46San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an irreverent, sarcastic, genuine, hedonist. I am ambitious, loyal and affectionate. I want a partner I can trade silly banter with as well as have terrific chemistry.

Some of my interests are connecting with interesting and unusual people, twisted senses of humor, motorcycling, nature photography, dancing, singing, cooking, going to awesome restaurants, learning about the world, intellectual discussions, parties, good science fiction, (I have strong opinions on what this entails, although it's easier to describe what it isn't, i.e. the character who can walk through walls via being 'out of phase', but inexplicably doesn't fall through the floor. Oh, and he can still breathe.) I also despise alarm clocks with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns, unless I'm not the one who has to actually get up when it goes off, in which case I couldn't care less.

I'm vaguely disappointed that 'militant pastafarian' is not an option under the religious views section.
What I’m doing with my life
Returning to the vibrant world of salaried employment at a job I kick ass at after a long hiatus of self-employment. Also spending time with friends, helping start a motorcycle club, and doing the odd bit of volunteering with projects I find worthy. Learning some martial arts, and learning some new skills and recipes when the opportunity presents itself. I'm also working hard at getting myself into better shape and learning to eat those... things that grow out of the ground.
I’m really good at
I absolutely rock at being the very corporeal embodiment of humility. That and sarcasm. I'm pretty good at that.

Cooking without recipes, particularly outside with fire. Biting satire, skiing, explaining complex concepts in relateable terms, motorcycle riding, all manner of technical pursuits, using the right word in context, and singing or so I'm told. I've never had the cojones to listen to my singing voice recorded. If it's anything like hearing my own voice on an answering machine I'm sure I'd be traumatized for life.
The first things people usually notice about me
I look clean cut. I'm not, but I can fake it pretty well if I want to. Also that I tend toward being notably quiet. Shortly thereafter they notice that when I do speak up it's usually something unusually perceptive or funny.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Taste What You're Missing, a passionate eater's guide to why good food tastes good. Maccaciavellian Intelligence (a great book on how maccaque monkeys, who are closely related to humans, conduct their social interactions based on evolutionary theory. It turns out they're little bastards. And yes, that title is spelled correctly,) Super Freakonomics, A Brief History of Time, The Selfish Gene, anything by Dave Barry, the Myth series, Heinlein, Asimov, H.P. Lovecraft, and Sun Tzu's "The Art of Dating." I recently discovered the shining joy that is iBooks on my phone, so I'm currently cutting a merciless swath through the sci-fi section of their catalog while huffing and puffing at the gym.

Anything James Bond in particular, and explosion porn generally, although it's nice if the plot isn't TOO mindless. My favorite saying regarding movies is that men prefer movies about many people dying quickly, while women prefer movies about *one* person dying slllooooowly. The original Total Recall The Princess Bride, Groundhog Day, Real Genius, Religulous, Idiocracy, the Avengers, Futurama, Family Guy, The Oblongs, South Park, The Daily Show, Moral Orel, Big Bang Theory, Lucy Daughter of the Devil, Invader Zim, and TED talks on Netflix.

Music-wise, electro-swing is my latest all-time favorite genre, and after a long period of frustration over being unable to find enough albums of it to buy, I'm thrilled to discover it's because there are dozens of hours of it available on free podcasts, thus viciously undercutting the commercial demand. Next problem, I now need more storage on my phone. #firstworldproblems. Chap-hop. Seriously, look it up, you'll be glad you did. The Wet Spots. Again, I recommend a web search. Brian Setzer, The Offspring, Boingo, Pink, Barenaked Ladies, Dave Mathews Band, Eve-6, Garbage, Nine inch Nails, Thomas Dolby, ZZ Top, Eminem, Tom Lehrer, and Frank Sinatra. (Unrelated side note: I think the spell checker should allow for British spellings. I will never de-program my brain from typing favourite instead of favorite.)

Sushi, Vietnamese noodle soup, Pad Thai, Dim-sum, Vindaloo, Spaghetti (I make a killer homemade sauce from scratch), Tacos, Coq-au-vin, Peruvian seafood soups, pupusas, cheesecake, apple fritters. Anything decadent. I love things spicy, crave variety, and am a card-carrying carnivore, although I've had to learn to temper this tendency and cultivate a relationship with salad in hopes of reducing my volumetric displacement. The list of things I don't like is actually considerably shorter, i.e. Haggis, German food, organ meats, overcooked vegetables and boiled meat. I also like to offend as many dietary sensibilities as I can, preferably in one sitting. Can I get the GMO bacon cheese vealburger with a side of foie gras and a poached bald eagle egg please?
Six things I could never do without
My motorcycle, friends, spicy food, and affection. Also a big fan of helpful minions of darkness and the intertubes.

I am discovering that I CAN in fact live without my PlayCube 360, although I'm still prone to occasional relapse.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways to make my life easier or more fun, or preferably both. How to draw a million perfectly concentric circles in a square inch. The nature of intelligence. What I can do to improve my relationship with the rest of my species. Quantum mechanics, chaos theory, cosmology, economics, the interconnectedness of the universe... oh, and sex. That last one seems to come up a lot.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out having fun, dancing, and socializing, watching a show, or attending a party.
You should message me if
You're interested in joining me in my quest for world domination, or you'd like to go on a motorcycle ride up the coast. You get my jokes. You're smart, opinionated, and have a dark sense of humor. You're not a big scaredy-pants.
The two of us