30Fort Lauderdale, United States
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My self-summary
(I'm slowly updating this, I just ((June 24th)) re-enabled my account)(I'll be honest I'm lazy and not updating this very well)
You can only learn so much about a person by what they type up about themselves you know? Conversation is really the way to go for learning about someone. You may call me Tony, tis my preferred name.

I enjoy spending time with people, but I like being alone as well. Some of the best times I've had have been spent by me and someone else hanging out in the same area but not really interacting in a major way. In an entirely different book though I regularly enjoy being in a group(small group that is) of people doing something, even if it's just simple like eating. I love eating.

A large portion of my life and time is spent in relation to technology, video games, scifi/fantasy fiction in all art forms, and just general geekiness. Also, I like wolves. Oh, and cherries.
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently a Service Center Analyst(IT Tech, helpdesk) working for a hospital system. It's not the worst thing ever and it utilizes some of my skills and allows me to work with people who share some of my interests. I very commonly work 1600 to 030 (4pm to 1230am), so I tend to be up really late even on my days off.

Also I'd like to learn a few other languages, mainly Japanese and Mandarin. I've done some preliminary stuff for Japanese, but I haven't buckled down on it yet. I've been using the Primsuler(I'm positive I spelled that wrong) method, which I like but I just haven't been able to stick with it. I've been very poor at sticking with it by the way, my exercise is going all right though.
I’m really good at
Troubleshooting relative to computers but in almost any problem that comes up with anything. So, life troubleshooter I suppose.

I excel greatly at reading, and I like to think my writing is rather good though my grammar and syntax could use a bit of work. I tend to be better at helping others with their grammar and syntax than my own.
The first things people usually notice about me
Generally I'd say people notice my height, though these days being 6'4" seems to be less of a noticeable thing.

My face, specifically my beard. Maybe my hair or eyes or teeth or something though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't really like to make lists of things that I consider favorite, and I have a picky memory. Often times I will fall in love with something, and completely enjoy it while it is transpiring and for a period after remember it very fondly...and then it will slip from my mind to till it comes up again randomly.

Books: I read a great deal of books, mostly Sci-fi/Fantasy. Some of my favorite authors are JRR Tolkien, David Weber, Eric Flint, George RR Martin, Jeff Wheeler, Jim Butcher, and others. I've got about ∞ books lined up to read right now, I kind of buy books randomly online.

Movies: I can't remember the names of movies for the life of me, and I'm pretty bad at remembering actors as well, but I'll give it a shot. I recently saw the movie Drive and I highly enjoyed that film. I like watching actors like Bruce Willis, or Nicholas Cage, Christian Bale. I'm mostly into action/adventure types of movies, but I really enjoy Mystery movies as well and anything similar to the books I've read. I also watch a lot of terrible movies, or B movies, and I rather enjoy watching old asian movies.

Shows: I'm bad at keeping up with current TV shows, so I try to wait till a show is finished or has several seasons before I get into it. I've seen most of Doctor Who, and I haven't seen the latest season of Supernatural but that's probably my favorite show. I also watch a ton of Cop/Detective/Mystery type shows; Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, stuff like that. Like with movies though, I can be into really bad shows and stuff like what I enjoy reading.

Anime: I watch anime fairly sporadically, but when I do watch it I get pretty caught up in it. Dragon Ball Z, cheesy I know, is likely the first anime I ever saw and something I grew up with. I can actually name my two favorite animes because one I just finished watching and the other I just haven't lost memory of yet: Steins;Gate and Ergo Proxy. I also like things like Durarara and I watch things like Basquash. It's hard to keep track of anime for me, I can't do stuff like Bleach or One Piece that run forever anymore. There's also a lot of terrible anime.

Video Games: I've grown up with video games, and around video games and with the culture of them. They're important to me for the community or certain games and of just gaming in general (though I know it can often times be rather negative) and because of nearly endless enjoyment and stress relief they bring to me. I'm mostly a PC gamer though I've owned or own most of the major consoles. I enjoy mostly RPGs or action/adventure type games, things like Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol, Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Skyrim. In the past I've really gotten into the online community of certain games, like Neverwinter Nights or MMOs like Lineage or WoW. These days however I tend to stay away from MMOs, as I find them to be a money sink and rather unhealthy in that they aren't enjoyable and create more stress rather than relieve. Chances are though, if you name a game I've likely played a bit of it or have heard of it. I named mostly newer things, but a lot of my favorites are older titles like Zelda: A Link to the Past, or Streets of Rage, Sonic & Knuckles, etc. I'm also a rather large supporter of Kickstarter/Independent games.

Music: Music music music, I have a lot of it and accounts with every online streaming system I can think of. I have around 140GBs of music, and who knows how many combined channels/favorited things online. I listen just to about every genre of music, though Electronica and its similar genres along with Metal and its similar genres, tend to be the ones I like the most. I even listen to some rap and country though. More recently some of my most listened to artists are: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Laserhawk, Kidnap & Ransom, Kavinsky, Emilie Autumn, Emancipator, uhhh....and I don't even know who else, Eastern Sun, The Lonely island, Tito Puente, Symphony X, Pain of Solace. Heh I remembered some others. Yeah I forget stuff here too.

Food: Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. I really like eating food. I have a sensitive stomach however, and a lot of food upsets me and I don't even know why. I'm lactose intolerant, eggs don't seem to agree with me, and random things I don't even know. Sometimes I can eat something and I'm fine and I'll eat it another time and die. I can't seem to eat at IHOP without getting sick. While it's unlikely you've heard of it my favorite restaurant was this place called Lonestar, some people say it still exists but not around here it doesn't. I really enjoy cheeseburgers, and cheese fries, but I've got to be careful with them, what with that cheese and all. To be honest though, I'll eat most things at least once, and generally I'll eat anything. I'm fairly agreeable to almost eatery. Ooooh! Cherries! I really really like cherries!

And that's it for here I guess. I think that about covers it no?
Six things I could never do without
I've always wondered at the real original intent of this section. What exactly the end goal for it was. I could obvious list things such as food, water, oxygen, shelter, blah blah blah, however those are things everyone actually needs. I always figured it was more about things that you could actually live without, but that you'd find life to be less worth living without them. So that's how I answer it, in no particular order.

*Love and Friendship (Huuuumans and animals)
*Computers, Internet, Technology
*Cherries (They are delicious)
*Curiosity and Knowledge (Must stimulate my mind)
*The five major senses (Also the other 20+ odd senses)

Yeah, yeah I like that list even though I suppose it's a bit more than six things technically. That's ok though, I think you'll understand it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about fictional characters and worlds that I've created and keep mostly in my mind. I wonder about what they're doing in their lives, how they interact with other people. How I'd interact with them.

In my forays into the internet I also come across all sorts of interesting facts and ideas, and I spend a lot of time wondering about these things.
On a typical Friday night I am
That's hard to say. Sometimes I have the weekends off, sometimes I don't have the weekends off. Either way chances are I'm going to be awake until 5am or so. Usually though I'm just gonna be at home watching something or playing something.

I'm more than willing to go out and do something, but I'm not really a big bar/club guy though.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm willing to admit a lot of things, but I'm not willing to type many of them. I can be a bit unfiltered, but if you ask chances are I'll at least discuss it with you.

As much as I mention how much I like cherries, I don't actually eat cherries that often.
You should message me if
You actually read all that? I don't think I read all that...that would probably explain the grammar errors.

For whatever reason. Maybe you read something you've never heard of that you're interested in, or maybe you have heard of it. Perhaps you took issue or disagree with something I said. You're bored? That's a pretty solid reason. If you want to talk, I like talking so we can do that.

Any reason is a good reason, even if it's a bad reason. Unless it's a really bad reason, than perhaps don't, but no still do it could be interesting.

I'm going to randomly add this down here. My snapchat is Scavar. Let's see if anyone bites. (It's mostly me being a fool)
The two of us