33Waltham, United States
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My self-summary
Thought of the moment: myriad profiles on this site request someone who is, "not afraid," of either risk, or commitment, being themselves, adventure, looking foolish, trying something new, being vulnerable, etc. Why have I seen no one who claims to appreciate the value of a person with the experience to be afraid, but who goes ahead and does these things anyway?

I'm not unique in stating that I hate this part, but I do imagine that I hate it more so than many. I'll aspire to flesh out the gaps over time. My profile reminds me a bit of a long, unfocused first draft, so read what interests you, and you'll probably get a decent idea whether I interest you.

I'm decidedly the nerdy, academic, intellectual type. I'm not militant about it and will have fun hiking, boating, skiing, or attending a football game. You needn't necessarily be a nerd or academic to date or befriend me, but it doesn't bother me that that these descriptors fit me and it shouldn't bother you either.

I'm a dog person. I'm big on animals in general, but dogs especially. Regrettably, I don't currently come home to a canine thanks to the prohibitive cost and availability of a dog-friendly apartment, but there are two English Setters (one with my parents and one with my sister) whom I helped raise from puppies and they certainly respond as though they're my dogs.

I've spent all of my professional life in school, doing research, or working with students who are on the autism spectrum or have related neurobehavioral disorders. I've enjoyed all of these endeavors and intend to get my Ph.D before I end up in my terminal career.

I'm Jewish by upbringing and culture, but not religious. I had an education in Judaism and a Bar-Mitzvah at 13, but I find too many of the religious aspects to be at odds with scientific plausibility and common sense. That said, I am a believer in the tradition or being with my family and celebrating holidays, but as a celebration of family and cultural tradition, not religious doctrine.

I enjoy a lot of the quintessential nerd recreational activities. Dungeons and Dragons, table-top games, various sci-fi and fantasy activities, video games, and construction of elaborate Halloween costumes and contraptions from duct tape and cardboard are all great fun. For more physical recreation, I enjoy hiking, boating (sail, paddle, or motor), and skiing (I never did a lot of racing, but spent years doing handicapped ski instruction). In the winter, I'll head out to play in the snow or go sledding with very little provocation. Wandering around the city on foot can be just as much fun as hiking a trail, given the right company. I'll happily spend hours discussing philosophy, science, possible alternatives to the electoral college, or just about anything that might be the subject of a TED talk. I'm also plenty happy to talk about less serious topics; zombie exit plans, horribly awesome cartoons from the 90's, what constitutes cheating in Draw Something.

I'm told I cook well, especially for a straight male. I enjoy cooking without a recipe because I learn a lot more that way. I've come up with some good stuff and some catastrophic failures and learn from both.

I think I'm a pretty nice guy. I hope I am, anyway, as I try to be. My friends seem to like me, and most of them have pretty decent judgement. They tell me I have a dry sense of humor. I seem to make people laugh. Sometimes it is at a joke, sometimes it is at me. I suppose either works. I'm pretty introverted, but that doesn't mean I don't like people. I'll go out and be social, even when it scares the hell out of me. It would probably help if you are a little more outgoing than I am, but most people are, so that isn't a problem (nor is it a problem if you are also shy).
What I’m doing with my life
Slowly adding to this profile.

I completed my Master's degree in psychology not long ago in a largely research-focused program. I've recently begun working as a counselor at a school for students on the autism spectrum. I spent years before grad school teaching at a similar school with a similar population, so I know that it is something that I enjoy despite the challenges involved. I'm also working on returning to school to complete yet more research and earn my Ph.D. By the time I'm done, I hope to be teaching and researching at a college or university.
I’m really good at
Playing with dogs (you might not think this'd be a skill, but you'd be wrong)
Cooking without a recipe
Duct tape construction
Knowledge of random facts, definitions, and etymology (some friends call me their google)
Working with students on the autism spectrum
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not entirely certain, and suppose it depends upon the setting. I've been told that my speech pattern is pretty distinctive due to diction, lexicon, cadence, voice, etc., so that's a possibility. I often favor shirts with geeky graphics (e.g. ferrous wheel, @@ AT-AT, Admiral Ackbar in a finger trap) so that might be it. When I'm with more extroverted friends, people tend to notice the odd nicknames by which I'm called, or whatever claims about me the friends make. And, of course, people notice my supreme ability to state things concisely and with lack of detail or contingencies.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not good at these lists. It seems that I always notice glaring gaps later, so don't consider any of it exhaustive.

Books: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, The Hobbit, The Time Machine, Catch-22, Edgar Allan Poe (I rarely read visually for fun these days, as podcasts and audiobooks are much easier to utilize while driving or washing dishes, and academic journals require plenty of reading).

Movies: Blazing Saddles, The Princess Bride, The Triplets of Belleville, Star Wars Trilogy, The Wall, Groundhog Day

Shows (TV): Scrubs, The Newsroom, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Boardwalk Empire, Eureka, How I Met Your Mother, Firefly, Sports Night, Futurama, Family Guy, Star Trek TNG, Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Shows (Radio): Radio Lab, Wait, wait... don't tell me, This American Life, Car Talk, The Moth, Selected Shorts (I'm somewhat an NPR junkie. I listen largely via podcast.)

Music: Pink Floyd, The Pillows, Jimmy Buffet, Blues Traveler, The Seatbelts, The Minibosses, Green Onions, Clair de Lune, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Belleville Rendez-vous, Still Alive

Food: My rule of thumb is that I'll try anything at least once as long as it doesn't pose a significant threat of harming me and it can't walk off of my plate. Raw meat doesn't bother (just the opposite) me but live is still a bit too much. As far as favorite food type, it depends upon my mood, but often Sushi/Japanese, Indian, Thai, Greek, Itallian, Seafood, steakhouse. Generally I'd prefer local places over chains; Waltham has a lot of family owned Mexican/Guatemalan restaurants, so you won't tend to find me at Margaritas unless my friends want to go there. A decent share of my own cooking tends toward east and southeast Asian in style.
Six things I could never do without
Ignoring the actual physical neccecities of human life:
Access to informational databases
Duct tape
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Etymology / philology
Random mathematical and logical quandaries
New things I learn from NPR
New or altered dishes to cook
Apparently, not what to put in an online profile; I swear I should have more to put here
On a typical Friday night I am
Given my choice, I'd probably be playing games, watching a movie, or having a good conversation in someone's living room (where the volume is such that I can actually hear them). If the only way to see my friends is by attending a party or visiting a bar, I'll make the best of it. I'm not averse to spending a quiet evening in, either.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit not something I'll write here. As for something I will admit here: My worry over potential chiding from friends who may find this profile gave me significant pause in creating it.
You should message me if
You've something to say that is kind or constructive
You're happy to date a nerd or intellectual
You want me to meet your dog
It suits you to do so
The two of us