31Stone Mountain, United States
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My self-summary
A cage made-up of words in which I attempt to contain myself? Can anyone really be defined.

eyes: blue

I need more in my life. More inspiration. More Fun. More Friends.

I am likely more innocent than most people. I think I am looking for someone who is gentle, kind, and maybe somewhat more innocent than most people. Friends first. I don't actually want to rush into bed. I've never smoked, chewed, drank, or done any drugs (I barely accept pharm. drugs).

I use self-control in many situations, be rational, and not overreact. I may seem pretty mellow, but I work pretty efficiently with a brutish yet gentle touch. I am looking for a relationship or a friend. I like doing stuff, as in I don't like sitting/standing for the sole purpose of talking. I will talk more if I am slightly distracted or my brain is excited.

I have never been a drinker, a smoker, or done drugs.

Work-I work in Tucker. I live in Stone Mountain/Lilburn area. There aren't many people to meet at work. I have a co-worker that I use part time and the owner that I mostly only communicate with by e-mail and phone.

School I go to school at GGC in lawrenceville on and often end up driving in a large triangle going to school/work/(gym)/home and just having time to sleep at home. I'm making straight A's this go around! Official Honor Student.

Exercise-I got to the Gym a few times a week. Use to run, now I just elliptical, climb Stone Mountain, and work like a beast. Wouldn't mind biking or roller blading. I do the Peachtree road race annually.

Childhood-I feel like I had a very fun and fortunate childhood. I lived in a great school district my whole life and never had to change schools due to moving/other. I grew up in Georgia. I spent lots of time at lakes, I had a rather large/fun/safe rope swing in my backyard during 5th-7th grade (estimate), and lots of well cared for small pets.
I’m really good at
Hard Labor.Climbing Ropes. Jumping. Tubing (water).
Accurate Math. Finding Solutions to various Problems/Errors/Limits.
Everything that requires little knowledge and some that require more knowledge.
Walking on non-dining tables.
Minesweeper. Number Puzzles. Settlers of Catan. Mr.Jack. Apples to Apples with strangers.
Befriending dogs and other animals.
Cartwheels! (working on one handed and beyond now!)
Biking no handed (and I assume unicycling is easy)
The first things people usually notice about me
That I have a pretty dog.
My freckles, eyes, legs in that order.
That I am quiet.

"I noticed your smile, your hair and your goofy poses. In that order."~OKC user. (two OKC users)

My bestfriend, that I hadn't seen in 9 months, said I should be on America Ninja Warrior.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like anything entertaining or in my belly, a lot of the time anyway.

Favorite = anything that bonds me closer to fellow humans, preferably with a beginning, middle, and a proper ending. I enjoy new stuff, but don't really want to claim any entertainment as a favorite. Seems to me that favorites are based more on experiences than the person and have little value long term.

Not sure if it is fair to define someone by what they have or have not been exposed to. I'm open to new experiences as long as there are no bad side effects.
Six things I could never do without
Five things I could never do without
Fingernail Clippers - they are small and so very useful
Neosporin/bandages. (especially last year)
Matter/Energy (Food/Water/Sun/Oxygen/Farmers.).(I'm addicted)
Family things. (my toddler cousin cried at Christmas because he had to leave me and go home to wait for Santa)
White Space - the gaps that make it easier to read in chaotic formats.
Gloves (Hand Protection). Shoes/socks for the same reason I guess.

Two Things I would like to live without
Thing 1-Smoking. I don't smoke and the smell overwhelms my senses.
Thing 2- 404 error.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How stuff works. Why something is how it is. Social Situations. Ideas. I even write some thoughts down.

In the Summer - What impact does air conditioning have?

In a world with impure knowledge, unprompted strong outside opinions, use of improperly explained stats or stories to trick victims, and (politcal) ads paid by unknown sources. I enjoy any true thoughts formed on my own opinions and experiences. ~written by me

This was the fastest section. Yet, somehow I put the most thought into it ;)

am I too Patient? am I not patient enough? how long should I ponder these 2 questions?

OKC Stuff- Does my username confuse people. How often do females actually browse.

(I mostly think about women at the moment. Wonderfully Strange creatures that amuse me greatly and I hope to gain more experience in this field.)
On a typical Friday night I am
on planet Earth
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"I'm not very experienced with relationships. No sad sob story behind that or anything just something about me that anyone who's interested in starting up a relationship with me might be interested in knowing." ~I copied this because it was worded prettier than what I previously had here, but still true.

So, if we happen to meet please don't rush me or it won't work well. Feel free ask for further understanding if we establish communication.

I don't initiate messaging a lot of people, because I am shy.

I'm not permanently shy. It's just a habit that came one day and now it's working on going away.

I'm a virgin and I've never even kissed a girl. It's not like I meant to be, just haven't had a girlfriend yet (unlucky on my few attempts). I say this not seeking pity, this isn't me issuing some challenge for you to do what no one else has done, but seeking real connections or in the least a friend. I am perhaps a little weirder than I think I actually am. It's not like I plan to stay one, just been hidden away in a sorts, but I wouldn't expect it happen the first meeting.

First Date Section
My idea of a first date is a fun or relaxed interactive adventure and maybe some hand holding or other mild contact.

and maybe food.
You should message me if
My IMs may not always work? Normal messages are preferred, I have OKCupid app to let me know fairly quickly of messages.

any of the below (highly negotiable)
-You feel like we might be a good match.
-you want me to message you.
-if I blurted text onto a screen that miraculously resonated with you and destroyed/stunned your remaining skills of perception.
-You don't smoke, don't do drugs, and you don't drink tons.

-You're fairly local and need a friend!
-You want to comment/question on a photo or other.
-Refence/question anything in my profile and I will respond atleast once.
-You need help opening a jar of pickles, I'm very helpful.

-you're a Venusian Flagmod.
-if you want to advise me on my cluelessness.
-You want to explain why you smoke, but don't ever drink(&21+)?

I won't harrass. I try to play by the rules of the balls in your court/my court. I barely initiate messages, so compliments to the friendly people of OKC.
The two of us