66Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm sure that, about themselves, no one would say to the contrary, but I have to say it anyway; I am a guy who is caring, honest, loyal and would consider myself a 'giver'.

I'm a sincere, monogamous man, who is given to romanticism. I'm stable, kind, compassionate, have empathy and one who at the same time won't stand for a minute if there is a scam in the air - yes, some have tried. If that's what you are about, forget it, it really won't work.

I'm here hopefully to find a lady friend with whom I could first regard as just that and with whom I might find, one day, that rare and wonderful thing - something true and everlasting. I'm a little past being a 'clubber', so here I am, a denizen of OKC. In my time, I have had the 'real' love experience and I want to go there again. It'd be terrific to sing that old 'Monkees' song again - I'm a Believer. These days I sing in the shower only *ahem*

Married and divorced early, no children and always thought I would marry again and have a family. Somehow, someway along the line, I forgot to. Damn! C'est la vie, I guess.

Professionally, I have experience in many areas. I've been a sales executive, a fire officer, a manager in public service, a director of a large financial institution, an investor, an advisor to the building and construction industry. Though now retired, I maintain an interest in the stock and financial markets and will most likely do so until I reach my expiry date.

I love the beauty of nature in all its forms - the flora, the fauna and the landscape, from the grandeur of the mountains, to the deserts, to the sea, I find the beauty, the terror and the wonders of nature awe inspiring. I'm sure there is a like minded soul out there with whom to share these wonders, someone with whom to grow old and stay young. What was that, he said? *smile* You know what I mean.

I'm reasonably fit. I love to be in the mountains, beside a crystal clear mountain stream, along the coast, in a rain forest and even on a golf course. I like also to ride my bike, not madly fast, but as a tourer along some of the more picturesque trails here in Oz. There's room in the boot for another set of golf clubs or another bike on the roof-rack whatever your fancy.

Just occasionally, I also like to dabble in the artful pursuit of fly-fishing. It really is a beautiful thing to do while immersed in nature.

I'm looking to soon take up pilates - if that's your thing, an introduction wouldn't go astray at all.

I could easily turn to or take up any of the many other forms of exercise but this is what I do at present. Whatever, I'll always have to be physically active.

I adore good wine (usually red but often white and bubbles too) and good food in all its various incarnations.

I like to travel and have a considerable list of favoured and planned destinations within North America, Europe and Asia. I've been to many and will/do travel regularly.

I haven't skied for some years, but still carry a desire to ski the Canadian Rockies and the Austrian Alps among a multitude of other destinations. Will I ever get back to it? I hope so. Is there a companion out there who shares the sentiment?

In all the things I love and do, a like minded companion/friend/lover would simply quadruple the pleasure for me. Am I asking too much? I don't think so. What do you think? I'm also most certainly amenable to taking on new ideas and experiences.

I'm not especially a politically driven man, but my politics are more or less 'centre' and lean slightly to the left - my social conscience puts me there. I feel there are too many injustices and far too much cold hearted hypocrisy in our world. Occasionally, just occasionally, I suffer frustrations caused by some of our politicians have the urge to stand for public office. In time, the urge dissipates and I am able to return to some measure of sanity.

I am definitely not 'stuffy', but for me good manners, grace and propriety are important. I love humour - mine is slightly 'whacky' and often has a rather heavy dose of irreverence - a small source of shock to some (I love that) - I hasten to add that it is necessary for one to carefully pick one's mark here. Rudeness, poor manners and coarseness are an anathema to me.

I like to dress well - either up or down - and am still given to occasional bouts of 'retail therapy'; usually of the fashion/clothing variety.

Though not wealthy, I am financially independent and able to satisfy the small extravagances in life that I sometimes crave. I would hope that you were in a similar position.

If you are an adventurous woman, balanced, well grounded and you would like to meet a guy who knows how to treat a woman properly, who appreciates the qualities of grace, manners and propriety, maybe you should contact me. I don't bite (well, not on a first date anyway) and I am certain you will have a pleasant time.
What I’m doing with my life
Hopefully I am growing older gracefully. Some less than charitable friends (I use the term advisedly) may assert that there is room for debate in this. *smiles*

My life is pretty much fulfilled - except for ..... I'm sure you can guess.

Recently retired, I have adopted the lifestyle admirably. I like to play golf and often travel the world in that pursuit. It would be lovely to travel in a less golf oriented fashion though - I look forward to that day.

I have the idea that I will engage in some charitable/community work of some description at some time - no definite decisions made here ... yet.
I’m really good at
Trivia. Isn't that sad? Sad in the extreme methinks! I'm asked what I'm really good at and I come up with 'trivia'.

I'm a good listener, good at seeing the big picture, finding a way through, good at being supportive, I'm excellent at long relaxing massages, I'm also a reasonable writer. Other things of which I am good at include, apré skiing, apré golf, apré work, apré dinner, apré lunch, apré midnight, etc., etc. I think you get the drift. That little piece was an after-thought. LOL

Rather than being 'really' good, I reckon I'm good at most of the things to which I turn my hand.
The first things people usually notice about me
Apparently, I'm seen as being cheerful, with a smiling disposition, lots of tolerance and patience. How could all those poor saps at my erstwhile office be so wrong? Ok, ok, I'll concede; maybe, just maybe, I'm a little like that. LOL

To be honest, I am unsure what people notice. It's definitely not something I've asked about nor am I aware of anyone having made comment. Having said that, in recent times I met a lady, we had lunch together and during this she told me that she thought I was "very handsome". I was flattered of course and told a friend. His response was to the effect that she was " .... after my barn". I ask you, why are people so unkind? *winks*

A lady of whom I recently made an acquaintance (she's married) expressed surprise that a man, seemingly as personable as me was unattached. I was flattered again.

I guess, and this is probably more my own assessment, I would be seen as being well groomed and well presented.

Since teenage years, I have, almost without exception, been seen as being older than I actually was - great thing for a teenager (one could get away with so much); not so great in subsequent years. However, in recent years, it has become apparent that people are taking me as being younger than I actually am. Though not entirely convinced of this, I have to say I that am rather enamoured with the idea. Whoo hoo!

Wearing a pair of shorts, I was in a shop just the other day and the shopkeeper woman told me I have "nice legs". Well, I never! sun-tanned they may be, but who would have thought? Other than what is on here, High Definition photographs only available on application. LOL.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
It has been years since I have read for pleasure, I got caught up in the world of corporates and didn't have the time. I'm sure I'll get back to it sometime. Non-fiction, biographies are my taste. Other pursuits seem to gobble up the available hours these days.

I have a favourite poet; Andrew 'Banjo' Paterson who created many fictional characters in his writings. One of them, carries the name from which I have taken my my nom de plume - Saltbush Bill. Old Saltbush is the subject of many of Paterson's often humorous tales. Always terrific literary entertainment.

Always enjoy a good movie; I have to say the gratuitous violence, shoot 'em ups, massacres en masse, etc. as commonly found, simply leave me cold - I'm simply not interested. It's any wonder some of our communities are 'up the creek'. Give me a love story, feel good movie every time. Mao's Last Dancer & The Dressmaker impressed me recently.

Live theatre can be sublime. One of my all-time favourites is Phantom of the Opera - I travelled the country to see three different productions. Two days from now I am off to see yet another production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Music is an absolute necessity - I am never far from my collection or my iPod. My taste is broad, from the classics, to the popular sixties, seventies, eighties, country, jazz, even some (though limited) heavy metal. If I started dropping names, though invoking many great memories, it would ignore the multitudes of other great talents. I am totally unable to get my head around rap though - I struggle to see it as art. In the modern era, I question the need for singers, with apparently great voices, to electronically alter and synthesise their voices - what's happening here? Am I missing something; am I losing touch? Don't answer that. LOL.

Not always, but occasionally and usually when alone, I like to turn up the volume ....lots and lots. Recently my speakers expired - *sigh* (note to self: please ensure that the new set have excess capacity) Having spoken of upping the volume, to the contrary, there is something lovely about a piano in the background at dinner; even a Spanish guitar - wouldn't you agree?

My food tastes are eclectic, but I have to say I am not big on overly spicy food or great swathes of chili washing through a dish. Genuine (not Westernised) Chinese is a delight, that, along with French and Italian are my favourites. I have to say it's difficult to go past the complete and utter pleasure of the old time Sunday roast with all the trimmings, followed by apple pie and ice-cream. Yes Sir!
Six things I could never do without
Thinking through this, I came to the realisation that if perchance I was forced to live a life without all the 'trappings' of the modern world, I could still find a way in which to be self subsisting and be entirely happy with the very basics of life - even in the wilds. However, I'll submit the following (with no particular priority) .....
My computer - in one way or another my life is entangled in the web and/or excel spreadsheets; having visited some of the most polluted cities of Asia, clean fresh air is an absolute necessity; I could never do without the marvels and beauty of nature; I can never be too far from music, in all its forms (except rap); if I go for more than a couple of days without a glass of milk, I have withdrawal symptoms; the time and the money to afford the extravagances I sometimes crave; my camera is usually not too far away.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When will I meet that 'special' woman, 'the love of my life' - I know she is there; somewhere.
How far to go with the amplifier and speakers in my new sound system.
My next trip to parts undiscovered.
How I might perfect my golf swing.
Where are the active/sporty girls these days?
The next low point in the financial markets - how dull is that eh?
How I must get back to skiing - any like minded souls reading this?
How to capture that 'impossible' photograph.
How can I best make an altruistic gesture and leave an indelible mark of usefulness and goodness on this world.
On a typical Friday night I am
No typical Friday nights for me I'm afraid. I could be out 'playing', sipping a great wine, dining (or both preferably), preparing for the weekend's exploits, ironing or even sorting my sock drawer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You've got to be kidding? If I told, it wouldn't be private; would it? Silly question really. Ok, ok, I'll play a little.

I sometimes will shed a tear or three while watching a movie or listening to a song of love or tragedy. Cue Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years. I just checked YouTube and it's on there. *wipes away tear* Even Dan Fogelberg's Run for the Roses has been known to make me shed a tear. It's on YT as well - such a beautiful song.
You should message me if
You are civil, have grace and an appreciation of manners, are active, love the beauty of nature and the outdoors, would be amenable to travel and would like to meet someone who is entirely genuine.

P.S. There are so many people here who want to participate in interminable email exchanges. Sorry, but that's really not for me. If you contact me and I think it's a distinct possibility that we'll get along, I'll immediately give you my phone no. and invite you to coffee or similar (bring a friend if you like). A much more practical way of getting to know someone I think. Please excuse my boldness, but I really don't have the time nor the inclination for protracted email exchanges which I've found many hide behind while playing some rather silly games.
The two of us