49 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Let's get the "usual stuff" out of the way first. I get dirty but clean up nice. I breath oxygen. I walk upright (usually) and that opposable thumb comes in handy in my line of work. I've got some gore-tex in my closet somewhere along with a tent and a fly-rod. I use 'em... sometimes, but they're not the focus of my life. I've got great friends that say nice things about me if you ask them. I value them. I love my family. I love my work. I love kids and rarely steal their candy--only the green m&m's. I also value honesty, loyalty, and direct communication.

I am looking for a relationship but I'm not in any hurry to jump into a relationship just for the sake of having one. I am looking forward to meeting some interesting people and making new friends along the way. The right relationship will grow out of that process.

I'm not a very traditional thinking person and at this point trying to start a traditional life would be a bit late anyway. I am most attracted to people who have a new, fresh perspective and who can see the ridiculous as well as the sublime in everyday life. A sense of humor (slightly dark is good) is a must as is the ability to laugh at yourself when caught in the absurd. I can't tell you how many times I've caught myself doing and saying exactly the kind of "nonsense" I used to hear my parents say. Gaaaahhhh!!

I'm sort of a geek. Let's get that out there right now. I love science fiction, comic book movies, fantasy and imagination. I've been to a couple of comicons and marveled at the costumes and how far some people are able to take their vision. I like to read, but that has fallen a bit by the wayside the last few years as my work has kept me extremely busy. I need to re-establish that routine in my life.

I like being out among people and people watching, but not necessarily in loud, crowded clubs. I'm not trying to be a part of any scene. Having a good conversation with a smaller group over dinner is more interesting than being the life of the party.

I also like comedies, good drama, documentaries and I have a soft spot for romantic movies. And, of course, there are the above-mentioned comic book movies.

I work hard and probably more than I should. I'm self-employed and that often means long hours to make sure everything gets done and deadlines are met. I'm a carpenter and remodeling contractor. I'm dirty and dusty and sweaty most of the week. I play volleyball, petanque, and, when my son is around, sometimes Xbox. When I do have some precious free time, I like to get out on my motorcycle or my bicycle. I ski and snowboard, but not as often as I'd like. Typically my free time activities are meeting friends for dinner/drinks, movies, working out or playing volleyball.

I have lived in France and Switzerland and enjoy meeting fellow travelers and people who have an expanded perspective on the world. My music tastes are all over the map. I grew up on classic rock and country music so whenever I hear a twangy guitar or a power chord I get a little shiver. Through the influence of my 13 year old son, I've even let some of the hooks of current pop get a hold of me. If I'm home on a Saturday night, you can bet the Swing Years is on the radio on KUOW. I don't really care what the genre is, music is good.

I'm looking for people with open minds and fresh ideas. The way I figure, it is up to us to make our own life whether it has been done before or not. If it works for us, that's what counts. That said, there is a part of me that still hopes for the clap of thunder and bolt of lighting that will accompany the "woman of my dreams".
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to wrangle what seems like a gazillion loose ends into one coherent whole. But the truth is I think the loose ends might really be more fun.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe a quick workout after work and then a late night happy hour with friends. Or it could just as easily be a movie or who knows. I usually don't know until Friday night rolls around