33Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Hi there! Ignore my profile name, as I have been in the Seattle area, and no motivation to change it. Demisexual sapiophile if you had to categorize me.

If I reach out and write you a note up here, it is usually after I read through your profile to see if there is any mutual interests we might share.

I suppose I should get into the details of my pastimes and hobbies: I enjoy movies (comedies mostly), all kinds of music, art, games (from classic board games to computer to pen-and-paper style--sorry, I'm a nerd, though in retrospect I really have nothing to be sorry about), hanging with friends, and starting to enjoy the finer things in life. I try to avoid politics and religious discussion (not that it happens-- avoiding it, that is), and while I enjoy the outdoors, I am just as comfortable staying in for the night. I also participate in some of the local Ren Faires and conventions.
What I’m doing with my life
Before I quit my old job I was on the quick career path to becoming a surly old bastard. That being said, I love the new job I just got and the shift in corporate atmosphere, though once I get past the vetting period, I'll probably be trying to transfer into a department that I am a little more apt in regards to my skill sets.

I'm also doing freelance design work on the side, as I hope to one day continue my preferred career path.

Outside of work and the standard 9-to-5, I'm trying to bone up on my illustration skills, as they've gone to pot over the last few years.
I’m really good at
From what I understand from my friends, I am an awesome cook. Yes, you read correctly; I cook. I also have a sense of humor and some snark, as the above comment implies.

The last meals I made were lasagna, 3-way chili (or spaghetti-chili/Cincinnati Chili, as I've heard it referred to up here), 7-layer bean dip (usually a hit with all my friends whenever I make it-- there are usually no survivors from two cake-pan sized amounts split amongst four-to-six people), Mac & Cheese (no, not the boxed kind), and a few other things that escape me right now.
The first things people usually notice about me
From what I understand. most people are jealous of my hair, as I have been growing it out (it is currently waist-length, but the natural curl keeps it around chest-length). I have had people of all genders and ages riffle through and/or play with it at one point or another.

Additionally, I am rather imposing; I'm 6'2" and a build similar to a linebacker. My friends have described me, once you get past that initial impression, as a fluffy teddy bear. I don't... I don't know how to really respond to that. O.o
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Like I said before, I have a passion for comedies, though the good suspense flick is always up my alley (and by suspense, I do not mean the standard run-of-the-mill hack-and-slash horrors, though anything that has Bruce Campbell is fine). Rom-coms are usually overrated, but I've been known to sit through them.

For music, I pretty much listen to anything. The only exception to this is the newer Rap, "Pop", Christian, Country, or any conglomerate of the prior mentioned in copious quantities. Recently I've been listening to Massive Attack, Clapton, Beck, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Papa Roach, Jimi Hendrix, The White Stripes, The Dubliners, Tool, Sinch, CCR, Smashing Pumpkins, Joplin, The Beatles, Sammy Kaye, Charlotte Church, Simon and Garfunkel, Alice in Chains, Crystal Castles, Gorillaz, The XX, Citizen Cope, Daft Punk, Flobots, Stabbing Westward, Utada Hiraku, Reel Big Fish, Gaelic Storm, Flogging Molly, Carbon Leaf, The Seatbelts, Modest Mouse, Doris Day, Propellarheads, and others, just to give you an idea.

As for food, I am a vegetarian. I'm also *not* one of those freaks that say "Meat is evil!" and force you to order that soyburger. That being said, I can relate, as there are days where even I get tired of salads.

I tend to go through periods of where I have a food binge that I cannot get enough of. The last time yogurt, then macaroni and cheese. Prior to that was avocados. Prior to avocados was stir-fry and noodles. The odd occasion that I have the ability to cook, I torture my masochist roommates with something seasoned with ghost peppers.

For books, I unfortunately haven't had much time to read as of late aside from the stray periodical, due to limited hours outside of work, and college curbing my enthusiasm for reading, recreational or otherwise. My favorite books are usually of the high-fantasy genre or focus studies. I just read through a photography book that my sister gave me. The last actual book I recall reading for leisure was a book focusing on the principles of design through the last fifty years, and prior to that, a book that focused on symbolism and its interpretations through history. Then I was going through A Thousand Nights and a Night, and The Hobbit; before that was C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, and before then was some of the Grimm tales along with a chaser of Poe.
Six things I could never do without
My computer, my internet (for research and the like, as well as the stupid stuff that amuses me on the internet), my graphics programs and utilities (for my freelance work), support from my family (or more to the point, my family)... Hmmmm... What else? I suppose couldn't do without air-- air is important. Food and water could be the last of the six things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
In terms of what I wind up spending the most time thinking about (save the subliminal mental processes of when I actually pass out on my bed) would have to be what the next few years have in store with me. A career-type lifestyle in which I have a set schedule and benefits within my field would be nice, and a pay raise in comparison to what I am currently making would be appreciated as well.

That, and if a semicolon would be a better use than an em-dash in certain sentences, and trying to remember which uncommon homophones I tend to mix up.
On a typical Friday night I am
Finding all the interesting nooks and crannies of the Seattle area. Occasionally I'll make a field day out of Seattle by taking a bus up and exploring.

Which reminds me: if you're ever bored and want to join me, shoot me a message. I usually wind up that way at least once a week (or more). Just be prepared to put some miles on your feet; daily I estimate I walk about five to fifteen miles a day. I'll try to take it easy if you let me know, if you ever decide to tag along.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I admit nothing! :P

Actually, if I had to admit anything on here (as it is fairly public), I suppose I have to pick the occasional fight with my siblings (usually friendly, eg., shorting their sheets, stepping on the back of their shoes while they're walking, innocent teasing, etc). They usually get me back/instigate it, so turnabout is fair play. Plus, I feel it is my obligation as the youngest child.

That, and I would have to say that my ability to form coherent sentences (either typed or vocal) tends to decline in relation to how little energy I have.

As for personal desires... I would have to say that I would like to learn how to play a violin. That, and the more obvious reason (hint: I'm on this site).
You should message me if
First of all, you should know that while I accept pot-smoking, if you absolutely reek of it (as in, I can smell you upwind from a block away), chances are any future in-person meetings will be coincidental.

That being said. you should message me if:

-> You enjoy casual intellectual conversation and not take it too seriously (and possibly some friendly animosity to boot).

-> You know the difference between a homonym and homophone.

-> You feel that women posting duck-face and men posting topless in order to look cool and approachable has the opposite effect.

-> If you think everything you have read so far might even slightly appeal to you.

I may surprise you if you have any doubts. Fair warning though: If I suckered... *ahem* I mean, interested you into dropping me a letter, be prepared for some lengthy conversations. :)
The two of us