28Annandale, United States
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My self-summary
I'm here to find love. After dating around and going through two failed 4 year relationships, I have finally made enough mistakes to figure out what I want in my life. I'm ready to settle down with someone who is emotionally and mentally at my level. I'm not going to lie, I'm gonna come right out and say it. I'm dating for keeps and would rather appreciate it if my time wasn't wasted with frivolous one night stands. I'm looking for someone who has a good career and knows what he wants, is dedicated and willing to work things out rather than run away, hopefully is funny and likes to work out with me and is not afraid to speak his mind.


Reading this is for your own benefit; I’ve worked pretty hard to describe myself realistically. I feel like it’s a waste of time pretending to be something that you're not, so I’ve made it straightforward and detailed my inner psychological workings. Seriously. I wrote you a book.

I'm so sorry.

My name is Krista and I love cake.
Chocolate cake.

I don't believe that these profiles are proper indicators of our personalities, nor does it give us justice for being the people that we are. Where do I begin... well, my mom is Puerto Rican, my dad is of Scandinavian descent (among other things) so I've got a little bit of everything.

I laugh too much. I think I may have slight OCD and ADHD tendencies. I sometimes talk faster than my brain can process. I'm spontaneous but in a "plan everything last minute" way. I am indecisive because I like to look at both options equally or I fear I'll lose a choice. I am incredibly apathetic about "where you want to eat" and also I'm a cheap date. I'm super cuddly and will probably touch you a lot. I'm not clingy but will most likely get a little jelly if some chick hits on you. When I make friends, it is for life. I am perpetually in search of new adventures; hungry to gain knowledge and experience. The monumental levels of energy that I possess can be unfortunate. I am gullible and trust too easily, making me optimistic even in situations where I shouldn't be. I am super duper ok with just hanging out and being a homebody with you. On the other hand, I may get belligerently crazy intoxicated with my colorful spectrum of friends, and then all of my morals are meh. I've been told I'm more fun to be around at this time.


I work very hard to get things done, but sometimes I put my priorities first. Please communicate if you feel like I'm ignoring you, because I'm not - I'm just in my own world sometimes. My point is that I am a caring, driven person, but sometimes I may forget about the little things (possibly taking them for granted) from time to time. I am working on this.

Patience, understanding, and a good sense of humor are a great match for my goofy-ass personality. If you can make me laugh, I will loyally be your foreverfriend. Be warned, though - I can be feisty at times, but mostly I'm down-to-earth and laid back. I have many things to learn and I'll eagerly listen to different ideas, although please don't be offended if I play the devil's advocate for the sake of curiosity... Your reactions are what drive me. If you couldn't tell yet, I'm honest to a fault.

I'm a weird sort of loud introvert, but I'd say I'm pretty shy initially. As an Army brat, I'm used to moving around and making friends quickly. An open mind is a must! I enjoy having random debates but I don't usually like when they get unnecessarily heated. I frequently stumble upon "novel ideas" that captivate my interest for a time; and then it's on to something new again! Just get to know me for yourself. I really like to see people striving to gain life experiences in a productive way, and hopefully I'll be a part of that growth.

Some things you should know: I don't do one-night-stands, I really hate lying and cheating, and I'm not into random hookups, really. I need to be comfortable with you and it probably won't happen unless I think you're worth it. I am pretty cuddly and/or physical; but I'm not clingy and I wholeheartedly condone having a life and being independent. I'm into nerds, I love both comics and classic literature, I have a tattoo on my lower back of a black tribal rose, I have a "Skrillex" haircut, I proudly sport(ed) an eyebrow piercing, I think my own jokes are fucking hilarious and the only reason I'm awesome at drawing is because my skills are the result of not paying enough attention in math class... I still count on my fingers.
What I’m doing with my life
I just got employed as a radiographic technologist at the hospital where I completed my clinical rotations, and I'm saving up money so that I can go back to school and get licensed in other modalities - eventually I'd like to become a radiologist.
I’m really good at
Eating, being the first and last person to clap in crowds, laughing at my own jokes, and getting stupidly enthusiastic about stuff.
The first things people usually notice about me
My outgoing and sometimes uncomfortably awkward personality - but it's alright; most people learn to embrace the endearing strangeness.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Things that I like to do: Camping, Coffee and conversation, Cooking, Dining out, Gardening/Landscaping, Hobbies and crafts, Movies/Videos, Museums and art, Music and concerts, Performing arts, Reading, Shopping/Antiques, Travel/Sightseeing, Video games, Volunteering.

Sports that I like: Dancing, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Softball, Walking/Hiking, Working out/Other types of exercise, Yoga.
Six things I could never do without
1. Cake
2. Spontaneous adventures
3. Facebook
4. Tea
5. Music
6. Friends/family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Learning how to escape the endless loop that is me saying the most random shit at inappropriate times.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably going out with friends, or staying in and watching movies. Either way, food will be involved.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Honesty is the best policy. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have a serious Nutella addiction.

...I don't think it's curable.
You should message me if
You're interested in being a part of my life!
The two of us