34Carrboro, United States
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My self-summary
***Update: I'm in a beautiful, amazing, monogamous partnership, and am not interested in making new sexual or romantic connections. Shutting down profile shortly, but tending to loose ends first. Love and blessings to you!!! ***

<3 Passionate, playful, silly, loving, sensual, dedicated. <3

*My profile is long, I know...So, first, a couple notes you might find relevant:

- Location isn't a big thing for me. I travel a lot and I looove connecting with kindred spirits everywhere!

- I use OKC as a means of meeting like-hearted people, not with the primary intention of finding something romantic or sexual (though I'm open and excited for that too). I like connecting with people first on the basis of shared humanness and letting relationships evolve organically.


Now on to the summary...

Life to me is about showing up fully - being in the moment, feeling, growing, learning, and connecting, while also slowing down and enjoying the so-called "small" things and having fun doing it.

I'm known to say "mmmmmmmm" a lot...and "wow" and "yummy." Haha. I'm very expressive, appreciative, and easily impressed with the natural wonders of life. I often say "thank you!" out loud to Life/the Universe/Spirit, in a way that would seem random and even crazy to some people.
What I’m doing with my life
Staying open to limitless possibilities and being continually amazed by what shows up! Loving, laughing, playing, traveling, exploring, learning, trying new things, connecting with people. Doing my best to continually grow and make a positive impact, while also embracing wherever I am at any given moment. I love to socialize and play, and I also cherish quiet time for meditation and reflection.

I LOVE DANCING (especially ecstatic, contact improv, fusion, and blues...recently turned on to zouk), meditating, writing, reading, cooking, walking, snuggling, being with loved ones, practicing yoga, and listening to inspiring talks and recordings. I love being out in nature and I get to the mountains pretty often. I just started CLIMBING and I loooove it! Ooh, and I love AUTHENTIC RELATING/CIRCLING, and I recently started facilitating (see ,

Right now, most of my focused work energy is going into finishing my first book! Other forms my "work" takes: coaching/counseling, speaking/teaching, facilitating Authentic Relating, sensual movement, holistic sexuality, meditation, Yoga Nidra (iRest)...All really based on looooving people and inviting them into presence from a place of curiosity and sensuality.

Exploring, traveling...home is everywhere. (Cali! Ireland! Maui!) It seems I'll be doing a lot more traveling in the next few years and I'm excited to see where that will take me and who I'll connect with along the way! Wow. So many amazing beings out there!!!

I fantasize about living closer to the land, growing most of my own food. I love having my hands in the dirt, my bare feet on the Earth. On one hand, I think I'd eventually like to live on some kind of co-created permaculture homestead, maybe a cooperative community. On the other, I want to remain free for boundless travel and exploration! Both possibilities excite me, maybe they can go together. Right now, I'm feeling grateful and excited about having so much freedom to explore. I'm also OPEN and I'm excited to connect with my partner(s?!) and see what we feel drawn to creating together :)
I’m really good at
Cooking/preparing delicious AND healthy food. 'Holding space' for people, listening, loving, connecting, encouraging; seeing the "silver lining." Seeing the beauty, innocence, potential, and LOVE in others and helping them to see it too.

Hugging - I get lots of comments on this, which feels really sweet! I've been told by many people that I give "the best hugs ever." Awww <3

Dancing like nobody's watching :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically, I would guess height. Other than that, a lot of people tell me that I have a peaceful, soothing presence. I also make a lot of eye contact...and I smile a lot!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Wow...I hardly know where to start with BOOKS. I really enjoy reading (and listening to) things having to do with holistic health, self actualization, "spirituality," etc.. Some of my favorites are Red Hot & Holy, Wild Feminine, The Power of Now, Yoga Nidra, Tao Te Ching, Positivity, Body Learning, The Four Agreements, Eastern Body Western Mind, Dying to be Me, and Women's Anatomy of Arousal.
Some favorite WRITERS/TEACHERS are Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster, Adyashanti, Mooji, Richard Miller, Thick Nhat Hanh, Gangaji, Barbara Fredrickson, Brene Brown, Byron Katie, and Sheri Winston. Mmmm and I swoon for some Hafiz and Rumi!
FOOD is a big focus in my life...
I love healthy food made from high quality ingredients. Mostly organic/sustainable and lots of local/seasonal. Lots of veggies, lots of whole foods. Broadly speaking, some of my favorites are Japanese, Thai, and Indian cuisine...And mmm...YES to fermented foods and green smoothies!

I've experimented a lot with different diets/ways of eating, but have found it's most important to focus on listening to what my body wants at any given time, and being open to that changing, instead of deciding to "be" vegan, paleo, etc.. My morals do have a strong influence on what I eat. That said, I've found that my body/mind has not yet been able to function optimally on a vegan diet and in order to fully honor life and whatever it is I'm here to do, I currently do eat meat, with deep reverence and gratitude for the animals.
I love MUSIC that I can MOVE to...My taste is pretty eclectic, although lately I've been getting more into electronic. I also like listening to traditional flute music, drums, and Kirtan. I've always tended to be mostly drawn to individual songs/pieces and don't usually listen to a lot of music by any one artist, some current favorites are by East Forest, Scott August, Mamuse, Shimshai, The Human Experience, Hang Massive, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia, and Trevor Hall.
I don't have a TV, but I do enjoy watching a good comedy or documentary every once in a while. I'm super picky about what I watch or consume in general.
Six things I could never do without
The amazing beings and energies, known and unknown, who directly and indirectly support me on my path. The many beautiful forms taken by the one Universal Consciousness. Everyone, everything, is ultimately Spirit interacting with Spirit.

Spiritual practice (seeing increasingly that all of life is spiritual
practice, but I also love and value specific practices)

Materially, I'd rather not be without a pen and something to write on. I've also been getting into hooping and playing native flute, so I'd like to have those things around too :).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Nonduality, self-inquiry, general inquiry, awareness, mindfulness (haha...and "not thinking"), Soul work, spirituality (whatever that means ;) ), Universal/evolutionary consciousness, tantra, holistic wellness, embodiment, pleasure, sensuality, Tantra, sacred sexuality, sex positivity, Shiva/Shakti, gender norms, exploring masculine and feminine energies (in myself and others) beyond conditioning, Alexander Technique, anatomy, how amazing bodies are, how amazing life is, new things I want to try (Surfing! Acro yoga!), mindful eating, plant medicine, positive psychology, feeling feelings, sustainability, ecology, relationships and the interconnectedness between everyone and everything, permaculture, synchronicity, authenticity, vulnerability, self actualization, making a positive impact, and how I can best continue to serve. What wants to come through me right now? Oh, and yummy, healthy food :)
On a typical Friday night I am
DANCING. Otherwise, maybe at home reading or listening to a webinar, out at a potluck, cooking, having tea with a friend, star gazing in the mountains...
You should message me if
In general, you take care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit, and yet you don't take yourself or anything else *too* seriously. You are passionate and dedicated to living life fully, authentically, and deeply. You are actualizing what you want in your life. You follow your heart and stay open to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. You are open minded, loving, positive, and comfortable with silence. You enjoy slowing down and savoring, and can also get wild, be playful, and have fun. You value real, deep, authentic communication, truth, and growth.

Bonus points: You love to dance or are at least open to trying.

- As far as romantic relationships go, *age range* is most likely closer to my own age, but I love connecting with kindred spirits of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations, etc.. In general, I am very much attracted to men, but I don't identify as "straight." For me, potential for partnership is based on personal resonance, and I'm open to finding that with anyone.

- Historically, I've leaned strongly towards monogamy and maybe that's what I'll want in the long run. Most recently, I've been loving ethical non-monogamy, exploring new forms of relationships beyond what I ever would have considered in the past, and wow...It feels so powerful and expansive.

For now, what feels most natural is to explore and honor what feels right and nourishing for me and for any given person/people I'm with, letting it all evolve moment by moment, with deep and honest communication and respect, without trying to pre-define or put limitations on what that's supposed to look like. Who knows...that may take the form of me wholeheartedly and enthusiastically being monogamous with one person for the rest of my life...Or maybe not. So, haha...yes, I am open to possibilities! Whatever form my relationships take, I love deeply with the utmost integrity. <3

- I see love and beauty in everyone! My life is also delightfully full and I'm particular about the relationships I spend time cultivating. There's room for more (in varying forms), but generally only if we share enough of the same passion that it feels like a big YES for both of us. You're awesome, whether we resonate with each other or not. :)
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