32Johnson City, United States
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My self-summary
I am six foot three and have hair. Therefore, I am not a bald midget.

My hobbies include writing fiction, trail running, shooting, hiking, photography, sky-diving, carpentry, rock-climbing, electrical work, long distance backpacking, interior design, base jumping, free diving, horse dressage, baking, competitive lumber-jacking, house-hold repairs, graphic design and lying about my hobbies.

If you message me, please put more than "Hi" in the message box! When that's all I see, I feel as though you have no interest in a conversation with me... and being the delicate and unique manly snowflake that I am, that hurts my feelings. All three of them that men are capable of.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm enjoying where life takes me. I've been all over the globe and met fascinating people and tried some truly ridiculous things. It's about eighty percent good to try new things. Twenty percent of the time you're left with a lot of questions about your own intelligence level. A few bruises and a banged up pride are a fair price to pay for a good story and a curiosity indulged. After all not everyone is meant to dune surf.

Eventually I fully intend to take up writing as a largely full time sort of thing and indulge my love of my own voice by teaching.
I’m really good at
Everyone has a gift. A lot of the time I think we just never find it. I found mine in writing. I love to write and I love to study the use of language. I find myself enamored with the ways the English language can been by made to flow... to dance. To imply emotions or sensations through things as subtle as cadence and sentence structure.

However, if I had to say I had a super power, I'd say it was mediocrity. I have never met a single challenge in my life I have not been able to just barely squeak by with middle of the pack results on. It certainly makes for a great deal of fun, being able to badly mangle several foreign languages, declare that your favorite part of running a marathon was the part where you stopped running, and confidently state that you've felt mortal terror every last time you've jumped out of a plane.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've asked around. Apparently that's usually my voice. I'm told I have a nice, deep voice with a bit of a rumble to it sometimes. However, I'm told by those same people that they usually hear my voice before they actually see me.

I suspect they're trying to tell me I might talk a bit much. I would have vastly preferred if they answered with praise for stunning masculinity and remarkable good looks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Book: My Side of the Mountain, a wonderful story I really think every boy should read. If you're a man and you haven't, then you should make up for that error.

Favorite Movie: The Red Violin, I can't recommend this movie enough if you have the time and an interest in history. Ensure you have the subtitles turned on, however, as it crosses through decades and centuries and across several languages over the course of its remarkable story.

Shows: True Detective and Tosh.0, because sometimes you want to be genuinely immersed in spectacular acting and a twisting plot and sometimes you want to stop thinking and giggle like an idiot at amusing stupidity.

Music: Presently I'm enjoying The Builders and The Butchers, Parov Stellar, and Caravan Palace.

Food: A properly crispy on the edges chicken Chimichanga. Though, who could pass on a well made plate of Penne Pasta done so it's actually spicy?
Six things I could never do without
On the very tangible side of things: a supply of books to read, at least a notebook to write in, and space to work out or a bit of physical labor to do.

And in a more general sense, something new to learn, a chance to make a difference even in a small way, and the color green.

That last is not so absurd as it sounds. I've spent months far out of sight of nearly anything but bare earth, dust, and rock. You get to the point that you're just stunned by the beauty of life when you get back and find green everywhere.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways to capture the events around me in words. It's funny enough when a good buddy makes a truly remarkable error in judgement... But it's a lifetime gift to the world if you distill that moment down to just the perfect story.
On a typical Friday night I am
Generally come Friday night, I'm out with my buddies, rehashing the same good old "remember that time" stories and plotting making the next ones. Friday's the day to unwind from the week. Saturday though.. Saturday is for adventures.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once wrote trash romance under a female pen name. I'm both proud and somewhat horrified to say that piece did rather well. And no, I will not tell you what name that was, nor even the title of that grand work.

Suffice to say that it did, in fact, have pirates.
You should message me if
If you have a good sense of humor, a lust for adventure, and a dose of nerdiness. If you love German Board Games, and hikes out into the woods for no better reason than because. If you like a night spent in together laughing at the worst movies netflix has to offer or geeking out in video games... and you love getting out there and trying something wild and new just because you've never done it before.

You should message me if you're a nerd with a zest for real life as well.

I'm frequently away for extended periods for my job. But I always come back with new stories to share and new ideas for adventures. And I frequently return with board games I've found or movies that simply must be seen.

If you're the one to play those games or watch those movies, or the one to go adventuring with me, send me a message!
The two of us