33Monroeville, United States
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My self-summary
I am a college graduate, trying to make a future for myself. I am an eagle scout and I love being outdoors interacting with nature. It could being canoing, whitewater, camping, or just going for a stroll around the block. Nothing is more relaxing to me honestly, I find being out there to be a very religious experience.

I'm not a religious person, more of a spiritual type of guy. To be honest I just really hate organized religion. I believe that if a god exists, it never intended there to be a billion different religions. I know an exaggeration, but you get the point. Besides I think we have enough problems with discrimination in the world...why add another unnecessary one over something that should be bringing people together. However, I am also open minded, so if you believe in it, I'm not going to hold it against you.

I am a movie buff. I love to go to movies, I love to sit at home and watch movies, I have a bad habit of going to buy something at a store and coming home with 2 or 3 new DVDs. I like to just lay on the couch, with someone special, order out or cook at home and watch a good movie.

I do like to go out though. I love miniature golf, I'm on a bowling league, playing pool, grabbing coffee with friends, or heading out to a bar. Though I am more of a hole in the wall kinda bar guy. Not really into the club scene, though I'm pretty sure there are pictures out there with me dancing at clubs.

I'm allergic to cats, which is fine with me since I feel they are evil as all hell, haha.

I have a habit of being brutally honest. I will answer nearly anything someone asks me, and answer it truthfully, so if you have a question feel free to ask. I hate mind games and hidden meanings. I can't read minds so if you have something to tell me, then tell it to me straight. Tell me how you truly feel in the first place and I will do everything in my power to not do things that will upset you...its pretty simple really.

I am truthful, loyal, and strong in my beliefs
What I’m doing with my life
I am an educated man, at least the two sheets of paper and a barren bank account lead me to believe so. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biochemisty and a Master's degree in Forensic Science and law. I've always wanted to work as a federal agent for the FBI. I mostly attribute that to my relentless watching of The X-Files as a child. However at the present time I am a full time employee of the Boy Scouts of America. It's a glamorous job, and ladies...I wear a uniform, haha. I hope to make the correct investments and savings so that I can retire early, get a nice house on the beach and buy a boat. Then I'll drift in the Gulf, with my girl at my side, the sun overhead, Jimmy playing in the background, and a cool tropical breeze...damn does that sound boring. Truth be told, I would be just as quick to rob a bank and move to Bora Bora...or trick out a ride and compete in illegal street races...
I’m really good at
I'm good at sticking up for what I believe. I am simply who I am, which is "me"...that is the basis for all my beliefs. I hate following the status quo. I don't believe something because someone tells me to, I hear all options and go with the one that feels right, or I make up my own.

I have been told that I am a good painter/artist when I actually find the time to pick up a pencil or a brush and really get into it.

I played the saxophone for most of my days in grade school, and was told I was rather decent; however i haven't picked it up for about 8 years...thank you college.

Friends say that I'm good at giving advice. I tend to stay impartial and argue the point from both sides as best that I can.

I tend to think of myself as a pretty well rounded outdoorsman. I love to camp. Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting amongst trees, in the light of only a blazing fire and the night sky, with crickets chirping in the background. I'm no expert though.

Basically I consider myself a jack of all trades but a master of Macgyver, only on a much much...much smaller scale...He's freaking Macgyver, no one can compare...
The first things people usually notice about me
My initial response, would have me say either my eyes or my smile.

I tend to be quiet, most of the time I prefer to think before I speak.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Shakespeare-Hamlet, The Universe in a Nutshell, Camping/Survival books, Books on symbolism, Mythology, Religious controversy.

B) Movies...I truly love movies. Trying to pick my favorites is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. However, here are a few...Donnie Darko, Stigmata, Fight Club, What Dreams May Come, Red Dragon, V for Vendetta, The Fountain, Grosse Point Blank, Stargate, Matchstick Men, The Notebook (yea yea I know), Boondock so many more...

C) Green Day, Sum 41, Aerosmith, Nickelback, Hoobastank, Shinedown, POD, Godsmack, Spiderbait, Creedance Clear Water, Live, Rise Against, Bad Company, Styx, Rolling Stones, Beegees, Foreigner, AC/DC, Scorpions

D) If it tastes good...bring it to me...
Six things I could never do without
You never know what you can't live with until it's gone...and then its usually too late...

My car...ticket to my freedom
My pocketknife...Boy Scout thing
Cell phone...never thought I would say that, until mine broke...

(Family is a given...and I consider my friends my family as well. If I keep you in my life as a friend, you have shown me that you deserve to be one, and I would do just as much for you as I would for my own flesh and blood. Besides in my experience, blood doesn't necessarily make you family.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Love... The Universe... God, religion... Truth... Fate...
I think about damn near everything. My mind is a constant string of thought that is never ending and loosely connected or coherent. I believe that I think the most about how I think too much. It does get me into trouble, but equally it makes me unique and an asset to conversation at times...
On a typical Friday night I am
Well if I go out I'll probably be at my buddies drinking around a fire, or at D's throwing a few back. Theres really no rhyme or reason as to when I go, so Fridays or the weekend in general...I could be doing anything from sitting at home watching the tube, to running around with friends getting into some sort of trouble. I do go out, but I am more of a fan of just sitting around the house chilling with some friends. Overall I'm pretty much up for anything so its a free for all.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have no idea whats private...if asked, I'll tell someone damn near go ahead, I triple dog dare you!

*Nerd Alert* Beware of falling pocket protectors and retainer spit...

Secretly I believe that the Stargate truly exists and the government produced a movie and television series to throw the general public off their trail...clever...but not that clever...haha

I enjoy role playing know D&D type stuff...but don't worry I don't have gaming subscriptions, and its not my life by far, but I enjoy it occasionally.

Mostly I don't care about admitting anything. If you don't like me for me...sorry I'm just to content with who I am to care.
You should message me if
You read this profile and smiled. And I mean that in a sincere this seems like a cool kinda guy way. He seems intelligent yet athletic; goofy yet has a good foundation; he's just so damn dreamy!

Haha honestly... want to. There's really nothing to lose is there? You message me, I message you, conversation finally decide hey I started to talk to an amazing guy, or damn he's just like every other guy. Either way you never know until you talk to me first, so feel free.
The two of us