfect and magical and just OMG X3 <3 )
Musicals (saying you don't like them just makes you sound like you're no fun to me)
I really love classic old movies, so many people on here only list recent films as their favourites and I don't get it, there are lots of amazing films made before 1980! (I'd get it if the modern movies they listed were ones that were more diverse and inclusive than older films but a lot of the modern movies people seem to like are still primarily about white straight cis men using violence to solve problems). A couple I've seen recently and really liked were Bringing Up Baby (Katharine Hepburn is so awesome in that film!) and Casablanca (which yes I know is the most classic of classic movies and I don't know why I didn't get around to it sooner either). The original Parent Trap is one of the best rainy day movies ever. More people should see The 5,000 Fingers of Doctor T!
I also love older anime from the pre-otaku era like some of the classic Toei flicks and Rose of Versailles, some of the 80s stuff is also great like Mitsuru Adachi's Touch which I hope to finish one day, that show is such a beautiful haze of nostalgia. I really like Osamu Dezaki and have Dear Brother, Treasure Island and Nobody's Boy Remi on my bucket list. Some of Tezuka's stuff is utterly amazing, particularly his more experimental work, and hopefully I'll be able to watch Princess Knight in Japanese with English subs one day.
I also love chick flicks, watch chick flicks with me! Particular soft spot for Cameron Diaz movies, I also LOVED Bachelorette, great dark comedy. Just Like Heaven is awesome and I have no idea why so many people diss it.
Electric Six (I’ve met Dick Valentine twice!)
All sorts of pop, RnB, soul, and quite a bit of mostly female fronted country (that's right white cis het dudes who only listen to metal and rock, run screaming in the other direction with your dicks between your legs and take your superiority complex with you! Note this does not apply to you if you don't have a superiority complex about it.)
Jazz, but I'm a novice
Queens of the Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf is godlike).
Rufus Wainwright

I dislike spices and refuse to try snails or any other mollusc. Fried onions are heavenly. I love meat and dairy.
Six things I could never do without
Here's a list of things I would really struggle to do without:

Human rights
Freedom to wank
Friends and family
Love in all it's forms
Entertaining, mentally stimulating media
Good food
Computer and internet
A washing machine (washing clothes by hand is bad for your back and takes ages).
A shower
Baby wipes (really handy for all sorts of stuff)
Cough sweets that numb your throat so the tickly cough stops. Damn you tickly cough! *shakes fist*
The really basic stuff like water and oxygen and so on.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, food, my friends and if they're ok, how I can be a better friend. Also human rights issues and "did I definitely remember to lock the door and turn the oven off?" Lots of stuff really. I'm not listing it all 'cause I think faster than I type.
On a typical Friday night I am
1. Having a me party!
A party by myself
A me party!
I don't need nobody else.

I'm having a me party!
I'm the first and last to show!
There's no one at this party
That I don't already know!

2. Worshipping in Hozier's Pagan Church of Gay.

3. Soberly trying to convince drunk strangers that my best friend once slept with a Power Ranger and wrestled a bear, but that's usually on other nights of the week.

4. Relaxing in front of the TV/computer.

5. Sleeping.

6. Suggestions? Let's meet up and do something!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I might like FLAC audio files more than sex. Dat lossless sound quality.

More "seriously" I have ADHD and I'm on the autistic spectrum, these things don't define who I am but if you want to associate with me you have to accept them.
You should message me if
Reasons it would be a good idea to message me (if you want to):

If we're looking for the same sort of things and share some common interests, also, important note about meeting me in public vs. at my house:

You must be willing to meet in public at least a couple of times before being invited back to my place, by which I mean that I'm not going to invite you back to my place on a first meeting and you have to respect that boundary, I'm not saying I consider you contractually obligated to come back to my place after a couple of dates if you don't feel comfortable, it's up to you what you do or don't and I will respect your boundaries, however if you do not feel comfortable coming into someone's home for a long time after meeting them I would also prefer you told me that early on as well.

DO NOT MESSAGE ME if you are any of the following: anti-abortion, anti-choice (and I mean the choice of the person who is actually pregnant, if you believe that the person who only contributed a sperm should be able to veto the decision of the person who is actually pregnant with the fetus about whether to have an abortion or not, then fuck off and take your misogynistic bullshit with you, yes a pregnancy results from two people but the one who is actually pregnant is the one doing 99% of the work and taking on all the risks to their health and life, the other one just has an orgasm, they don't have to worry about getting diabetes or a torn clitoris or the agony of childbirth or throwing up every morning), pro-death penalty, pro-torture, anti-welfare, anti-socialized healthcare, anti-feminist, anti-womanist, transphobic, homophobic, fat-phobic, pro-censorship, rape apologist, victim blaming, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic (yes it is a religion and religion has a lot to answer for but mindless demonization of all Muslims is entirely unwelcome within my friendship/romantic/sexual partner circle), sexist or ableist (if you think people with low IQs shouldn't reproduce then fuck off Nazi), anti-immigrant/anti-immigrants who are here illegally but are not a threat to anyone's human rights or safety, a tory, a UKIP supporter, right wing. I will at best ignore you and at worst give you a right verbal bollocking.

Don't message me if you're going to ask me what I do for a living/what my job is. I'm disabled and have mental health issues and that's why I don't have a job and that's all I have to say on the subject.

Don't message me if you're going to ask me if I'll talk to you on this or that other messaging app or site when we've only just started talking. If you're not willing to use OKCupid to communicate with me then leave me be.

Don't message me if you're expecting kinky sex, I have no interest in anything kinky and also don't want to give or receive anything involving arses. To each their own, but I'm vanilla, and do not enjoy teh buttsecks.

Also please do not message me if you are the type of man who believes women owe you sexual/romantic attention because you are "a nice guy".
The two of us