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My self-summary
Y'know, I wrote all of this stuff before, thinking I had a pretty good idea of what About Me was all about. I've thought it over a few weeks now, and I've got a better handle on it...

I don't know much about me...

Now ladies (and gentleman who may be pondering), I know most people will say that's a bad thing to put in a profile. Well, EVERYBODY asks for honesty, so that's what I'm giving them.

Here's what I know about me: I'm 6 foot tall, almost EXACTLY, my weight varies from 160-180 lbs, depending on activity and how many burgers I've had in a given month (I've also discovered I still have a metabolism similar to a hummingbird, or more likely a hyperactive bullfinch; I've gotten older.)

I am African American, I am most comfortable when referred to as black and will laugh out loud at anyone who takes that too seriously. I'm a child of the 70's, 80's and 90's and it shows. My father calls me a hippie, but he's biased. I am most proud of the fact that my fearless daughter, without coercion, really digs the fact that I am her dad (tear-jerker story, but It makes my life worthwhile!)... she keeps my heart a'glowin...

I'm a people person. I love the arts, particularly theater and music. I am caring and thoughtful, considerate to a fault... I ride a motor scooter for fun and optimized profit. I build things, program things, repair things, and hack things. I am a natural troubleshooter, and a patient listener if I haven't had too much coffee. I have been known to be the guy who'll reach down into the deepest, darkest hole and snatch you from the brink of oblivion, just because you whispered "help".

Well you may say "Wow, he seems to know himself pretty well!"... Heh... yeah...well...

Maybe I should clarify my above statement: I'm trying to re-learn me. I'm a compassionate and caring person, considerate and thoughtful who's passion has dwindled due to following the path that certain people have suggested I take. I followed that path and failed again and again. To my surprise, I've begun to realize that my passion IS my path and everything else I need to function depends on that passion..

...But, you folks already knew how that works, right?

So I'm on here with the intent of igniting said passion, stoking my fire through meeting new people. A romantic relationship isn't what I'm chasing, but I find it, so be it.

SO I call out to you, you thinkers and dreamers and heartfelt souls, gamers and geeks and romantics, storytellers and poets. Help me re-ignite the fires that proved to me that this world is just and true and worthy! (yeah that was a bit over the top, but you get the picture...)

And who knows? With all this passion for life we just may get a good bonfire going and really have a good time!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now concentrating on knowledge expansion but I've also been trying to keep my eyes open for stage work, as it would allow me to take advantage of my late hour availability in most cases. I'm also looking for an excuse to play Magic the Gathering again. EDIT: Am now officially doing stagehand work!
I’m really good at
Understanding anything computer based and thinking on my feet. I have never bought a retail computer, I've always built them. I worked as a Failure Analysis Technician for a a while, troubleshooting Apple and HP repair issues. I performed Technical Support duties for a Cellphone provider for several years as well, troubleshooting Smartphone and Network problems. I love to sing, though I'm not nearly as good as I once was. I'm pretty good at figuring out just about anything, which was a handy skill to have during my stagehand days. When in front of the curtain, my ability to think on my feet led me to the reputation of being unbreakable onstage.
The first things people usually notice about me
My accent or lack thereof. I've been accused of being from the west coast, the east coast, Britain, and other random places. People are always surprised when I tell them I was born in North Houston and raised beside the bay. Admittedly, my accent will tend to change depending on who I'm talking to: The stronger their accent, the stronger mine becomes. NOTE: It can take up to 3 days for me to shake a Jamaican accent, so I apologize in advance If it bothers you..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This part is a mess. It's going to be and that's fine..

Favorite Books:
The Space Odyssey series by Arthur C. Clark
The Wicked series by Gregory Maguire
Nearly anything by Stephen King (11/22/69 is a wonderful ride, pick it up!)
I'm a huge fan of graphic novels, The Watchman, ANYTHING by Frank Miller.

Movies and TV:

I mentioned earlier, comic book movies, bad or good, are an obsession.

Science Fiction films:
The Classics (Forbidden Planet, 2001, 2010, Alien,Total Recall, Tron Classic), more modern (The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, Transformers, Total Recall remake, The Matrix Trilogy, Tron Legacy), Anything in between (Star Wars and Star Trek)

Mind Thrillers:
(Bedroom Window, Vertigo, Inception, and many many more)

I prefer my horror to be rather subtle (Night of the Living Dead Classic) rather than be full of blood and gore, though I do enjoy Grindhouse style blood and gore as long as there's humor to temper it...

Blazing Saddles (or anything by Mel Brooks, generally), Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers, Ted (I so love that movie), Adam Sandler movies (though I wasn't very big on You Don't Mess with the Zohan), Friday (the first one, the others are missing a little too much Tucker).. But I will give any comedy a chance.

Yes. I love musicals. Little Shop Of Horrors. South Pacific. Singin' in the Rain. Even the obscure and forgotten ones like Finian's Rainbow. Note: I WILL see Les Misérables before it leaves the theater. Love em.

Oh, and Cartoons.. I love cartoons. I'm a study of Cartoon Directors, Animators, Studios, Voice actors. I love em. If I'm not watching television, Cartoon Network or Boomerang are on as white noise. When not on cartoons, my cable box is locked onto the Science Channel. If a marathon of "Through the Wormhole" is on you won't catch me for a while. UPDATE: TCM is becoming a standard on my TV as well as Sundance and IFC.. I'm finding really great stuff to watch on there..


I will listen to just about anything. I love 30's 40's and 50's jazz, 60's soul and rock, 70's soul, rock and country, 80's soul and rock, 90's hip hop, rock and soul, and much of what's in between. My current playlist includes The Spinners', Queen's, Billy Joel's, and Bob Seger's Greatest Hits, Alabama Shakes (awesome sound), Lionel Richie's latest Album - Tuskegee, Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground, Train's first Album, Five for Fighting... Ok, y'know what, just send me a list of your favorite songs and I'll tell you if I like them or not!


I will eat anything that will not kill me immediately, even some things that may. I am allergic to shellfish, (crabs, lobster, shrimp, I can eat oysters and clams), but just warn me ahead of time and I'll pack Benadryl, easy fix. Without the Benadryl I'll be the spitting image of Micheal Dorn in Lt. Worf costume. It was actually kind of cool when my hair was longer..


I also enjoy classic video games. I collect last generation video game systems and browse thrift stores on a weekly basis for used games. I do own a Wii, but was attracted to the fact that the Virtual Console allows me access to classic NES, SNES and Genesis Titles. I also have a primal love for the game Quake 3 Arena and the Rocket launcher.. Ahh good times..
Six things I could never do without
A working computer. I can make a computer do things others fear.
My scooter. It's like having a plastic paneled gas powered pony with a feature socket.
A smartphone. If I don't have Wikipedia nearby, I am sad.
At least a buck fifty; gas for the scooter.
A pack of Marlboros.
A lighter, for the Marlboros.

Bonus: I can often be persuaded by a Pepsi and a Marlboro. True fact!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My daughter. What I can Modify to make work better? The true nature of the universe. Why am I more likely to believe facts about the universe when they are uttered by Morgan Freeman? Why is my scooter leaking oil? What keywords do I need to use to find the part to repair the oil leak on my scooter? The List goes on and on and on....
On a typical Friday night I am
Riding around trying to find something interesting to look at, do, or explore.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once lost a good pair of blue jean shorts to a bottle of Goldschlager and a cigarette. Good times...
You should message me if
If you enjoy simple pleasures..
The two of us