27 Jonesboro, United States
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My self-summary
Ok here's the deal. I've noticed a lot of you have "looking for relationship" selected. I've also noticed some of you have it in your profile that you're ready to settle down and move forward with that part of your life. If that's true, great. I'm happy for you. If you have all that on your profile and I talk to you and find out you really don't know wtf you want.. GROW UP. It is a cruel game you play. Allowing someone to get attached only to find out YOU are full of shit. It's people like you whom are responsible for heartbreak in this world. All I have to say... IF YOU DON'T KNOW WTF YOU WANT DON'T MESSAGE ME DAMMIT.

I'm not the game, I'm the prize. Don't play me. You win me.

Another update! August 20th! I am excited because my favorite season is approaching. Autumn. It's beautiful. Perfect amount of cool and warm. The leaves are turning beautiful oranges and reds. With just a breeze I can smell the pumpkins, the candy, and my favorite holiday just around the corner! Also, I can't forget my birthday! I'm looking forward to this years Autumn. Yay!

So today is July 8th and by request I am here to inform you that I am awesome. I am not bragging but I'm awesome. I mean, when someone says they MISS your updates it really does give you that warm fuzzy inside that you just love. Since my update is about me I'll inform you how awesomely awesome my life has become. I got a new truck. I got a new pool. I got a new job. I got a new dress. I got some new shoes. I got a new movie. I got a new bed and I got a new grill. All... in one week. How.. awesome.... is that. Wanna know what's best? I got a new realization how much most men are ass holes and most women are ****es... but there are those few who... through their testosterone and estrogen leakage can bring themselves to give a sh*tabout someone else! So for those of you who fall within the equally awesome as me category.... thanks for being the shit!

Update - as of 5/18 or 19 or whatever the hell today is/2012: I have come to this conclusion. I will no longer aim to please, aim to care, aim to give a shit, try my damnedest, go out of my way, do things for YOU, do ANYTHING for you, hold your hand, let you hold mine, kiss you, let you kiss me, be there for you when you're down, get lost in your eyes, rub your back, let you touch me, open myself up to you, let you tell me your secrets, tell you my secrets, let you hug me, or even give you a damn hug, because I KNOW that as soon as I do even ONE of those things you will look at it as an opportunity to play my heart and I'll be nothing more than your pawn. I will not do ANY of this EVER again until you first do it for me. I will NOT be f&$*ed over again. I have left myself open too many times. I do fall easy. That's my flaw. I wont say it's my only flaw but it is a flaw. What really hurts is when you find someone who's unimaginably good to you and then all of a sudden it's just over. They are gone. What is that? If you are uncomfortable with me saying "Hey I hope you've had a good day today." or "I miss you.. you've been on my mind" then don't talk to me. I tend to text A LOT. I don't mean A LOT of people at once I mean if I'm texting you I might just possibly get on your nerves a little bit but you have to understand if I'm actually SERIOUSLY talking to you (and not just a "hey nice to meet you whats up?" text) then I'm not just gonna text once or twice a day. It would also be nice to get the same in return. I will never give again unless I first receive. Here is why..

My heart fell heavy with fear and regret,
for the feelings I had their demise had been met.
My thoughts burned painfully, a laugh in my ear,
yet I shed not a sigh, not a single tear.
I cringed at the smell; my memory of you,
my stomach turned and I knew we were through.
How dare you break me, now watch as I fall,
you ravaged my love, but you can't have it all.
I'll stand up again, strong I will be,
you can't have what life is left in me.
You won't break my soul, my will to survive,
behind these walls my future will thrive.
My guard is up and I'm ready now,
Watch your back, karma's runnin' you down.

My hobbies, my goals, what makes me unique, music? Do you really want to know my favorite music or my goals in life? Well anyway... I do have a few hobbies. I love singing and I love cooking. I am great at it too. I mean whats the point of a hobby if you're no good at it? My goals? Well, I have a few of those too. My biggest goal is to live MY life MY way with no one telling me I am not doing it right. Music? I like everything except thug rap. I wont "pop a cap in your ass" and I wont be "rollin' or hatin'" and you sure as hell aint gonna catch me "ridin' dirty"... As for what sets me apart from the rest... I guess you'll have to decide that for yourself as most everything is matter of opinion anyway. :)

OK... UPDATE - FOR those of yo who say I am unfair for not replying back to your emails... oh well. Who cares?? Look at the name of this website.. if you think I have been unfair or if I hurt your pretty little feelings by telling you that I dont date people 20 years older than me (that's old dnough to be my dad... gross) or if you're too young or that im not attracted to you or even if I simply dont reply.. GET.. OVER.. IT. Shows your maturity level. Yes, I can be picky and choosy. Im on a damn website with 1,000,000,000,000 other men and women playing for a shot in the dark and if by chance you dont spark a light then oh well. Dont see me greiving. So, as I said before. Like the website says.. there are "PLENTY OF FISH" in the sea... or lake... or stream... or wherever the hell you prefer to cast your line so go bait your hook and find one that will bite.

Another Update! - Ok So! I have a question. Why is it some guys can be nice? Sweet? Gentleman!! While others are complete ****holes. Pervs. Yea. I mean seriously.. to the guys who think it's amusing to grab a girls ass (or even slap it), or stare at her boobs. GROW UP. What.. did you just hit puberty or something!? Your a man, or at least that's what you call yourself. IF you want the title of a MAN then act like one. Have some respect.

No.. I will not sleep with you on our first date... or second or third date even. I will sleep with you WHEN I want. IF I want. To be completely honest, half of you would do good to just MEET me. I can't image myself going on a date to a nice restaurant with a guy who looks like he hasn't showered in a week. Brush your hair. Shave more than once a month. I like facial hair but when it's long enough to BRUSH... gross. If you wanna look like a cave man then go be a hermit, don't message me. If your pants don't fit then don't message me. Seriously. I can't stand it when people let their pants hang below their ass. ARE YOU TOO STUPID TO READ THE TAG??? IT DOESN'T FIT. YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.
What I’m doing with my life
Let's talk about that later.
I’m really good at
Singing, Karaoke, Writing, Backroading, Fishin, Grillin, Being outdoors when it isn't too hot.
The first things people usually notice about me
Eyes, Legs, Smile, Attitude,
The six things I could never do without
GOD, my kids, my family, my friends, food, and sex.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Finding a good man.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am usually at home. I wish I weren't.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dunno I think privacy is meant to be privacy for a reason..
You should message me if
You're a country boy, you're a city boy, you can sing, you like fishin, you're handsome, you're sexy, and/or all of the above.