34Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I have been in Seattle for just over a year now. I have really enjoyed exploring the city and the surrounding areas. But there is so much I have not done yet. So, if you have any recommendations for things you think I might like, let me know. I was a non-traditional student at Purdue University. My degree is in biology with a focus on ecology. So, bonus points if you would like to talk about anything related to that. I love animals, reading and music. I am in a long term open relationship with an awesome woman RLizzy (Who has currently disabled her OKCupid profile.) so please factor that in when messaging me. I love to do outdoor activities, I enjoy hiking, bike riding (I recently have become a bike owner again and now have an enormous old person bike that I love.) and camping. I am a member at a local bouldering gym and have really been enjoying it. With my membership I can get two free passes a month for first timers. So, if you have never been to Seattle Bouldering Project and want to try it out let me know. I could use a climbing buddy. I have a disturbingly encyclopedic supply of useless animal facts. The recent highlight of my life was getting to feed archer fish by hand at the Denver Aquarium. It was amazing. If you do not know about archer fish you should Google them right now, or even better we can have coffee and I will tell you of their wonders.
What I’m doing with my life
I was a non-traditional student at Purdue. I took a few years off to work and to get my Indiana residency. In between I worked in a pathology lab so I have many icky stories about that if you like that sort of thing. For example, I once chased a fellow employee with a severed toe. I graduated with my bachelors from the school of science. Right now I am working a not that bad retail job and contemplating going back for a masters degree. Which is becoming more appealing daily.
I’m really good at
I love science, specifically biology and ecology. I do pretty impressive crane and blue footed booby courtship dance. I can be pretty funny even when I am not attempting to be. Playing the mandolin really poorly. I lack almost any inflection so people very rarely can tell when I am making facts up. Which is super exciting when you combine it with my encyclopedic knowledge of animal facts. If I tell you to Google something be mindful. It could range from the amazing to the horrifying. For example, Argentine Lake Duck, Google that one at your own risk. I am also a quite reasonable cook. My food is not that flashy but most of it is pretty solid while being incredibly frugal.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height and my low voice or my awkward dancing depending on the situation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have started re-reading John Steinbeck and forgot how much I love his work. H.P. Lovecraft, I have read pretty much everything he wrote and love it. Good Omens and most other Terry Pratchett books. Catch-22 is my favorite book. I enjoy a lot of fantasy including Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time (Even though Wheel of Time is really not that good.). The only TV shows I watch regularly are "The Daily Show" and "Parks and Recreations".

My music tastes are diverse. Lately I have been switching back between, early 90's rap, David Bowie and Velvet Underground. My current music crush is on Jonelle Monae. Spotify has really ruined me for trying to find interesting new music. I just wait for my music literate friends to recommend new things.

I am bad at watching movies. I have trouble staying engaged in a movie for the full length. I do better if I have something to keep me slightly busy (like making out. ) while watching the movie. I very rarely go to the theater for this reason.
Six things I could never do without
Books, I love to read. Beer, I like good beer with a preference for hoppy beers. Fancy cheese, Fruit, mainly apples and watermelon (I will eat most of a watermelon in one sitting if I am not careful.), the internet and showers.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Strange wandery thoughts about animals.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
No idea, I have very few boundaries so I share most things freely. I do have a weird food progression where my food gets simpler and simpler. I have gone from eating cheese sandwiches to eating mustard on toast occasionally.

I am like a walking sack of "Snapple Facts". I have no idea where I learned most of it and even less idea of why I have retained it.
You should message me if
You want to have a cup of coffee or beer and chat. I will probably be slightly awkward but I am told it can be charming. You would like to do some sort of outdoor activity. You want to talk about animals or science, Or you would just like to hang out and maybe cuddle. I am a fairly epic cuddler and not above a little snuggling.

Or if you want to buy groceries, I will cook you dinner. I am not amazing, but depending on what type of food you like I am not bad.

P.S. I am serious about looking for new friends. If you want to have a friend date just say so!
The two of us