38Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm naturally a polyamorous person, although historically I tend to be perfectly happy with only one partner, and enjoy my partner having connections with others. I’m always willing to chat with new people, so feel free to send me a message anytime.

I’m a very creative person, with more projects than I normally can keep up with. I like being spontaneous and adventurous. I have been told that I am an affection junkie, and that I could be classified as a puppy. I generally think of myself more as a cat though. :) I love the outdoors (when it’s not unbearably hot), building things, and playing or working on computers. I love to cook, in fact I catered a few small events like a close friend's wedding a while back.

Most might say I'm an eccentric, but they'd be telling you this with a smile on their face. I’m fascinated by the Victorian and gothic costume and architectural styles. I’m definitely a geek; I play both computer and tabletop games, and I enjoy Costuming and renaissance festivals.

Lately, I've been trying to expand my social life. I was a member of the Austin “Burner" community, and really miss going to"Flipside"; I've met a lot of awesome people through them. Through my before-mentioned cooking skills I have competed in several CookOffs, and my Vegan chili, and Vegan Grilled cheese sandwich entries were well received by even the carnivores of the group.

I’m generally a romantic spirit, with a large cuddle streak. However I tend to fail at making cuddles happen by waiting for the perfect time, or perfect place for it far too often. feel free to ask me anything if you catch me online.


OK. Enough of the usual stuff. Here's the deal. My name's Rob and I'm helping my best friend edit his entry because he's too modest for his own good. Put frankly, he's the most creative and awesome friend I've ever had. He constantly puts his friends and loved ones before himself, and I'm constantly impressed with his still child-like amazement at the world he lives in. He's been through so much crap in his life that would leave most people jaded, unhappy, and overly-sardonic. But instead he's optimistic, always smiling, and so creative and constantly makes the days of those arounhd him seem immensely brighter. He doesn't let the judgements of the world keep him from trying that which he's passionate about. To know Connon is to have a better life. It's that simple.

I am Smart, Creative, and Affectionate
What I’m doing with my life
I have been a gypsy in Portland for a little over 5 years now, It's been challenging at times. I recently purchased and moved onto a 29' boat out on the Willamette river. I guess that I am now officially a captain? I have a few projects I have been thinking up. Those projects include building a Pirate ship (full size with 2 masts!), and designing and building a working replica of the M1-abrams battle tank for Burning Man, Also in the future I plan on opening a business starting with a coffee shop/gaming store and possibly a full restaurant after that. Currently though I'm attending PSU trying to complete my mechanical engineering degree.

Ok. Rob again.

To top his aspirations off, he's constantly helping others out of jams, playing roleplaying games, helping my sorry butt fix my computer, cooking massive feasts for as many people as he can surround himself with...and I hear he gives a mean table dance... (totally expecting him to edit that part out...makes him blush)

{edit} from shadow_nite2: I made this open to my friends so people could edit as they see fit. If they're not altering the truth, and if they know me well enough to add info, then I'm going to post it. that means no matter how embarrassing it may be it will be available. However i think rob may be giving me too much credit on some of these entries.
I’m really good at
Everyone tells me that I can cook very well. I'm a pretty good technician, whether it be automotive, computer, or electronic. Creatively, I like to make costumes of various sorts. From Aliens and Predators to Stormtroopers and Knights armor and weapons, I like making them as close to the original as possible. I even recently Smithed a high carbon steel sword (Deathless) for a friends Thorin Oakenshield cosplay.

Enter Rob...

Did I mention the table dances?

Enter his friend Vasa...

Yes, the man does a fantastically obscene striptease.
The first things people usually notice about me
People usually notice that I am pretty eccentric; I don’t like conforming to the norms of society very much. Many times you’ll find me dressed in cloaks or kilts, and I decorate my vehicles as pieces of art. And I occasionally throw on some temporary tattoos or makeup.

And Rob says... If you don't notice me, you're a bit blind as well, as I'm pretty tall, and have a naturally balding head.

Let's not forget the snoring. Glaciers have begun flowing differently because of the man's snoring!

{edit} from Shadow_nite2 I am trying to get the snoring fixed, but doctors are expensive :(
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite movies are Star wars, Labyrinth, Equilibrium, The Dark Crystal, The Matrix series, Underworld, Helsing Series, Appleseed, Brotherhood of the wolf, Hero, Alien series, Interview with a vampire, Blade series, and The Last Samurai to name a few.
I don’t read that often, but when I do I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy novels. I have read some of the Dragonlance series, and quite a bit of StarWars fan fiction, and have been recently hooked on the Dresden files.

As far as music goes I'm pretty broad in my selections. I enjoy things I can sing to most of the time like, 80’s and early 90’s songs. I also enjoy some heavier alternative, techno, and metal beats that I can really get my blood pumping to. But sometimes I want to relax with some nice Bach, Beethoven, or any number of other timeless classical pieces. Truly the only music I have problems listening to is many of the modern rap and R&B songs. lately my band preferences have consisted of: Muse, Lady Gaga,The Killers, Ke$haVoltare, Marylin Manson, Bassnectar, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Nickleback, David Bowie, Outkaste, Bach, Mozart, 3 Doors down, Bowling for soup, Barenaked Ladies, Black Eyed Peas, Cruxshadows, Tool, The White Stripes, and VNV nation

I love to cook, especially Japanese, Italian, and western European foods.

Enter Vasa again...

Really, he's also enjoyed every indie comedy/classic movie/romantic comedy that I've showed him. He just hardly ever picks something out himself that isn't a sci-fi/fantasy or action movie. And he's a total sucker for tear-jerkers.
Six things I could never do without
If I had to only pick 6, first would be affection, then friends and family only come second by a hair, My internet enabled PC falls about three, My cooking utensils, Although most gamers will say this is blasphemy my dice have to fall into #5, And recently I have become attached to my Android phone.

Rob says:

6 - creativity 5 - My friends 4 - shiny things 3 - spell check 2 - mom 1 - Rob's genius!!!!1111
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I do a lot of technical planning in my mind for my numerous projects. I also spend allot of time thinking about philosophy. But other than that my mind is generally a flurry of random clippits of information, I am pretty free thinking and open to allot of things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately I can be found doing homework, or doing maintenance on my boat. I do some work with circus related projects on the side, hence I end up some pretty strange partys.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a pretty big attraction to the Anime style Catgirl art.

Edit from Rob:

I really do give good table dances...once I've had a few...
You should message me if
If you would like someone interesting to chat with, to hang out with, or to cuddle with. I'm also pretty good to talk to if you need someone do discuss costume or project planning.

Per Rob....

If you want to better you life.
The two of us