49Nevada City, United States
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My self-summary
Hi, Though I am primarily on here to find a longterm committed partnership, I am also open to new connections and friendships.

I grew up a competitive figure skater, went on to teach skating, and still skate often. I was a rower in college which was my peak of super fitness! I used to lift weights and run a lot. I don't run anymore (prefer skating and lap swimming...easier on the knees). I teach yoga at a gym and participate in intense circuit trainings once or twice a week. I practice yoga and recently completed a 250hr Core Power Yoga Teacher training. I'm working toward my massage and aquatic bodywork certifications. I love to hike and need to spend time in quiet nature. I LOVE hotsprings and camping (though I prefer car camping and airbeds these days....over thermarests!!) I'm into cush and comfy sleeping.

I was raised Jewish, tho am more Spiritual than religious. I don't so much care what religion you were raised in so long as you are on the spiritual path. If you are Christian or Catholic and really into it...I am probably not a good match. Spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are important to me. I've studied some Buddhist meditation and philosophy and currently am studing meditation and Pranayama teachings by a Himalayan Monk.

I'm a practitioner of the Healing Arts...a certified Transformational Breathwork practitioner. I facilitate emotional healing to help people clear old belief patterns and traumas and help them align with their true intentions and goals. I'm also a certified Health and Nutrition Coach. I eat mostly vegetarian and a lot of raw vegan foods. I'm a certified rawfood chef and educator. I help people lose weight and detox with nutritional cleansing and superfoods.

I'm also a musician/singer/songwriter and write inspiring heart songs (guitar) about healing, awakening, spiritual growth, and connection to the Earth. I also perform. I'd love a partner who plays music or at least appreciates and supports mine. Singing together would be wonderful! I'd like to expand to singing with electronic music and vision the possibility of co-creation on this with a partner who knows how to create tracks. I like acoustic folk and I love to dance to various types of electronic and world beat. I'm into Ecstatic Dance and Burningman! I've been four is magical, awe inspiring, over the top amazing and FUN! I have actually fire danced while ice skating in several Fire On Ice performances. Way Fun!!! (No it wasn't at Burningman, but the portable ice arena is on our minds. Ice skating on the Playa!)

I majored in Environmental Studies and Sociology, was a forest activist for years and spent a lot of time in the Ancient Redwood Forests. I love hiking and being in nature and prefer to live where it's quiet with trees, acreage, garden space and spring water, and is still close to a town with an ice arena (Santa Barbara just built a new I moved here!) One thing that makes me thrive is living on land away from light pollution and seeing the Earth and silouettes of trees on a full moon night. I love the SB mountains here.

I'm a blend of Earth Goddess, Hippie Tree Hugger, Burner, Dolphin, Muse, Healer, Counselor, Venus Love Being.

I'd love a partner who loves to dance (Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv) and who'd like to take Latin Dance classes....and travel to Argentina and Brazil! I want to travel to Costa Rica to visit farms and communities I know about. I'd like to live in Hawaii or Thailand a few months a year.

I'm intelligent, compassionate, kind, sweet, lovable, loving and VERY affectionate. PDA is a must. I don't hold back my affection. I'd rather be an example of the shameless, innocent beauty of affection! I've taken Tantra classes and definitely want to take more with my partner. I'm looking for depth of communication and intimacy in a long-term committed relationship with a genuine heart centered, kind, affectionate, spiritual man who is a great communicator and shares his feelings openly and processes his emotions by feeling and breathing thru them, not dumping on others. I practice self-reflection and non-violent communication. It is VERY IMPORTANT to me to have a partner who is on the path of spiritual growth and awakening. One who is capable and willing to self-reflect on his emotions and experiences and also capable of holding a compassionate space for my emotions, feelings, and growth. Together we evolve, deepen, and grow in Love! and support each other in living and fulfilling our life purposes and dreams.

I look forward to laughing, travelling, playing, having new exciting adventures and enjoying life together in a wonderful compatible committed relationship. I have no kids, still think about it tho it's not so likely now. I am open to a man who already has kids of any age.

I also love cats and dogs and want a partner who loves animals.

If we sound compatible I look forward to connecting!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm in transition after I spent 2013-14 caretaking my mom and grandma who have now both passed. I'm excited to move forward in my work as a shamanic breathwork practitioner, sound healer, Health Coach and massage therapist. Also would like to do some fire on ice performances this winter. I am beginning to teach more group breathwork classes. I want to expand the venues and create new opportunities for sharing this work. I'm particulary interested in supporting emotional healing aspects for people who are cleansing dietarily, at healing centers and patients at cancer clinics and perhaps in Hospice work with patients and their families.

I am preparing to record my first CD and intend to make progress this summer. Haleh-freakin-lujah! The title track is perhaps "In Good Time" or "Through the Storm" because with persistence I will finally get thru the storm and get this good time of course.

I want to do some new exciting adrenaline rush kinds of things how hard is it to kiteboard???? Time to build the upper body strength! Pushups, pullups(ha), and yoga.
I’m really good at
Holding a loving space and facilitating people in healing sessions.
Loving and being very affectionate!
Kissing, cuddling, touching.
Figure Skating
Singing heartsongs that make people open up and cry.
Feeling my emotions fully while observing them and learning from them.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and my sweetness!...and my soothing beautiful voice if I'm singing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: "A Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach, "The Power of Now" by Eckert Tolle, "The Alchemist", Napoleon Hill's "You Can Create Your Own Miracles" and "Think and Grow Rich", "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins, "Bringers of the Dawn", "A Course in Miracles", mostly all sorts of spiritual and self improvement books.

Movies: "Avatar", "The Blind Side", (...those inspirational ones!) "Sleepless in Seattle", Kate and Leopold", "Serendipity", "The Lake House" (....those happy ending find-your-soulmate love stories), "The Matrix", "The Fountain", "Slumdog Millionaire" (...those ones with deep spiritual messages and social commentary) and plenty more! Oh ya..."Groundhog Day". I've watched it over and over! Documentaries like "Water: The Great Mystery", "Raw for 30 Days", the DVD's of Physicist Nassim Haramein (, "Numen: The Nature of Plants" (

Music: Spritual folk like Shimshai; Electronic like, Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda, Shpongle, Soundtribe Sector 9, Kaya Project, Bluetech, Infected Mushroom, Pretty Lights, OTT, various downtempo; Songwriters like Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Sarah McLaughlin, Brandi Carlile, Jason Mraz, Joshua Rabin, Ben Harper Brett Dennen, and here's a song I's called "Make Believe in Miracles" by Kurt Baumann of The Burned, (the former lead singer of tribal rock band Kan'Nal whose music I love although the band no longer exists.) (click on "Make Believe")
AND I love this John Denver song, "You Fill Up My Senses". I'm learning to play it.
Six things I could never do without
Or at least prefer to not do without...
1. My friends
2. Affectionate touch, hugs, and conscious-connected-heart opening sex, love and intimacy.
3. My legs for Ice Skating and Dancing.
3. Nature; Earth to touch, trees to hug, clean spring water to drink, hot water showers and hotsprings. :)
5. Organic Green Food (and a garden)
6. Gratitude and love in my heart.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Creating sustainable self employment. How to take it to the next level.

Finding my beloved, sharing affection, making love to someone who is mutually in love with me! Having a wonderful relationship and all the joy it will bring us both.

Recording a CD.

All sorts of concerns until I catch myself and remember the law of attraction and re-focus on what I WANT to be experiencing...GRATITUDE AND JOY!

Travelling to places I've never been and having a partner to do that with and creating the money to do it with.

How and where to live in a way that balances all my needs and desires and enables me to follow my creativity and heart and be of service to the World.

I keep reminding myself that the "NOW is the best place to be and acceptance of and gratitude for the "NOW" is a great way of being.

Spirituality, the Law of Attraction, spiritual evolution and how it is requiring humans to change and evolve. Wisdom teachings like Eckert Tolle, Abraham-Hicks and Bashar. Never heard of Bashar? Youtube him!
On a typical Friday night I am
I may be out dancing or performing music or attending some cool conscious kinda gathering. I may be at home being quiet, reading, practicing yoga and guitar, browsing the internet, or maybe I'm soaking at the hotsprings!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It was that I didn't have a smart phone..but I got one now.
You should message me if
I'm primarily looking for my soulmate/long term partner...and am open to meeting new friends. If you feel called to say hello, share, comment on my profile.....please do. I'm most likely to reply, at least sooner, if we are very aligned as potential partners or good friends.

To my partner: I'm inviting the one with whom I can relax and be authentically me and sink into open heartedness, love, and intimacy. My best friend and best lover ever. One whom I can give all my love to and have it FULLY received and reciprocated! We make each other smile often and support each other thru our challenges.

You are a man who is affectionate, sensual, open hearted, spiritual, compassionate, and a very good listener and communicator. You are fairly fit and muscular and exercise at least a few days a week including being into yoga to some extent. You love to touch, are good at massage and enjoy massaging me. (that's pretty crucial). I will enjoy massaging you as well.

You're a healthy eater..not necessarily all vegetarian...but also into living foods, eating greens/green smoothies. You like to help cook/prep food and do the dishes and clean the juicer!

You maintain a pretty clean home environment and honor sacred space....your home is a temple and your body is a temple. You like to live in nature or very near it.

I'd love it if you're a musician and we can play and perform together. Bonus points if you can also ice skate! You definitely love to dance and are very in your body.
....and you are looking for a long term committed partnership with an affectionate, openhearted, beautiful, talented, sweet woman!
And if you want to teach me to surf, kiteboard, or snowboard, that would be thrilling.
The two of us