44Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Lover of life...
I love comfort and freedom, being and exploring.

I value the full range of life from the subtle and quiet, to the passionate.

I love it when a man can be present, and take the time to understand me and himself.

I delight in being met by an equal. When a man let's me see the secret sides of him, it can completely open up both of our worlds.

Because it's a crazy beautiful broken world, I love to be protected and protect back.

I revel in a man's differences, and am not ashamed that of course women need men, we all need each other.

Need isn't a dirty word in my book, it's an understanding of how nature made us.

There is nothing more exciting to me than opening to a man through my feminine, and feeling safe to surrender.

Honest men of deep character who are motivated to care for and protect others AND themselves are my favorite.

A man who is committed to being trustworthy, spiritually attuned, AND in touch with his animal self melts me.

The union of instinct and spirit is what I desire.

Raw fresh vanilla & intimate trust building taboo are my favorite flavors.

Rope play that deepens my capacity to receive, surrender, and bond calls to me.

I don't need performance or perfect (and I certainly can't offer them) in relating or intimacy. Presence, openness, and willingness are the qualities I seek.

I resonate most deeply with men who are involved in men's work, psychological, spiritual and social change work.
What I’m doing with my life
I've been a therapist for nearly 20 years. My work is guided by a life long love for the magic of alchemy, transforming shadow into gold. I am as intrigued by the downs as much as the ups, because there's truth, wisdom, and beauty there too. I'm a grounded optimist. I've been doing transformation work for so long that I am free to be creative and playful in how I go about it. It's joyful for me.

I'm passionate about helping people experience trust, love, and pleasure, and I'm passionate about walking the path too.

It gives me great fulfillment to live from a deeply sourced place.
I’m really good at
Bold, fresh, feminine insights.

Depth of perception.

Benevolent leadership.

Once I know and trust a person, an open joyful girlish innocence.

Typologies are like maps, not the actual territory, but helpful. I'm an ENFJ in the Jungian based myers-briggs.
The first things people usually notice about me
I asked my friend to describe me and this is what she said...

"What stands out about you is that you have this sparkling way of relating. You're truly connected, responsive, and expressive. You have a quick dynamic intellect and put ideas together in brilliant new ways. You're truly living what you're talking about."

Honored :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
These days any books that offer liberating insights into our animal natures, our spiritual natures, and the many ways that we are made to bring out the best in each other.

I have a big appetite for learning, and opening up to new understanding.

I love music! Folk music, sexy pop music, soulful sacred music, hip hop, R&B, soul music, classic rock, independent, electronic dance music, and surprising to me, lately some classical.

I love to dance, on my own, with a partner, or for a man who loves to watch ;-)

I get out into beautiful nature with my sweet black trickster dog regularly.

I eat mostly local & organic, lots of plants, and a little bit of ethical animal. I've got a little bit of a hedonist side too, and love doing it in surprisingly healthy ways.

Cooking healthy delicious food together, and making creative conversation...these make everything taste better :-)
Six things I could never do without
Hmm...there aren't any Things I couldn't do without.
There are ways of Being that I couldn't do without...

Truth and laughter!
Intellectually stimulating conversation
Wisdom, in all of it's sacred and profane forms
Love, pleasure, and taboo swirled together
Music and dancing
Adventures in the wild
Art of all kinds, from everyday raw beauty, to fine art.
Deep insights that emerge from surfing sorrow and joy, and discovering the grace in the grit.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Every time I travel I am struck by how much I love Oakland and the Bay Area. I feel blessed to grow in the ways they inspire me.

How to live a fulfilling life with an awake, free, and open heart.

Taboos, which one's to honor, and which one's to break, all for greater love, healing and freedom.

How to create an amazing life at home.

With that said, I'd love a partner in adventuring in the world.

I've traveled to some beautiful places, inner and outer, and am ripe for more.

🐠 Snorkeling off of a tiny island in the Sea of Cortez amidst fluttering schools of rainbow fish.
🌟 Floating in a glowing bioluminesent ocean hotspring on the shores of Baja while gazing at a sea of stars above, like floating in the cosmos.
🐚 Soaking in a local beach hot spring with hundreds of glowing lime green and purple sea anemones blooming on the towering rocks.
🌵 Hiking the wild calm of the canyons of the west. Coral hued hoodoos, etched in lace. A sanctuary of unexpected beauty, in the desert expanse.

Baby, to have or to have not. I would love being a mother. With that said, I want to go on that adventure with the love of my life.

Other things I think about while navigating this crazy modern world...

How can we "Be the change" and live sustainable pleasure, in ways that contribute to a beneficial relationship to each other and nature. We ARE nature after all. I'd love to meet a man who is inspired to walk a healing path, a green path.

You value wisdom in it's reverent and irreverent forms. You're doing work that you feel meant to do; it contributes to people's well being, and supports you back. You're on a wise path, with strength and heart.
On a typical Friday night I am
Chilling out, playing with and going on long nature walks with my puppy, having dinner with a friend, going to shabbat to pray and listen to beautiful music in community, dancing, or going out on a date...
One at a time tho.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Jewish, mindfulness, feminine wisdom, earth based spirituality, the liberating roots of Christianity, Jungian and relational psychology, these all feel like home.

*Raw fresh vanilla* and a streak of *taboo* (for pleasure, growth, intimacy, and healing) are my favorite flavors. I'm a confident feminine feminist in my everyday, and I love to surrender, and sometimes lead in the bedroom in ways that set both people free. Men who have a trustable loving dominant side, and take pleasure in strong women who can reveal their vulnerability, ring my bell.

I don't believe the myth that a long term relationship leads to sexual boredom. Honesty, keeping our fingers on the pulse of desire, taking emotional risks together, learning and growing as a person, challenging our assumptions, learning new ways of expressing and embodying our selves & our erotic selves, this opens up more possibilities than we often dare to hope. Learning how to let ourselves have what we want is the biggest challenge as far as I can see. Navigating our differences with curiosity and the willingness to learn is key. These are my growing edges too, and I want to play on that sexy alive growth edge together.

I want a partnership in which we help each other climb out of the illusion that we have to do it all alone.

I want a partnership that is spacious enough for our autonomy, and intimate enough to tether us with love.

I want a partnership in which we see through our fancy minds, to our true needs, and meet there.

I recently heard that true freedom is being loved well, and that resonated as 100% true.
I want that.
You should message me if
You sense that something both real and magical is possible with me, and want to discover more. You're the kind of guy who would do whatever it takes to create an amazing relationship. You know that love takes time, a genuine desire to see and know each other, honest conversation, the ability to both challenge and support each other, and laugh together. You want to build the kind of trust that has us both feeling grateful for daring to venture into the unknowns of love. You're willing to take the time to get to know me.
The two of us