32Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
I like to laugh, eat, just hang out with friends and relax, then again who doesn't? I have been trying to be a lot more open minded lately, I suppose I got tired of the same old same old, so I'm trying to and still in the process of stepping outside of that box!

I had a really hard time thinking about how to describe myself. I ask friends who were close and some say I'm a quiet person who is caring and smart, while other said I'm pretty out going and funny. I once try to ask my co-workers if they can see me as a introverted type, they however gave me a look as though I have lost a screw in my head so that was that lol.
So in the end someone suggested I take a personality test and my results were INFJ. I would like to believed that I answer the questions honestly when I took the test but some how I feel as though the results are some what wrong lol. So for details of an INFJ you can visit the following link and find out for yourself.

However in all honesty,I really believe that people's best and worst qualities are brought out by others, so this wall of text doesn't really justify anything, it's really for you to take that chance and find out for yourself.
Want more details? Then get to know me, I promise that I won't bite.... maybe... hahaha!
Plus, look on the bright side.... at least it'll be animated unlike this wall of text! Oh and yes, the biting would be animated as well! No pain, no gain! No really, I won't bite~
What I’m doing with my life
Telling everyone that Im dying my hair blonde(which I won't) and watch what people's reaction would be.
On a serious note, I'm currently working in Corporate America within the finance department handling money. Yeah, typical Asian working with money and numbers, so keeping the stereotype alive!
I’m really good at
I guess I have a knack to paying attention to small details and memorizing useless information lol.
Being clumsy when I'm nervous.
Being a goof, at least friends, family and co-workers think I am lol.
I'm apparently good at billards but that's because alcohol was involved!
Making spontaneous decisions base on food cravings.. I've drove to NYC just for ramen a few times because I wanted some good ramen noodles that you really can't get here in Philly. Terakawa Ramen and Nom Nom Ramen really can't be compared to East Village's ramen.
Although this isn't something I personally think I'm good at, friends would always make me cook when we do some type of gather... why? I have no idea, maybe they like burnt food. However, I would like to get better at making delicious food instead of just edible food.
I'm also good at walking very long distance... I've done it a lot. At least once a week just for relaxation and none of my friends would join me because I would walk for too long of a period and too damn far LOL!
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair that's apparently too long for a guy and all my friends/family has been trying to get me to cut it lol.
My uncle once looked at me and asked why I have been keeping my hair long but before I was given the chance to answer him, he just started to rock his head back and forth and jam onto his air guitar (He's in his mid 60's) and I thought that was just hilarious LOL.
I wear Buddha beads on my wrist.
My family is known for having a wide face and huge forehead, so I guess my big head?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything mythology.

Movies: Action, Sci-Fi or the comedy type movies.

A lot of my friends makes fun of me for listening to these foreign music nevertheless I think it's what defines me in some ways also makes me unique compare to them.
Here is a list:

Back-On, Uverworld, ViViD, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Janne Da Arc, Linkin Park, Scandal, Stereopony, Universe, Unlimits, Gackt, Hyde, Larc En Ciel, Rookiez is Punk'd, SID, Tribal Chair, WANDS, green day, simple plan, a lot of rock/indie music basically, not the heavy metal types though.
I can also move to techno, freestyle dance type music like BigBang , Collage, or T.M. Revolution. Just anything that my body will move to.

TV: Well, I don't watch much TV, sometimes the discorvery channel or history as I use to be a big history nerd. Other than that not much at all.

Food: Not much of a picky eater, I'll try anything once. I'm always up for trying something new. Recently found a place that makes Japanese curry, and awesome Takoyaki, it's my new favorite place. Maybe I'll get the chance to show you where this awesome place is!
On a side note, I have been eating Korean food at least once a week. Maybe you can help me understand why I'm so infatuated with Korean food.
Six things I could never do without
Family/Good friends
Music to get into a trance
Eye Glasses because I'm blind without them(though technically I can still drive without them, but I rather not take the chance lol)
Morning coffee
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What intruments are used on the songs I listen to.
What hobbies to take up next, since I'm pretty opened minded.
Dinner... I probably always skip lunch during the weekday so I'm always wondering what I would have for dinner, again first thought is always Korean.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have a typical Friday nights, it can be anything really. From chilling at a friends house to being out somewhere between bars, bowling, billards, eatting. Then there are those days that I just end up taking a nice walk down in center city. Staying home reading whatever that's on the internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I drum in the car when I'm listening to music, looking like a fool haha.
I'm bad with pictures lol.
I watch Asian drama.... yeah I'm not afraid to admit it, there are some really good ones out there! Kamen Rider, anyone? Haha
You should message me if
If you want to make a new friend, chat, do some sort of out door activity, hang out, etc but that's just standard, let me get into a bit more detail.

If you have a band you would like to recommend.
If you know what "Evo" is
If you really think we may get along .
You have some sort of activity that you think I may be into and that you're willing to try with me. No.. that doesn't mean what you're probably thinking of what I am thinking.
The two of us