33Astoria, United States
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My self-summary
It seems like the true meaning of love has been lost somewhere in a fog of misunderstanding. There is a thing people call love, but that thing is not love at all; it is the opposite of love.

Like the woman who loved her new kitten so much that she smothered it to death. That isn't love. That's selfish indulgence.

Love is tending to a garden whose thorns scratch at your skin but whose beauty compels you to keep tending. It is not merely picking all the flowers to put in a vase for your amusement until they wither and die. It is nurturing the flowers, maintaining and nourishing what makes them beautiful. Love is putting the nourishing of that beauty before your own needs. Love is a giving of yourself, not a taking of something else.

Until people understand this love will always be misunderstood and the word itself will continue to be diminished as it is used to mean the antithesis of love.

Love for the sake of love itself. Don't try to cling to it or it will just wither and die. Nourish it, let it grow, and appreciate its existence in each moment because those moments will never come again.
What I’m doing with my life
Fighting that unnecessary need to run and squeeze into the next subway car, because life is too short to be letting the system make you rush or squeeze in all hurdled together like livestock.

When you begin to sacrifice the current moment to more quickly get to the next moment is when you stop living.
I’m really good at

Dabble in:
Playing the Theremin, Singing, playing the EWI, playing the Piano

Photoshop Art

Dabble in:
FireSpinning Staff

Video Games - League of Legends and Smash Brothers N64

Programming Various languages -- google helps with the syntax ;o, RegEx, SQL to a decent extent -- SQL queries can get pretty damn complex
The first things people usually notice about me
"Are you a musician?" . . . Reply: "Maybe."
"Are you an artist?" . . . Reply: "Also maybe."
"Your hair is so soft!" . . . Reply: "Why are you touching my head?"

or sometimes people don't notice me at all (ninja)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Reading: Chuang Tzu, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arabian Nights

Chuang Tzu sums up why I'm apolitical:
And so in the days when natural instincts prevailed, men moved quietly and gazed steadily. At that time, there were no roads over mountains, nor boats, nor bridges over water. All things were produced, each for its own proper sphere. Birds and beasts multiplied; trees and shrubs grew up. The former might be led by the hand; you could climb up and peep into the raven's nest. For then man dwelt with birds and beasts, and all creation was one. There were no distinctions of good and bad men. Being all equally without knowledge, their virtue could not go astray. Being all equally without evil desires they were in a state of natural harmony, the perfection of human existence.
But when philosophers and prophets appeared, tripping up people over charity and fettering them with duty to their neighbor, doubt found its way into the world. And then, with their preoccupation with the performance of music, and their fussing over ceremony, the empire became divided against itself.

Movies: The Fifth Element, The Matrix, Mary Poppins

Electronic: Zero 7, Bonobo, Nightmares on Wax, Quantic
Old School Stuff: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell
Jazzy/Funky: The Greyboy Allstars, John Scofield, Miles Davis, The Brew
Pop: John Mayer, Jason Mraz

Classical (various)

Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Samurai Champloo, Mushishi, XXXholic, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Game of Thrones, Kings: NBC Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5, Archer
Six things I could never do without
one life to live so . . . new New NEW!!

The other 3 I can manage without.


I crave stimulation: mentally, physically, spiritually, and I suppose (to a lesser extent) emotionally. ... for some reason the 2 Ls at the end of all those words I just typed naturally but it still feels odd to me that they have 2 Ls.. -- NATURALLY there's another one!!! :o
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything . . . And then some.

Sometimes I fantasize about very fantastical settings or vague plot elements.

Sometimes I question the nature of reality.

Sometimes I look at my body and think how fucking weird it is to have a body.

Sometimes I get a random tune in my head that (to my knowledge) only exists in my head and I try to record it for hopefully later doing something with.

Sometimes I'm thinking "wtf are they thinking?".

Sometimes I'm caught in thinking about the next step of a programming project leading to all-night programming binges.

Sometimes I'm not thinking about anything at all.
On a typical Friday night I am

Usually a homebody, sometimes not. Love the outdoors, specifically taking deep breaths of fresh air.

Trying to give more of a fuck about not giving a fuck, and just going all out more.. as in: the potential possibilities from moment to moment are entirely dependent on how much you are willing to just go all out and not give a fuck and follow the random awesomeness that is the endless stream of possibilities.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'd consider myself more queer than bisexual since I don't really like labeling the vast universe of sexual attraction, but being listed as bisexual on here lets you interact with more people. (even straight guys.. go figure) Works for me. I think that when we as a species get to the point where the prospect of sex/relationships isn't the strongest force connecting us we will be truly evolved. Also, most "straight" guys I've interacted with on here are primarily interested in sex. I guess it makes sense, curiosity is killer.

Also I enjoy being naked, especially outdoors, and think that social nudity really isn't all that weird once you get used to it. Took some friends to a nude beach once and we all had a blast and afterwards were changing around each other comfortably going like "huh, this should be weird? but its not.. cool"
You should message me if feel like it ... especially if you aren't looking for anything in particular but are still drawn to send a message for reasons you don't yet understand.

That said... I'm just really looking for new friends on here, so don't expect me to be "the one". Besides if you think hard enough we are all "the one" and there's no way you should just stop with me.
The two of us