37Waterloo, Canada
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My self-summary
I'll try to keep this brief and interesting as there's no reason to give everything away right from the start.

Here's a little about me. I do have a day job but no need to talk about that; after all I wrote I'd like to keep things interesting. But I also have hobbies - the biggest one being woodworking. I have my own shop and I sell items from time to time. I am posting an image of one of my latest commissions just to show what I do. The other hobby is photography (which I haven't done much this year), but I'm going as far as having two good point and shoot cameras vs. a professional one.

I do quite a bit of volunteer work - every year I spend at least a week at the Habitat for Humanity helping the community and building homes for those who need it. It's a great experience and I also pick up skills on how to fix my house in case something breaks. I'm kind of do-it-yourselfer so construction and handy work is something I enjoy. Yes, there are a lot of good uses for my hands ;-). Speaking of which, I'm very physical person so once a connection is established, you'll often times find my hands and/or lips on you. That does not mean to that I'll be attached to you 24/7 - I know every person needs their space.

I enjoy going to concerts and so far I've seen about a dozen of my favourite bands. The music I like is more on the heavier side, but that's just personal preference. I don't look or act the part of 'rock' musicians/followers; I just enjoy the music

I stay physically active in my home gym, the rock climbing gym, or on my bicycle. Mind you I don't want to become the next Mr. Universe, but I like to keep fit and toned so that at least you can have an eye candy to look at ;-). I also eat healthy (may not be organic) and stay away from smoking, drinking, or 'recreational' drugs.

What am I looking for? Well, I'm going to refrain from making any lists. I'm open-minded and I believe every person, whether or not shares interests and views, can help me grow. That being said, I'd prefer to find someone who is fit and taking care of their body, healthy, and stays away from above-mentioned substances.

Well I think this should be enough for now. It all starts with an email, so I'll look for yours and you can look for mine. Bye for now!
What I’m doing with my life
The self summary summiarizes it all :-)
I’m really good at
hmmm... aside from the things that I wrote, I wonder if i should mention...
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile; although my smile comes a little after I warm up to you :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favourite movies that I can watch over again:
- The Odyssey
- Kidnapped
- Pink Panther: shot in the dark
The two of us