84New Brunswick, United States
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My self-summary
Follow my bliss ( j.C. ) Sexy, savy older woman, hitch hiking on the high road-- want to give me a lift??
Creativity is my middle name. I'm an artist/musician/poet who sings a hot love song for a select audience of one and dances in musical arms,as well as energetic, eclectic, adventurous and just plain fun! I'm looking for a guy with some creative interests that we can share as lovers or (see below) or as friends.
At this point I've decided that either age is an illusion -- or I am! Find out for yourself if you dare! Numbers are only a manmade artifact.I've dropped a few years for search purposes and HEDONISTIC IS THE MAGIC WORD!!!
I do need to add that I DON"T DATE 20-30 SOMETHING GUYS - that's too much age and commonality difference.

I just got contacted by a guy who was a conservative, right winger who thought homosexuality was a sin. It's been a while since I've been out in the trenches fighting the right fight - the right to love freely whom ever you love and the right for women to have total control over their own body and eggs who are not yet babies. I've mellowed a bit since the exciting 70's but my views are just as strong and as a free thinking flaming feminist, total liberal, activist goddess, and spiritual woman, believe me when I say that any one who wants to make decisions for other people over how they run their life would not make a good partner or friend for me! I do not have anything in common with or date conservative right wingers!
What I’m doing with my life
I try to get to as many concerts nearby as possible because live music is part of my religion and feeds my soul! More about that but if you're into music starting with contemporary singer/songwriter folk, to blues, soul, vocal jazz, rock and strong beat dance music, plus much more send me some words. I work out regularly with a personal trainer because my motto is "you have to get older but you don't have to get old!" Thank you Conrad - my PT -- another hero is Joseph Campbell who has left so many wonderful teachings behind! He is really worth reading!!
.My friends are all younger and so of course, my lover would need to be the same with similar great energy. It doesn't seem to be that difficult to me because I have a youthful attitude with a bit of hippie and a touch of class. no one believes my age but they do get the attitude!
I love to travel and like to go to the other side of the planet where nothing is the same and I need to confront my ideas of the "right" way to do almost everything. Sri Lanka was my first trip followed by Nepal and Tibet. I come back with new eyes — important for an artist — plus great pictures! IT's hard to find an interesting place these days that is also safe to visit so maybe, when I find a travel companion, I'll visit somewhere in this country or in Canada.
I’m really good at
Creating a wonderful space is second nature to me.My home has lots of my art as well as African art and other objects I've collected. Really good at kissing as well as a few other things .
I was hot into climbing and rappelling until several years ago when I broke my arm (not climbing) and can't anymore. I"m sad about that but can do everything else like kayaking and dancing like nobody is watching! And also, LOVE TO SING and back myself on my guitar I happen to love kids and taught for many years from nursery school sweet ones to teens and have no problem relating.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm short, curvy with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair, a big easy smile and a fun attitude - I like to think they notice my eyes first but probably guys eyes go to my curves and that's life. Certain places have more power to get attention.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Never get enough music - give me more and more - like a 3 day festival and I'm a happy gal! I can't begin to list the different kinds but contemporary singer/songwriter, classic vocal jazz, blues, dance music (love to dance!)and much more -- live, live, live music like Leonard Cohn, Lucinda Williams,Tony Bennett,Black Keys, Ella, Fats, Duke, Tom Waits, M.Ward, Joan! -- I could go on forever! and making some of my own! LIVE MUSIC SHOULD BE IMPORTANT TO YOU SO WE CAN GO HEAR LOTS AND LOTS!! NJ has great venues that are very reasonably priced and it's always a choice unless I'm going to an art cinema for a great film!
Poetry of course and I have lots that I've written over the years, been published and never tire of wonderful works like Rumi!
I'm a voracious reader and always have a book with me especially when I go someplace where I have to wait. I love books about the brain - the last frontier of the unknown, well written sci fi and strong woman mysteries, art, music, theater, and the humanities, Dragon Tattoo series, The Spell of the Sensuous. THe Power of Now, human growth and the science section of the NYTimes. Can't forget PBS but too many loves to list them all! Loving all the arts has no limit!
I'm a film buff and love art, indi, foreign and art cinema films. Love theater in NYC, Lincoln Center. Ethnic food is my favorite - Thai, Malaysian, Sushi and any kind of seafood but love to try new places and new foods as well. Take me someplace I've never been! To the stars maybe? Well I have been to the stars but there are a multitude to pick from. Shall we take a trip to a new planet?
PS. Need to add that I Just got totally blown away by a concert with Willie Nile and his band! They are all excellent with tons of rock and roll energy!!! Don't miss them if you get a chance!!
Six things I could never do without
PEOPLE - The three wonderful beings I have brought to the planet and my friends - wonderful circle!
Hedonism, does it make you tingle?
Creativity in music, art and theater - especially music and playing my guitar (If you play, that's a plus!)
Books -gobble them down
My Native American Cherokee spiritual community
My Co-op community with it's healthy attitude - but still a struggle to keep the doors open.
The words that slide from my fingers and become my poems
Whoops -- forgot to count - got carried away!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Making a difference and what more I can do like being part of George Street Co-op - HEALTH FOOD CO-OP and home for liberal activists! I'm on the Board of Directors and continue to fight the good fight!
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes going out with a friend for dinner and/or live music. We have some wonderful contemporary folk/rock/ blues in NJ. Sometimes they just come over to hang out, share my space and trade words. And after a hectic week, sometimes, I want to be alone -- except for you!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Private is private - why ask?
You should message me if
You are interested in meeting a conscious, youthful and zestful older woman who is energetic, sexy, sensuous and likes the energy of younger men as well as the possibility of being friends.
If you are able to have a deep emotional connection and have good communication skills on all levels.let's talk! NO smokers of any kind of tobacco! PLEASE BE NEAR ENOUGH TO EASILY DRIVE TO SEE ME! I DON'T DO LONG DISTANCE ROMANCE!!
The two of us