29Bel Air, United States
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My self-summary
Well lets see I'm a 25 yr old. who works full time and writes when not working. I take my writing seriously.

I'm a Leo and a Rabbit in astrology,

I am a ISFJ, which means I am a Introvert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging person. I am therefore; Quiet, serious, hard working, down to earth, and a person with a patience for detail... course it also means that i avoid trying to ask for help when i need it, and avoid trouble and conflicts(confrontations).
I have aptitudes for language usage, verbal reasoning and spelling, which i scored in the percentile above 70% of the rest of the population, among being in the top 30 percentile in most other categories tested on.... except mathematics T_T.

I'm dependable, i have an attention to detail, skilled in writing and conveying emotions, and also with visualization (in other words a over active imagination/ or a fancy word for day dreamer.)
I don't like arguments or fights, and rather work things out before its over. I am a good visualizer and day dream things.

I can be dead drop honest, brutally honest. I take my responsibilities seriously. AND yet i am caring person and a good friend to have even if its a pen pal situation ^_^
What I’m doing with my life
Currently i work a mostly full time overnight job. Its stressful and not much fun but its a job... I graduated college with a 2yr degree in History.
I consider writing as a part time job of which i do every day for a minimal hour/ or until i meet a daily requirement.

I’m really good at
Cooking, Martial Arts, remembering History, video games, being Romantic and Loving.
The first things people usually notice about me
My short stature, i am 5'3"-5'4"
Not sure about anything else.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, Macbeth, alot of things from Edgar Allen Poe such as The Fall of the House of Usher & The Masque of the Red Death, Star Wars stories, Sun Tzu's Art of War, Da Vinci Code, What If?, Aquarium Guides, The Unexplained. And also other books mostly dealing with fantasy as well as some horror,

(I actually own all these movies BTW & more)
Action: The Punisher, Under siege I & II, U.S Marshalls, Four Brothers, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Death Race, Die Hard Trilogy, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Escape from L.A, Pathfinder, Matrix Trilogy, Crank, The Road Warrior, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, The Fast and the Furious, Too Fast and Too Furious, First Knight, Gladiator, King Arthur, The Mummy Returns, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Scorpion King, Waist Deep, Terminator Trilogy, Broken Arrow, Smokin' Aces, Hook, The Day After Tomorrow, SWAT, Bad Boys I & II, Blood In Blood Out, Doomsday, Rambo Trilogy, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Golden Eye.

Anime & Cartoons: Complete Gundam Wing series + the Endless Waltz movie, Tenchi Universe Series (season), Complete YuYuHakusho series, AH! my Goddess Season 1, AH! My Buddha DVD’s I & II, Deathnote DVD’s I & II, DBZ seasons 1-4, The Bardock & Trunks Stories, Tree of Might, The Worlds Strongest, and The Deadzone, Complete Black Blood Brothers, Complete CN's Teen Titans Season 1, Shin Chan Complete Seasons I & II, Complete Nick's Invader Zim, Complete Samurai Champloo series, Complete Samurai Seven series, Final Fantasy Advent Children (because it's animeish), and Spongebob Squarepants seasons 1-3 (because he's awesome and I am a dork lol).

Comedy: The Comebacks, Superhero Movie, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Epic Movie, In the Army Now, Office Space, Major Payne, Superbad, Wayne’s World I & II, The Love Guru, Austin Powers Trilogy, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Blades of Glory, Kicking & Screaming, Old School, Semi Pro, Elf, 40yr Old Virgin, Super Troopers, Waiting, Not Another Teen Movie, Date Movie, Scary Movie 1-4, Spaceballs, Dodgeball, Hotfuzz, Shaun of the Dead, The Onion Movie, Family Guy Seasons I & II, Stewie Griffin the Untold Story, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Monty Python; and the Holy Grail, Napoleon Dynomite, Accepted, Addams Family & Addams Family Values, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, Scooby Doo I & II, Dave Chappelle's Show Seasons I & II, Southpark Seasons 1-6, Meet the Spartans, Step Brothers, Van Wilder, Caddyshack.

"Drama": The Shawshank Redemption, Pearl Harbor, Reservoir Dogs, and Jp's King Kong.

Family: Beetlejuice, The Sandlot, MIghty Ducks I & II, and Milo & Otis (my favorite childhood movie that I own).

Fantasy: Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, Harry Potter 1-5, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Day the Earth Stood Still (newer version),
Dungeons Dragons I & II, Constantine, Dragon Heart I & II, Waterworld, and the Brothers Grimm.

"Horror": Jaws, Dawn of the Dead (Original), Deathwatch, and Night of the Living Dead (original).

Martial Arts/Asian Ethnic: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trilogy (the original movies), Warriors of Heaven & Earth, Seven Swords, House of the Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Fearless, Jackie Chan's Drunken Master, Taichi Masters, Who am I. War, Unleashed, Kiss
of the Dragon, Surf Ninjas, Three Ninjas, Romeo Must Die, Black Mask, Shanghai Noon & Knights, The Last Samurai, Elektra, Kill Bill: Volume I & II, Streetfighter (live action movie), The Protector, The One, Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, Fist if Fury, Way of the Dragon, Game of
Death I & II, Serenity, Mortal Combat, Rumble in the Bronx, and the Medallion.

Other: The legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE), The Rock (WWE), Twist of Fate (WWE), (history of) Hell in the Cell (WWE), the Best of RAW(WWE), , Crips & Bloods: Made in America (Documentary), America's Serial Killers:Portraits in Evil (documentary). Japan's War (WWII History Documentary), and First Days of Christianity (Religious Documentary), Haunted Histories Collection I (Dracula, Witches, Voodoo, and Exorcisms[I & II]).

War/Westerns: Red Dawn, Miracle at St. Anna, We Were Soldiers, Enemy at the Gates, Tears of the Sun, Black Hawk Down, A Bridge Too Far, the
Longest Day, Band of Brothers, Master & Commander: Far side of the World, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags of our
Fathers, Silverado, Tombstone, Braveheart (heritage), Patton, The Patriot,

"Vampiric": Blade Trilogy, Ultraviolet, Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, and Van Helsing.

Music: Rock Music, and all facets of rock music( including, hard/soft, southern, classic/indie, orchestra), Metal, Classical, some Rap/ Hip-hop, and some pop. Techno and the like as well , except country i don't like it but there are individual songs that are classified as country.

Food: Italian, some Asian, Hispanic, Individual or fusion food such as German/French/Spanish/Russian.
Six things I could never do without
Good Food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything, and what if's. Such as what if i won the lottery, now wouldn't that be a fun situation!
Also like to sit outside on nice nights and look into the stars.

Despite hating school i do think about it a lot,
Other things include history.
( i have taken 7 history classes and 3 classes i relate to history:
Western Civilization I & II
U.S History I & II
20th Century World History
African-American History
American Ethnic History
Comparative Religion
Art History I
American Art & Architecture (didn't finish)
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping or working on writin. Occasionally I'll go have dinner with a friend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well i am a dork, most private things i like to keep to myself and tell only those worthy or accepting.

Though one of them i would have to say is that i can admit to having read books on relationships and sex as well.
You should message me if
If you like Anime, If you are into cooking, history, martial arts, writing, poetry, or Video games...
The two of us