51Columbia, United States
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My self-summary
Who I am: friendly, creative, fun loving, healthy, compassionate, genuine, self reliant, forthcoming, loving, environmental, spiritual, deep thinking, easy going, engaging, curious, kind, communicative, pragmatic, sexual, sensual, a tomboy & probably lots of other things...

I did the Myers-Briggs personality assessment recently...
& I'm an ENTP - The Visionary. Supposedly I'm most compatible with INTJ - the Scientist & INFJ - the Protector. Everything that I read about my personality type was wonderfully AND painfully accurate. :)

Enneagram 7.

I love adventure, laugh freely, adore nature, take naps & eat lots of vegetables.
What I’m doing with my life
On the long term: live in my own house, work for myself at a creative arts business & am a licensed primary holistic healthcare provider
Currently: ride my bike to the river with the dogs & socialize a lot/often/constantly/as much as I can muster/all the freaking time/too much - single life *meh*

I am seeking a boyfriend or partner. ...but would be quite happy to find a groovy lover in the meantime. ;)
I’m really good at
camping, making guacamole, contemplating everything, brainstorming ideas, dancing ridiculously, being easily amused, enjoying art, stopping to smell the roses, doing my share & appreciating greatness.
The first things people usually notice about me
I keep forgetting to ask...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-I'm learning to love reading fiction!
-movies - thought provoking, inspiring, entertaining, adventure, educational, visually stunning & uplifting ..not necessarily in this or that order: sci-fi, animation, comedies, foreign & dramas ... Let's watch movies! b/c I'll never do it on my own...
-I don't watch tv ..except at hotels.
-Music is wonderful!
-I especially love food that tastes good to my whole body. Thai, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Chinese & Mexican! Combinations of veggies, red curry, coconut milk, thai basil, chili & garlic are especially yummy with rice & pumpkin !! I love spicy, bold & complex foods.
Six things I could never do without
air - I breathe all the time.
water - I've had a lifelong love affair with water!
food - My body loves food.
body temperature - I'm a mammal.
soul - I can only attempt to explain that one...
joy *

Some "things" that I have & appreciate greatly: health, home, loved ones, freedom (compared to some places in the world), transportation, safety (again comparatively), hot water, insight, art, language, luck, the river, internet, objectivity, a toothbrush, quality food, ability, independence & fun.

My life is lacking other things... hence, this profile..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
life on earth
people, personhood, relationships, sexuality & society
all that I am grateful for
how amazing I wish / imagine life could be
& how we can create happier lives & a better world
On a typical Friday night I am
..probably doing something interesting.
-Seven Fridays past I attended a traveling burlesque show & ended up staying the rest of the evening/night at a friend's lovely home with all the performers. Our amazing host not only put us all up for the night, but he also shared many types of scotch from around the world. There were at least two kinds that tasted like band-aids. ;)
-Six Fridays ago I was in northern Georgia for a Rainbow Gathering.
-Five Fridays ago a dear friend from Australia was visiting/staying with me. She is recovering from a terrible horse accident, so sitting on my deck, drinking wine & enjoying the evening were the extent of our evening plans.
-Four Fridays past (July 4th) I canoed & swam all day in a black river in the forest, with laid back environmental activist friends.. & then joined my crust punk friends' party in the evening, where they fed me their homemade, vegan, rawfood culinary delights such as watermelon gazpacho & insanely hot Jicama Slaw.
-Three Fridays ago I rocked out to several bands at a hipster house show.
-Friday before last I was camping at a regional Burning Man event called Transformus. <3
-Last Friday I was on a several day buying trip for my business.
-The next two Fridays I will be camping at a SCA/medieval/renaissance re-creationist society event in Pennsylvania, called Pennsic, with several family members & our 12,000 closest friends! :D
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm looking for someone to tell my dreams to.
The two of us