31 Cornelius, United States
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My self-summary
Funny that I'm definitely a talker but find it so hard to put "me" into words! Goodness, let's see where to start...

First stop: I love my Lord - Jesus is my lifelong backbone; always has been, always will be!

Second: I am fiercely loyal to my family (including my puppies, Knox and Kali) and closest friends.

Summing the rest up: I have been fortunate to travel the world some in my life and find other people's cultures absolutely fascinating! I can't wait to take another trip, no matter where it is! I feel I wouldn't exist without sports, so you can imagine my eyes were glued to the TV during the Olympics! I've dabbled in volleyball, basketball, track, softball, racquetball, snowboarding, triathlons, and am currently starting to run again. Maybe thinking a half-marathon is in my future? Whew, scary thought haha...

Continuing on, I went to App State and majored in Exercise Science. After working for 2 years, I pursued a Masters degree at University of Tenn Knoxville in Kinesiology.... all that brought me to the Cornelius location where I currently work as a corrective exercise specialist. I love my job and working one-on-one with people!

I'm such a people-person, its almost ridiculous. I'm not scared to chat with pretty much anyone (within reason, haha)...

I believe smiles are contagious and if you don't have one, I'll give you mine in a heartbeat. :)

I love to laugh - and hope you do too!

I schedule weekends in advance to go camping and hiking. I play on the lake any chance I get. I love to run and bike my dog. I love getting dressed up and going out, but also dressing down and relaxing with a good movie. OOO - movies: Action, comedy and suspense, all the way. None of this girly, make me cry kinda stuff...I wanna be entertained! I love chilling in the hammock on warm, sunny days. I love Italian and Mexican foods but I LIVE for the next chance I get to eat sushi (that's my absolute fav!). I will choose a brownie or cookie over cake ANY day of the week. I prefer spring and summer over winter months. I have also gone on multiple mission trips worldwide!

As for you? I want a man who loves the Lord and is looking to lead his family in a Christian way. He has to make me laugh (which isn't terribly hard), be kind and patient, passionate and thoughtful, mindful of others, fun-loving and wanting a "partner in crime".

I want to find someone who can completely turn my world into something miraculous. I want tell him things I've never been able to share with anyone else and he genuinely wants to know more. I want a man looking to dig deeper - to truly figure out what makes me tick - because I will do the same in return. I want him to share in my excitements and never intentionally hurt my feelings. I want to make lasting memories, living in such a way that makes each day special. I will never get comfortable in a relationship - we would both need to work at keeping "us" fresh! Communication builds trust, although not every conversation needs words.

I want to be put first in someone's life - to have a best friend I can also call my soulmate.

"Anyone you meet is going to have baggage... The TRICK is finding the one you want to unpack it all with." :)

Have a great day!
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My smile :)