33Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Hello! Thanks for stopping by my page. Apparently they weren't exaggerating about updating your profile consistently. I guess I have to get in the habit to do it. Which I found out that there's an elaboration when it comes to leaving a little mystery on profiles (men specifically); that it doesn't work out, nobody replies basically. So if I had to break it down even more that I'm an outgoing person, funny, down-to-earth, harder worker, and passionate for everything I do (which are all true)... I would talk a little bit about my tendencies/personality.
* having a big heart
* being active is recommended, so working-out/staying in shape overall is a must for me.
* I will go with you on the dancefloor if no one is dancing yet.
* Versatile: I don't have any preferences in anything.. foods, concerts, events/venues, etc. I like to keep an open-mind.
* having fun with accents during a whole conversation.
* suck in my pride and still be cordial if anybody in your group or family dislikes me. I doubt it would happen (just in case) because I can get along with mostly anyone. I try to see the good in people.

I'm aware of all the I's on my profile, it really is hard talking about myself with a almost complete profile view.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm career-orientated, I have goals in life. I work in a firm, not a Law firm but a business one in the Chicago area. I definitely thinking about getting my Master's degree in the future. Successful is what I see no matter what it takes. I'm motivated to live my life to it's potential, because I know I can do great things. I work hard, I'm focus and driven.
I’m really good at
* Thinking out the box.
* Making people laugh
* Speaking with different accents.
* Being mediator
* Giving space.. I have my space and you have yours. Try not to be clingy. I like to be fair.
* Dancing, yes I have rhythm.
The first things people usually notice about me
- easy to talk to.
- down-to-earth
- making rhetorical sarcasm remarks.
- that I have over 100 phrases that I made up that are catchy.
- really fun to be around
- that I've been mistaken with every nationality you can think of.
- that I can really dance, I don't think that sounds cocky, I'm just being modest. If you're a good dancer too then it's beautiful to watch. That's what I hear.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- I like to read news, fiction, nonfiction books.
- I'm also into graphic novels
- I like to read, but it might take me awhile to have a book to consider it my favorite

- This is more complex, I could think of over 40 movies, breaking it down to 10 and still think twice of my top 10

- Music plays a role in my life, that's why it's challenging to really make a list out of it
- I love music, and all genres, I'm versatile with music seriously, play it and I'll listen to it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-- To be open to everything and not close-minded and to see it as more as an experience because you only live once.
-- how life plays out when you change the outcome of it.
-- Making myself a better person each day, sounds corny but true. I'm doing a good job.
-- When I accomplish my goals in the future. When my next trip is going to be. Um...
On a typical Friday night I am
- Going to events and venues
- live bands
- watch sports games
- Hanging out with friends/ sometimes with the family/relatives
- Seeing a movie
- I love to travel occasionally, so there might be weekend trips.
- Staying in and enjoy the relaxation of preparation for the next day.
- I'm usually up for anything
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
On this site. Just know that, I actually take the time to read your profile...from top, to all the way to the bottom, that's if it's a [complete profile]. An empty profile or just three words on your Self-summary isn't going to cut it either. Try to have two sentences, at least!
You should message me if
* You enjoy outdoor activities like me.
* You intent on meeting people on here also, I don't feel like being pen pals only.
* You are willing to not assume anything opposing yet on my profile, I do better in person.
* You're not bratty/close-minded
* You actually respond to your messages with courtesy bad or good, it's rude to not answer at all.
* You have a sense of humor.
* certain concerts you want to invite me to.
* You can keep up because I will CHALLENGE you!!
The two of us