42Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
I have traveled a rather lengthy and varied path. This is a summary which will attempt to give it some small measure of justice.

Grew up in the DC area, lived in Kansas City and Los Angeles before moving to Milwaukee.

I miss LA... especially in February.

I admit... I do not have an advanced degree. That said, I'm at least as smart as most of the college graduates I know. I have come to believe the sheepskin is merely the signal that gets you in the door of most places... sheer knowledge, intelligence, curiosity, drive, creative energy, interpersonal adaptability, application of skills... these things cannot be adequately reflected on paper, and the lack of said paper does not necessarily indicate a lack in any of those areas. That's my theory, anyway. The theory does not apply to applied sciences, btw. There's no substitute for lab-work.

That said, I will be attempting to get my own sheepskin.

I have been a missionary in Africa.

I have seen the green flash.

I lived in LA in order to enter the Industry. In the process I wrote/directed/produced my own short film. I have since produced a second here in Milwaukee, and am in the process of developing a third. I love directing!

I taught myself to play guitar and have written over two dozen of my own songs (of varying quality)...

I set the guitar down for a decade and have recently returned to it and am having fun teaching myself to play a bunch of songs I like/which speak to me...

I have spent a lot of time developing skills which are necessary for theatrical improvisation... observation, openness, good-nature, use of the body...

I have taught improv, and really enjoy that process.
I have had to unlearn my tendency of trying to impose my point of view on others. I work hard to suppress this impulse as it is mostly an expression of insecurity. Best to be good-natured and let people be.

Try to impose your POV on me and I may call you out on it. ;)

I've been told that if my life had a theme song, it might be 'No Rain' by Blind Melon (yes, I've taught myself this song).
... some days feel like 'Back To Good' however... (that one too)
... or 'Outshined' (not this one. Kim Thayil is insane)


One of my goals is to walk on the moon. By 65. Yes, this is a thing. I've even included it in a song. Stop looking at me like I'm nuts, it's going to happen!

I'm a member of the Lunar Reclamation Society.

My football allegiance is split between my beloved, long-hapless team, the Redskins and my adopted team, the Packers...

Having said this, I have been known to skip watching a game for more important activities.

THAT having been said... every two years I get stuck to the TV for inordinate amounts of time. Yes, I am an Olympics Junkie. I don't care what it is. I may not ever watch or even be interested in the sport otherwise. For some reason, however, when there's an Olympic medal on the line, it becomes deeply (disturbingly?) fascinating to me and I HAVE to watch. Ever hear of Team Handball? That's an Olympic sport and I will watch it. I even harbor a fantasy of becoming a world-class judoka. You're looking at me like that again...

My favorite place on Earth (so far) is Sequoia National Park. Standing under either General Sherman or Grant. Or on Moro Rock. Or on the ledge looking over the Valley upon entering Kings Canyon. Or hiking the trail in Mineral King... I'll stop there...!

I have dabbled in the Steampunk and Lebowski sub-cultures...

I am un-inked, and will likely remain that way. Not that I have anything against it, mind you. I made a promise to my grandma, may she rest.

I have a thing for large, megalithic structures.

I am proud of my Irish/Scots heritage. I once taught myself the pennywhistle, and even own a Tartan Kilt in my families pattern.

This summary is entirely too sober... I'm really a lot more fun in person! Promise!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a customer service expert, so that's my day-job. What interests and engages me, however are mostly artistic ventures...

I am a performer and board member for Quasi Mondo Physical Theater company.

I was a member of the MUTES (silent film sketch comedy)... one of my pics is me during a MUTES performance.

I'm also a member of the Brewcity Bombshafts manlesque... which means, yes, I am an exotic dancer. ;) I go by the name James Bondage. If you've never seen a manlesque show... well... you might have to change that...

You may see me every once in a while on a Tuesday night at the Riverwest Public House. The Bombshafts are currently busy developing a music video and a holiday show.

Been writing a lot of songs on guitar recently as well. I've written new songs for every Quasi show I've been in (that would be four since September '12). I'm also a part of a singing duo. We call ourselves 'FWB - Friends With Bacon'.
I’m really good at
Customer service, as mentioned... writing... directing... music & poetry... teaching improv/comedy... back rubs (in particular rubbing out migraines which start in the shoulder)... using ellipses...
The first things people usually notice about me
People have told me my smile, my dimples, my humor...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have musical mood-swings. Some days I can't get enough roots-blues. Others I need some old-timey country/bluegrass/gospel. Sometimes I need to be lifted by '80's pop, other times I need to brood with '90's grunge. Sometimes I'm indie, while other times I'm mainstream. I can chill with '70's prog-rock and dance to '60's Motown or the Beatles. I believe Tarantino's dichotomy between Elvis and the Beatles is false. I can step to rap and slide with soul. I can relax to classical (Pictures At an Exhibition by Mussorgsky), and rave to metal (Master of Puppets). I enjoy grooving to swing jazz and ragtime, and grinding to salsa and flamenco. Irish music and Scottish bagpipes have been known to draw moisture to my eyes. I suppose I could try to focus... but with so much good music out there, why would I? :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Economics, various writing projects, the moon (really), re-writing Byzantine history, Seasteding, Los Angeles, melodies/lyrics for songs, burlesque numbers...
On a typical Friday night I am
If not performing or rehearsing I may be out supporting my fellow live performers, or in recovering from the week!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still live amid the clutter of my move... in June...

I have to work at not being a terrible backseat driver...

I feel a twinge every time I message someone here and they don't respond... hard not to wonder 'why' and then fill in one's own answers...

I am not afraid of commitment. I am afraid of getting my heart stomped on.
You should message me if
You're good-natured
You're curious...
You're not put off by the dearth or dryness of the info on this profile!
The two of us