40Corvallis, United States
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My self-summary
I suppose I would characterize myself as some sort of deviant intellectual.

I say deviant because I have always felt just a little out of kilter with the rest of humanity for all that I am essentially motivated by the same desires as anyone else. I find that I empathize most strongly with those who have experienced some unique personal challenge or trauma. I have a certain disdain for social constructions such as dress codes, gender roles, common conceptions of an individual's beauty or lack thereof and the like. Needless to say, if you are an individual who aspires to 'normality' I am probably not the gentleman for you :)

I say intellectual not so much because I imagine myself to be particularly erudite but because I try to analyze, understand, and evaluate anything and everything. Possibly as a form of escapism on occasion...

I like to collect moments of beauty, cuteness, whimsy, or poignancy. For example: One time as I was walking in a park, I passed three children who appeared very much to be siblings. The first one, a strapping young gentleman of perhaps some 8 years ran right on by me. The second, a young lady of nearly the same age, was making some odd bouncing jumps. She explained as if the question were plainly obvious "I am NOT skipping. Or jumping. I am PRANCING." As she passed by, the third, a young lady of maybe 4 years waddled as fast she could in the rear, pleading "Walk, walk!"

I've got a big soft heart that gets bruised pretty regularly. gets used to. I generally feel better about myself (and life in general) when I feel like I've had a positive affect on someone's life.
What I’m doing with my life
Studying to become a nurse. Looking for a few more fellow deviants who have not been beat down. And who maybe have a bit of time to spare. Trying to maintain sanity, life, and liberty in a world filled with insane, ignorant, emotionally unstable people.

I am happily seeking new experiences, friends, activity partners, acquaintances, even lovers...but I AM ultimately in search of a passionate, lasting, stable relationship. The sort of thing where one is joined at the hip to another human being - capable of anticipating and finishing sentences. I hope to be someone's Everything. (Though never at the cost of stifling independent thought, personal hobbies, time, or friendships/confidants outside the relationship; that is neither healthy nor fulfilling for any involved). I don't buy into concepts such as fate, soulmates, or some ephemeral rare or unique individual that somehow complements me out of all the seething masses. Though experience suggests that there are certainly hordes of individuals with whom I am incapable or uninterested in maintaining even a simple friendship; and no doubt vise versa. I think people develop this sort of relationship through intent and hard work - by devoting time toward another's benefit, by making an effort to learn about another individual's specific tastes, truths, interests, insecurities. By making an effort to -develop- common interests. I'm happily willing to put in that effort. Are you?
I’m really good at
Getting little folk to fall asleep.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really haven't the faintest idea. And I think I prefer it that way. I think people are different enough to fixate upon any number of bizarre characteristics.

Some possibilities: Oddly inflected speech, vocabulary, thinning scalp (Ahem: I'm BALDING, damn it), my second pair of arms...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Tortilla Flat, Song of Ice and Fire (series), Bridge of Birds, Perdido Street Station, The Ill-Made Mute, The Grapes of Wrath to name a few.

Film: Amelie, Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, The English Patient, The Third Man (best movie ending of all time, IMO), Hot Fuzz

Music: Tom Waits, Beck, The Dubliners, The Beatles

Food: Calzones, curry, assorted asian dishes; foie gras, various sour and gooey cheeses, tart fruit, spiced cookies and sweets.

Tend not to watch TV
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- Love. Or more particularly at the moment, loneliness :(
- Strategies for assorted goals
- People. Please note: I'm endlessly fascinated as to how people see themselves and the world. This results in me looking at and reading a lot of profiles. And returning to read again. This does NOT mean that I'm stalking you. Or even interested in a romantic sense.
- Sex. Hey there, I'm a guy (or perhaps I should say human) :) It's not the entire focus of my existence and no, I am NOT secretly looking for some sort of one-night stand or casual encounter; but to deny this would be dishonest.
- Schemes for drawing laughter out of my young niece and nephew.
- The things nobody is talking about
- Just about everything else, given sufficient time
On a typical Friday night I am
Roleplaying. I have a standing gaming night / group potluck arrangement with a number of friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That depends entirely upon audience. To you, fair reader, I admit NOTHING!
You should message me if need someone to bounce some thoughts off of; if you have some bizarre scheme of an adventure in mind and need experimental subjects; or are willing to subject yourself to my own.

(Idea #725-A: Convince a complete stranger to accompany me on a day trip up to Woodburn to search for latin cuisine. Hopefully one who, like myself, is completely unfamiliar with the geography of said town)
The two of us