30Shillong, India
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My self-summary
Hi, isn't it weird to write about yourself like this? Like your selling yourself? I heard Irish people are bad at selling themselves, whereas Americans are the opposite!

First of all I'm in a band, why not check us out:
What I’m doing with my life
I've just finished my PhD in theoretical physics, String Theory , and my current ploy for avoiding working for the man has me doing a postdoc in Dundee university on cancer, evolution, epigenetics, aging, that kind of thing.

Hopefully you're thinking "String theory, then aging? They're not related"... Well spotted, indeed, I just switched fields. I used to think that fundamental physics was the most important thing around but now, with all these advances in medicine, I'm thinking, wow, what if aging could be understood and 'cured' , wouldn't that be amazing? Yes Indeed!
I’m really good at
Embodying Peter Pan

and Thai massage!
The first things people usually notice about me
That I don't know how to dance.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh you know, Meyers, James, all the greats, you know... (If you don't get that joke, you're a good person)

I was hopelessly addicted to Game of Thrones for a while, I can't wait for the next book to come out! One of my favourite books is Shogun (James Clavell), although I wonder how it would stand the test of time if I read it now. My actual favourite book is probably Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Films: Pulp Fiction, Pan's Labyrinth, Her. TV shows: Archer, Rick and Morty, other stupid stuff. Music hmm... Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Alt J, The Knife, Future Islands, Van Morrison, The Dead Weather, the list is too long. Food: Sushi, Mexican, Indian, everything... but I'm a salad fiend - I make killer salads!

Let's step outside the box and make our own categories!

Favourite Short Stories:
Isaac Asimov - The last question
On being the right size

Favourite Words:
Perspicacity, vicarious, discombobulated, serendipitous, plateau, kumquat, deleterious, petrichor (because it sounds like the opposite of what it is), niggardly (because it sounds so un-PC even though it's not), effervescent ...
Six things I could never do without
How about in order of what will kill you first: Air, Water, Ability to pee, Sleep, Food, Ability to poo. That was surprisingly horrible...

Alright, on the off chance you're into physics at all, here's the nerdiest answer possible I think: Up and down quarks, electrons, photons, gluons and the Higgs boson. (If you think we can't live without neutrinos or W bosons let me know why :) )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
maybe lyrics for a song, a physics biology problem or how society has changed since the 60s
You should message me if
you've got 10 fingers (give or take one or two I suppose)...

PS I read that it's a good idea for guys to untick the 'casual sex' box no matter what they're looking for! It probably is a good idea to untick it, but I'm gonna leave it ticked here as a testament to my honesty

Favourite Quote: "So you know cats are interesting. They are kind of like girls. If they come and talk to you it's great. But if you try to talk to them it doesn't always go so well." - Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo)
The two of us