37Durham, United States
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My self-summary
I will always be young. I fill my days with outdoor activity and my soul with good friends. I am confident, independent and adventurous, so I don't like to sit still on the weekends. I run through the park with my hands waving above my head, my dog chasing me, and me chasing him. I jump rocks on the riverbank and play music in the trees. I canoe, dance, and take long drives in the countryside. I potluck with friends, and then we party at a late night show or camp on the beach. The Triangle is full of waterways to explore, music being played outdoors, handcrafted beer and new friends to meet.

I'm not exclusively looking for a partner right now. I'm not opposed to the idea, but feel that it is much more important to take time to become good friends before considering a relationship. I care about a lot of people who are wonderful to spend time with but simply are not prepared for a mature relationship. I am not preoccupied with chasing sex. Don't believe me, and I cannot prove to you something you don't believe in yourself. There are more unique and interesting goals to attain, despite the opinions I hear from other men. If you are a good person, I am interested in finding a weekend square and contra dance partner, or someone who would like to take waltz or salsa classes together. Or perhaps a fisher who would cast from the bow of the canoe I'm paddling. ...A musician or an artist to practice with, or someone to accompany to a play or symphony, or try out a new local restaurant and beer. I have many skills yet to learn and many avenues yet to explore, and hope to always be able to share the things I love with others, and hope they will share the things they love with me.

Long term, if you are interested in a relationship, you must be a strong woman. You must treat yourself with respect and be well rounded. You don't have to maintain an immaculately clean house, but you have to be the type of person who takes initiative to feel good within your own space. You don't have to know how to fix your car, but you can't be afraid to get a little dirt under your nails. You must have some sort of faith in the people of this world, despite how many times you may have been knocked down. You cannot be rescued from one destructive relationship just to jump into another. We have all been hurt by caring for someone who does not care enough about themselves, but you cannot save someone from themselves.

I enjoy the rewards of building with fresh cut lumber and nails, but I also swing a dictionary as freely as a hammer. As often as I find myself looking to see how something is constructed, I've got my head in the book to make sure I spelled all the parts correctly. I'm still a touch unsure about a bit of grammar I used above, but I can't truly value language rules without smashing them once in a while just for fun. I proudly call myself a word-nerd because I revel in the phonetics and use of our rarer bits of language.
What I’m doing with my life
Loving my career restoring family heirlooms, and still making other plans as well. I just got a gig as a ground crew member for a pilot at a hot air balloon festival. I'm looking forward to seeing where that takes me, and someday, I'd like to sail as well.

I don't keep a lot of things. Some of my friends have called me a minimalist. I buy what I need and spend my time doing the things I find truly enjoyable and rewarding, like practicing new skills and spending time with people.

I wonder if, "What I'm doing with my life" is a directional question like, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" If so, I'm not giving the right kind of an answer at all. Really, I smile when I think about that. Time makes for so many moments and opportunities, and wherever I am, I'll be happy. There are so many things in this world to experience, and though I'll never try them all, I don't plan on missing out either.
I’m really good at
Building things, breaking things, fixing things. I enjoy both the problem solving and the tool work that is involved anytime something is being constructed. I'm a very good canoe paddler. I like listening. To people, the wind, the creek, the crickets. Being very still.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm the guy who you see walk in like I own the place. I hop off curbs and do three-quarter turns around the lamp post. I smile at strangers and they greet me warmly. I look up in the rain and into people's eyes when we pass on the street.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a book on household wiring, and another on aviation. The two combined have given me an idea to construct a unique ceiling fan. I'm learning about weather now, and have other technical non-fiction books scattered about on subjects from sailing to genetics to repairing two-stroke engines. I like stories about fathers and their relationships with their kids. I love all kinds of food, with the broad exception of bread. (I know, it makes people sad) Sometimes I just get to eat it anyway.

I go to bluegrass shows in town like the Music on the Lawn and Bynum Front Porch. I listen to someone in every genre of music from electric guitars to the washboard, melodies to maelstrom. This month at the library I found a wonderfully upbeat album from Q-tip and saw a light acoustic guitar duet at a festival and danced until my feet hurt. I like movies that can make me cry. And no, I don't ever sob, just a well placed tear at the right moments.
Six things I could never do without
a hot shower, a bowl of rice, the open sky, something to build, someone I can talk to, and someone who wants me there to listen.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My friends, my family, my favorite cashiers at the store, the people I met once and remember forever, the people I see smiling on the street, the people I miss. I love a lot of people and each one is a legacy to me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Headed to music on the Tobacco District lawn, Speakeasy, Bynum Bridge, Saxapahaw, Woody's, square dancing, potluck dinners, camping, performing at a festival, or just hanging out with my dog. Last weekend I went river rafting with 30 old and brand new friends. Some of them got drunk and floated on fancy tubes. I was the unforgettable sober guy riding an inflatable tiger.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not always comfortable in crowds, so despite all the confidence I exude, if you see me in a busy area full of people, I'm not likely to initiate the conversation. Take a Risk and say, "Hi!"
You should message me if
If, like my photos, you can be goofy and sincere at the same time.

If life is an adventure, and you want to go do a square dance, contra dance, banjo picking, rock jumping, or just in general know how to have fun.

If you climb. Mountains, rocks, trees, etc.

If you expect something special from people because you see the beauty they carry inside. If you communicate your feelings.
The two of us