31Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Real quick: I'm polyamorous, which means that I'm a non-monogamous person. I don't really adhere to any principles beyond empathy, honesty and integrity, and I like creating relationship agreements individually between friends and lovers.

The last couple of years have been crazy in all of the ways, which has led to a continually skyrocketing amount of transformation and change in my life. It hasn't all been easy, but it all has been amazing. Currently I'm learning how to define what the core condition of humanity is, what care really means, and aerial acrobatics. It's a pretty fun combination.

There are a few absolutely beautiful creatures in my life that give me an amazing amount of strength, fulfillment and power, both in how I show up and the way that I interact with the world. My relatedness to them creates beautiful space in our lives for growth and joy, and I'm always looking for rock stars to share that with. Maybe you can be one of them!

On a more down to earth level, I do a lot. I am in school pursuing a master's degree. I work grinding flours, acting, and in general enjoying the debauchery of life. Events and the like whenever possible. I'm a Ranger at Burning Man, which means I'm the sober one making sure you drink water when you're loaded in the desert.

As a side note, I'm what you might call queer. I like all kinds of people, though I tend to be attracted more toward femininity, probably 70% to 30%. OKC doesn't really have a Kinsey scale to display all that. And if that doesn't make a lot of sense, I'd be happy to go into more depth with you.

The short version is that I strive to be my highest self, I seek Hedonism as a matter of course, and empathy is my guiding star.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, my life is shifting momentously. I'm going back into school for counseling, going to Burning Man, learning silks and trapeze, exploding on the scene of peoples' lives wherever and whenever I can. I work for a pretty cool company, and I've lost all of my polite manners to Rocky Horror. I rock out tabletop gaming on occasion. I'm a sucker for walls of sound and good shows.

But honestly, a lot of what I'm doing is simply exploring who I am, now that I'm aware of it.

Of course, the truth is that the value of this exploration is not all fun and games, and there are some facets of my life that don't reflect the light quite as brightly as I'd like. I suppose that comes with the territory. As each day passes, I find it easier to accept the flaws that give my life color and depth, shading and clarity, just as the sacred geometry of my soul realigns itself to refract a cacophony of light. If you prefer less poetry, I'm more okay with the fact that I'm as fucked up as the rest of us.

Oh, and I exercise a bit. I'm just ran a 7k, and it was amaaaaaazing! I'm going to go for the 10k in 2015

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like if one day I dropped everything and traveled. Apparently Germany offers free university to Americans.

The New Years Eve thing at the Portland Art Museum is one of my favorite events.

Other times, I have to stop and wonder what my life would be like without so many amazing people in it. Where I would be. Who I would be. Like looking back at the base of a mountain and marveling that you're bloodied, exhausted, and further than you could possibly imagine.
I’m really good at
I'm kinda eclectic in what I know. A lot of my life currently revolves around social justice, fun experiences, and sex-positive/queer politics due to the nature of the people and organizations I'm involved with, but that's only a small bit.

Really, I enjoy talking to people, entertaining them, and making them happy, helping to empower them. Hearing their stories. I've been told I have a way with making people feel welcome and warm. I'll spend an entire night with friends just bullshitting, over a glass of whiskey. I also like to think I'm a fairly good actor, and I really love bicycling. I will never turn down a good electronic show given half a chance.

That aspect of interacting with folk is what makes me want to go into counseling. My nature is to help and heal and empower, but my relationship with my nature has not always been healthy in and of itself. I've learned from that, and it's made connecting to and empowering others such a fulfilling thing for me that I cannot help but consider it more deeply.

By various people, in various situations, I've been told I'm good with my hands.
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh. You can practically hear it anywhere. I've been told I put people at ease, though I'm not really the person to know that, I suppose.

I like questions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: 1984, The Song of Ice and Fire series, Sex and Dawn, The Ethical Slut, Tokyo Vice, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Name of the Wind, Neverwhere, V for Vendetta, Brave New World, A Year in the Streets. I'm always on the look out for stories.
Movies: Das Experiment, Snatch, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clue, Shortbus, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and many, many others.
Music: Don't get me started. Bonobo, Nero, Emancipator, The Raveonettes, Queen, David Bowie, Phutureprimitive, Seven Lions, High Top Kicks, Two Door Cinema Club, Deftones, Massive Attack, She Wants Revenge, Snow Patrol, Devil Makes Three, Flogging Molly, This Will Destroy You, Portishead, Mood Area 52, The Decemberists, The Transplants, Rage Against the Machine, Cat Power, Death Cab for Cutie, Interpol, and Pretty Girls Make Graves, just to name a few.
Food: I like to cook. Breakfast food is one of my favorites, and I only need an excuse to get in the kitchen and cook (Naked, whenever possible).
Six things I could never do without
A future to believe in.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How we communicate. How to love, and what love even means. How the ethics of care determine how we might realign our culture's foundational philosophy. The dreams I have of the things I intend to do. The pretty human sitting next to me on the bus. The right color of make-up to put on. What it means to be truly human.

What it means to be truly happy.
On a typical Friday night I am
Visiting friends or adventuring out and exploring. Working, or Rocky. Attending kinky parties and getting covered in body paint. Dressing up and navigating tight spaces with gyrating bodies in low lit rooms full of high density sound. Using the computer or reading. Intoxicants, if I care to. "Typical" doesn't usually enter the equation here.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm generally pretty open about most things. I find that people who give you shit for who you aren't worth your time. But I also find that most people hold sacred the fact that you are open and vulnerable to them. Check out Brene Brown's TED Talk on the power of vulnerability.
You should message me if
You love terrible puns and fantastic stories; if you're into the whole second coming of the sexual revolution and all the crazy identity and sexuality shit that will undoubtedly follow in its wake. If you're a little bit innocent and you need a freak to feel better about how crazy you want to be. Or hell, if you're just bored at night. It happens to the best of us.
The two of us