33Tampere, Finland
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My self-summary

A computer geek with an eye for art and design.
A would-be rationalist, at times overcome with emotion.
An academic with no desire to work in the academia.

A lifelong non-athlete who found a passion in swing dancing.
An introvert desiring human company more often than not.
A pacifist with a reserve officer training.

An avowed city-dweller, pursuing true peace of mind in the great outdoors.
A hard-science type with a soft spot for humanities.
An atheist who knows not to anger the Old Gods.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Sharlin @ IRCNet
What I’m doing with my life
Moved to Tampere in January. Getting acquintated with the city and the people in it.

Updating my priors. "Seeking the truth", as they say. Trying to sate my curiosity.

Figuring out relationships. As it stands, I find myself quite comfortable identifying as a relationship anarchist. The idea of drawing strict boundaries between friendships and romantic relationships has always been quite alien to me, as has the concept of exclusivity as a proof of commitment.

I'm looking for neither casual flings nor someone to ascend the relationship escalator with. I'm looking for loving, committed, fulfilling friendships with some combination of mental, emotional, and physical intimacy. Also, cuddling is awesome with or without sex.

Someone I know once characterized herself as a "sensation junkie". I'd like to borrow that phrase.

I delight in finding beauty in small mundane things, in details too often overlooked.

I like to think of myself as a maker - a creator of things - in spite of the nature of the things I - we - create being considerably more abstract than that of, say, a carpenter's artifacts.

Slowly finishing my M.Sc thesis.
I’m really good at
being an archetypal Finn and disliking bragging. That said, I'd like to think I'm not that bad at:


The first things people usually notice about me
Sometimes people tell me they're impressed by how much I seem to know about all sorts of diverse topics.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Neverwhere and American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks
Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi by Johanna Sinisalo
Surely you must be joking, Mr. Feynman by Richard Feynman
Kotona maailmankaikkeudessa by Esko Valtaoja
Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett.

Boondock Saints
The Usual Suspects
Girl, Interrupted
Lost in Translation
Donnie Darko
Films with a satisfyingly dark twist in them.
Almost anything by Tim Burton. With a score by Danny Elfman.
Guilty pleasures: Amélie and Love, Actually.

The Wire
Game of Thrones
Six Feet Under
The L Word
Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica
True Detective

Planescape: Torment - perhaps the most masterfully written game ever.
Life is Strange
Fallout and Fallout 2
Baldur's Gate 2
Deus Ex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Programming. Relationships and relationship anarchy.
Gender issues. Cognitive biases. Rationality and Bayesian rationalism. Communication. Sexuality and kinks. Beauty and aesthetics. Senses and sensuality. The human condition, now and in the future.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to give foot massages.

One of the most awesome things that's happened to me was getting a spontaneous private tour of the Tuorla Observatory by Esko Valtaoja himself. Ok, perhaps not very private, but I like to brag about it. It was awesome.
You should message me if
you'd like to show me an aspect of this city you think I'd enjoy.

If you sometimes feel like an outsider in this world of ours.
If you, as well, feel it strangely appropriate to describe yourself in terms of opposites.
If you'd run into a drenching downpour to witness the full power of a thunderstorm.
If you have sometimes stared, awestruck, at the night sky.
If you enjoy the beauty of things beyond the superficial level.
The two of us