24 Kirkland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm some guy. I have a car, an apartment, a job, and I even do my own laundry. Pretty normal stuff. I write, I game, I joke, and I internet. I do other things too, but not in such appreciable amounts that they deserve mention, given the space I'm working with here. I hear I'm funny, smart, and enjoyable to be around. Or at the very least, not unpleasant to be around.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, I'm attending Bellevue Community College in an attempt to get a transfer degree to something more akin to a "real" college. I also work as an office manager for a local company.

I write a lot, though I rarely finish my projects. I'm currently working on a novel about SPACE things happening in SPACE. Did I mention there would be SPACE?

I also spend much of my free time gaming, whether electronically or manually. Pen-and-papers are a favorite pastime, as are strategy PC games and a fair number of hack-n-slash, shooter, and adventure games.
I’m really good at
Retaining useless information. It's something of a lifelong pursuit of mine to know as many things as possible. I spend way too much time getting lost in the never-ending Matryoshka that is Wikipedia.

Also, I used to play trumpet. Though I'm probably no good at that anymore. Okay, honestly, I was never any good. I got a C in band once. That was the most shameful C I ever received.

I'm told I make the word things sound pretty.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my sense of humor. It's pretty much non-optional for me to make jokes about anything, appropriate or otherwise. I have a silo full of weapons-grade snark.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Aw hell, I hate this part.

Short version: Stuff.

Long version: I like classic sci-fi written by nerds who thought the future of computing lay in really big vacuum tubes (I'm looking at you, Asimov). I also like manifestos written by Dirty Hippies (Heinlein, Hunter Thompson) and anyone who Is So Meta Even This Acronym (Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchet).

As far as movies go, there are too many to even begin to sum them up. Top 5 in no particular order is Empire Strikes Back, Moulin Rouge, Reservoir Dogs, Amedeus, and The Mask. That's a favorites list, not a 'best/greatest movies ever made' kinda list. Attempting that kind of list would make my tear ducts rupture and start spewing blood.

My list of favorite TV shows is mostly a mess of crime procedurals (except NCIS, I don't know why, but I hate that show), Whedon, and a number of shows off the premium channels- Dexter, Game of Thrones (best ever translation of book to screen is the first season of said show) and all that ilk. Oh, also House of Cards and both Avatar series. I also watch anime, but I try to avoid all the shows with uncalled for panty shots, tentacles and creepy incest vibes. Which is surprisingly difficult, so I sometimes wonder if Japan needs new meds.

My taste in music is a convoluted, confused beast. It dabbles in everything from classical to classic rock, Delta Blues to Doo-wop, Prog Rock to Punk. Top 10 artists in no particular order (again. The question "what is your number one favorite artist/song" is just too big a question to answer without, like, a trip to Tibet and some beads) are : Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Beethoven, Vivaldi, CCR, Johnny Cash, Louis Prima, and Led Zeppelin. I'm not putting The Beatles in there because everyone loves the Beatles, so they pretty much go without mention. Except, I just mentioned them, so there's that.

Honestly, that list hurt to write. There are just too many options to choose fairly. Some music I am less of a fan of; most rap, most EDM (though I have that same soft spot for Daft Punk that everyone has), and pretty much all country. Though I've long grown very used to listening to all three, so it's by no means a dealbreaker.

I am not particular about what I eat. I have eaten things I am not proud of. On the other hand, I have eaten things I am quite proud of. I killed a duck and ate it once. It tasted terrible, like a mouthful of dirt, but still. I felt very Highlander-y. Anyway, my point is that I eat most things. Not too big on fish, but I'll eat it.
The six things I could never do without
1) Waking up and then going back to sleep for another hour or two. You get the weirdest, most vivid dreams that way.

2) Hypothetical scenarios, as in sitting around with people and discussing our plans for world domination, or what we would do with a billion dollars. My personal favorite is plotting the perfect murder (FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ONLY, unless Glenn Beck is in town).

3) New words. I like words, they are kind of my thing, but using the same words for an extended period of time gets dull, so new words are required on a semi-regular basis. Some of my favorite words include: scintillate, acrimonious, fungible, and pontificate. Oh, and also "inflammable", because it means the opposite of what it should.

4) Swear words. Slightly different than the above, because I don't learn them so much as stream-of-consciousness create them. When I really get going I'm like if James Joyce and Jackson Pollock had a baby and that baby was raised by wolves that... swear a lot and oh boy this simile has gotten out of hand. My point being, I am an artist who weaves spontaneous tapestries of filth, and I take my curse words real fucking seriously.

5) Wikipedia. I am a knowledge junky, and if I don't get my daily fix of history, art and science then you'll probably find me on a street corner offering blowjobs in exchange for pointless trivia about circuit diagrams.

6) Trees. (Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Know What I Mean?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
High-minded bullshit. "What is the purpose of government? What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? What are my biases and how can I counteract them? What is the meaning of life (funny story, I think I solved this one. Corny as it sounds, I believe the meaning of life is "To appreciate being")? Is God really Dead, or is he just resting, possibly pining for the fjords? What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor EARLY IN THE MORNIN'?"

Sorry, I can't keep the serious face on that long, so sometimes my diatribes digress into Monty Python quotes and referential humor. It's a curse.
On a typical Friday night I am
Contributing to the deforestation of plastic baggies and watching movies. Or possibly writing something. I don't really go out to bars and clubs, mostly because there are no good bars anywhere near me and none of my friends really do the bar and club thing. I have nothing against doing so, it's just usually more hassle than it's worth when I can drink for much cheaper at home and not have to worry about driving.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have an inordinate fear of dying alone (well, I'm pretty damn afraid of dying, but dying alone is just salt in the wound).
You should message me if
You like pina coladas, and taking walks in the... wait, no, that's not right.

If you're opinionated, fun, and sincere, we'll get along swimmingly.