50Woodinville, United States
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My self-summary
One of my greatest joys is rediscovering the world through the eyes of my children. Sharing a new wonder with them, seeing their eyes light up as they learn something new helps me feel like a kid again. Encouraging them as they develop their own passions has also helped me understand myself better as well. Going on adventures with them and being spontaneous keeps me feeling young. Now that they are launched I have a new perspective on what being a father really means.

Experiencing wonder and excitement like that by sharing once in a lifetime moments with a lover is what I enjoy most in a relationship. That deep feeling of connection and being part of a team. I'd been single for several years, after a 14 year marriage. I've known commitment and love. Yet these past years have been a wonderful growing experience for me. I've discovered me again, and with plenty_to_share it's a whole new world out there.

I'm enjoying a successful career in the tech industry, getting lucky in the early years has allowed me to take a job I love, with awesome people, and still have time at home.

When we talk you get my undivided attention, that's just basic respect. My girls (ages 20 and 17) are very important to me, I do everything I can to make sure they grow up healthy, happy, and wise. Mostly by example, I keep the "do as I say, not as I do" to a minimum:-) .
A fun weekend is a balance between "me" stuff (fixing something in the garage, yard work) and "we" stuff (cooking an excellent meal together, shopping, exploring on a getaway.) And if I go on a motorcycle ride, you are always invited along.

I've been known to: stop and help strangers along the side of the road. To produce spectacular fireworks displays. To hug someone who is dying. To be known as "tough but fair" to my kids' friends. To help out at parties by washing dishes between courses. To always make the time for parent/teacher conferences and performances. To watch the neighbor's dog.

My perfect match? Knows who she is and is able to share how she feels. Most importantly, the ability to love, and be loved, unconditionally. Someone who enjoys running her fingers through my hair when I'm driving (and enjoys it even more when I return the favor.) Who feels warm and gooey inside from respectful PDAs. I melt being petted by plenty_to_share, and hope you will, too!

Establishing a connection to see if there is a foundation to build a relationship sounds easy, but how do you really know a person if you only see them at their best? Untangle Christmas tree lights with someone, then you'll really get to know them:-)
What I’m doing with my life
Raising my daughters (half time). Working in tech teaching monkeys how to fly. Cycling Kayaking

Getting my ass kicked by P90X

More for the robots: Motorcycle Cycling Wine Foodie Cook Grill Bicycle
I’m really good at
Making my girls laugh. I fear I may be passing on the twisted sense of humor I was gifted with, but I love seeing them smile!

Fixing things. In the garage that is. I have tools to fix tools. Cooking My kitchen knives are wicked sharp (see tools.) Grilling Massage (Giving and receiving) Listening Kissing GGG Following the Campsite Rule

Encouraging my girls to be the best they can be.

I'm very good at many things, and spectacularly awful at others.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm taller than average.

I smile easily and make fun of myself a lot.

I've also heard "biceps" and "butt", but you have to consider the sources...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Foods: Mexican (not from a chain), Asian (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, in that order)

Books: Starting "Sex at Dawn". Just finished "The Fountainhead". Next up: Shantaram (a gift from my youngest). And "The Master and Margarita". Liked "The Hunger Games".
Classics: To Kill a Mockingbird. Atlas Shrugged. A Prayer for Owen Meany. The World is Flat. Quality is Free. The Hobbit. The Tracker. The Legacy of the Heorot. Freakanomics. Friday. Inside Family Therapy. Between Parent and Child. The Five Love Languages.

Shows: Sense8(RIP.) GoT. Good Will Hunting. The Hangover. Blade Runner. Master and Commander. Serenity/Firefly. Contact. Aliens. Shakespeare in Love. Star Wars/Clone Wars. The Princess Bride. 300 (war porn). Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Remains of the Day. The Sound of Music. Lilo and Stitch. Scent of a Woman. Brazil. Glory. Chasing Amy. There's Something About Mary. Gladiator. Fifth Element. The kids introduced me to "The Office".

Last concert attended: Kate Tempest. Ani DiFranco at the Neptune in March. Femmes summer '15. P!nk, a while back. Music-wise it's pretty eclectic, the short list is things I don't have much of: country and rap. The radio is usually tuned to KEXP. Zap Mama. AfroCelt Sound System. The Smiths.
Six things I could never do without
Family, especially my kids.
Seeing that sparkle in your eyes.
I spend a lot of time thinking about different my life might be if I'd known then what I know now. And how I might pass those things along to my kids at the pace that is right for them.

Balance. Achieving it. Realizing it when I have it. Knowing what I need to do to get it back when I lose it. Keeping it.

...shifting away from making my decisions based on thinking, paying attention to how scary it is to rely on my feelings more. Appreciating how much more rewarding that is.
On a typical Friday night I am
Avoiding clothes! (at least, when the kids have other plans!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Craigslist "Best of" is a guilty pleasure.
You should message me if
You think you can keep up.

You're looking to date an attached male, with the safety and comfort that goes with that.

You find plenty_to_share as awesome as I do, and the potential of a triad intrigues you.

You understand the terms GGG and FILF. Enjoy the OCF...

You like a strong arm to hold on to while browsing the fair, or walking past dark alleys at night.

Your love language is touch, acts of service, or quality time. Or have an even appreciation of them all...

You understand what unconditional love really is.

You give more than you take, and enjoy finding balance with partners who can do the same in the ways that you need most.

You enjoy feeling sexy all day.
The two of us