32 Guadalajara, Mexico
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My self-summary
Born in Sinaloa, I came to Guadalajara to study, and I stayed for the work, and I haven't left because of the great cultural scene here. Only Mexico city could rival it, but I don't want to live in Mexico city! (Too urban for me!)

Slow to anger, impatient with the willfully ignorant and I am in a perpetual curious state, where I just can't continue my day if I can't figure out the answer to a sudden question on my mind.

I often find myself like I don't belong here in Mexico, I grew up with U.S. friends and grandparents, and I think that could be a reason, still trying to figure this one out. I do not like football.
What I’m doing with my life
Good position at insanely large IT company, where I ensure these guys get filthy rich. Not really my kind of job, but I work with people all around the world, so that makes it interesting! Recently promoted to a much more critical position, developing tools for my org, so I have that going for me.

More than ever I want to move to the U.S., if you're from Austin and you're seeing this, it's because I really want to live in Austin, ya'll seem like really great people and I've been snooping about.
I’m really good at
Cooking for 2 or more! I rarely make complex meals for myself, but it if it's for other people I like to make just about anything. Dishes involving octopus are one of my favorites.

Also videogames! Been my favorite hobby since I was a kid, and I still manage to find some time to play some.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music you say?
Broken Social Scene, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, Björk, Cocteau Twins, Blockhead, Dj Shadow, The Chemical Brothers, Bran Van 3000, Fleet Foxes, Midlake, The Knife, RJD2, Austra, Bonobo, Four Tet, Apostle of Hustle, Daft Punk, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, KC Accidental, Dr Dog, Nortec Collective, Portishead, The Juan Maclean and so much much more, I absolutely love music!

New updated music tastes: Vaporwave, stuff by L'Imperatrice and well just a bunch of random people I find on Soundcloud. Take a gander over here:

Favorite is 28 Days Later, can't get over the photography, music, scenery and my perceived deeper meaning in the movie. I also enjoy some animated films, such as Mind Game and Spirited Away.
Hated Pacific Rim, loved Django. Not really a film buff, but I enjoy them. I also really enjoy Wes Anderson films, they break the norm and are just so much fun to watch!

Shows? Breaking Bad, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, 30 Rock. Almost anything from Cartoon Hangover, their "Manly" short is god damn amazing. Bravest Warriors is great fun too. RICK AND MORTY NEEDS THIRD SEASON NOW.

Books! Finished up ASOIAF, I really like Survivor by Palahniuk, and some Spanish literature by Alvaro de la Iglesia. I've read several classics such as 1984 and to Kill a Mockingbird, but I tend to forget what I've read, which isn't too bad since I can re-read a lot of stuff and enjoy it almost as if it was my first read.

I enjoy almost all food, specially cheese filled ravioli, japanese ramen (The real stuff) and medium-rare red meat steaks. Really enjoy experimenting, I think food is pretty much the best part about travelling!
The six things I could never do without
Sunny days
My music collection
My Family
Drinking water
Tasty new food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The universe, and what life should be about. Is it really about owning a nice house, and a nice car?
On a typical Friday night I am
At a small bar, just having a few beers with friends. If not, I'll be home watching a movie, or playing videogames.

I don't like rowdy places, or "popular" places, where people just go to look at each other and try to prove they're the coolest person there.

I also do enjoy dancing at smaller, less-uptight places, such as El Rey or La Fichera here in Guadalajara.
You should message me if
- You aren't a religious nut, c'mon.
- Videogames are your hobby.
- You enjoy discovering new music.
- Getting married isn't your only ultimate life goal. It's cool if you want to get married, but it shouldn't be your end goal, life is much more than that!