33Prattville, United States
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My self-summary
I can't see profile likes and as of 8/9/17 it looks like this site has disabled being able to see if you have visited my profile so I can't see that either! Please send a short message if you are interested!

Anyways I hope you are well! I need to start and say I can't date anyone that is not in the United States. I appreciate the sentimental message though and I hope and pray you find someone that lives at least somewhere so you don't have to travel internationally for a date :)

I wish I could write enough to give you an impression of what I am like. I hope to give you a sense of how I approach life, what I value, and what I wish to accomplish. In my 33 yearsI have learned that my life isn't about me but what I make of it. Most people I am close to would probably say I'm the most easy-going person they know. I'm a firm believer in treating other's how I would like to be treated. I took the Ipersonic test and was labeled the good natured realist. I am basically a harmony addict! LOL

Many times I have more questions than answers. I am far from what would be considered perfect or the ideal man in the world's eyes. I am okay with that! If my goal in life was to be accepted by everyone, I would be as a leaf in a tornado being tossed every which way. I have never met a happy people pleaser. The opinions of others are just that, their opinion. It does not define or shape you unless your concern for it does. I've learned to stand firm in who I am and who God has called me to be. I've also learned that we are living in a love obsessed yet love starved world. My goal is if this online dating or dating in general doesn't pan out well for me, I'm just going to love the people in my life in the best way I can! Life is just too short and the best way to love those is to be KIND. I love kindred spirits ;)

Now you are probably wondering who or what I am looking for! Well I am looking to start as friends first and see where it goes. I am marriage minded so I don't date just because I want to nor am I trying to just have fun time as most guys would try. I'm intentional about it and to get to know you. I don't have a demand list for you as I read on so many ladies profiles (lol) but sometimes you just know if it clicks or not! I'm not looking for a unicorn. I just hope and wish you could be yourself because I can promise that I will be my true self as well!

I am looking for a woman who puts God first in her life. One other quality that both men and women overlook is inquisitiveness. If a guy never asked you questions, would you want to stick around him for very long? I believe that process that develops into intimacy is found on the notion of to know and to be known. Questions are the life blood of a conversation! My question box does run out if questions are not reciprocated and might start feeling like an interrogation :)
What I’m doing with my life
I work in banking and it has definitely been a blessing!

I have a dry sense of humor and I LOVE a play on words. An example would be “the definition of irony is choking on a Life Saver.” Also any of the Chuck Norris jokes, those are a gold mine for a laugh. And I love movie quotes! I automatically laugh when words are merged together :)
I’m really good at
Drawing! I might teach it one day if I start running out of projects, but I am sure enjoying just "doing" for now! I really like working with my hands. My grandfather is in his 80's and he shells TONS of pecans in his cellar with the old time music blaring. It runs in the family :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My steady and good nature demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shows: Seinfeld,The Office, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Hoarders, Animal Hoarders

The Dark Knight, Inception, Equilibrium, No Country for Old Men, The Fountain, As Good as it Gets, Goonies, Teen Wolf, What is Eating Gilbert Grape, Hook, Flight of the Navigator, Titanic, Garden State, Forest Gump, Hitch, Groudhog Day.
Six things I could never do without
-God's mercy and grace
-BHG Blender
-Running shoes
-Texas A&M Football
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can make a positive difference in a person's life. Prayer, different styles of worship, things that close friends are facing, lots of things! Not all at once like ladies do, just one thing at a time ;)

I also like useless facts! Did you know the words "taco cat" spelled backwards is still taco cat? Did you know if a giraffe drank coffee it would be cold by the time it reached it's stomach?
On a typical Friday night I am
Eating Chinese takeout and sitting in front of the tv like a slob. Ok not every weekend don't worry! Just most :) And if you enjoying doing that on occasion, I'd sure welcome a companion! Commentary is the best.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a virgin and plan to stay that way until I get married. I don't expect you to be one but I do want for both of us to respect those boundaries. I believe that it is a wise decision and also believe that God's word says it not as a suggestion but for everybody's protection. I want to display the kind of integrity and character that I wish to find in a man that one day may court my future daughter. There is a notion that "the nice guys finish last" may be true with most of the world. I still know that God always has the right plan for our life if we continually trust Him and the eternal reward for following out that calling (single or married status) will be much more worth than those plans we force on our own will.
You should message me if
I am not looking for the perfect wife. Nobody is perfect! If you are looking for a long lasting relationship and are marriage minded you may have stumbled on the right profile ;)

If anything I said sparks an interest, let me know by sending a small message!
The two of us